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10 Examples of Hallway Layouts

Last modified: 2022-07-27 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

The hallway (and its near equivalent, the corridor) is a space that is often overlooked and neglected, due to the idea that it’s not such a useful part of the home. If we look at things a little differently, we can nevertheless see that this part of the home is a great place to create transitions between different sections of the home. Are you looking for ideas or inspiration for arranging your hallway?

Here are 10 ideas for how to arrange your hallway

1- A corridor that turns into a library

Aménagement corridor couloir bibliothèque

Photo: Amazon

Have you dreamed of having a giant bookcase to store your book collection, but you lack space in the other rooms? Why not take advantage of the underused corridor space to mount shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling? This hallway is perfectly optimized for its shape and size.

2- The hallway with storage at the appropriate size

Rangement corridor

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Some hallways aren’t straight and will instead veer off in several directions, as is the case in the example presented above. This type of structure creates walls that are interesting for accommodating furniture as well as storage. However, since hallways are often narrow, it’s best to opt for smaller furniture, as is the case here.

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3- Two pretty rugs to decorate the hallway

Corridor décor bohème

Photo: Apartment Therapy

This charming little hallway leads to the home’s master bedroom. It also provides access to the private bathroom, which runs adjacent to this room. When we came across this image, it’s the eclectic and warm decor that caught our attention. What a great idea to place not one, but two rugs in the hallway! This works to create an interesting visual character that is consistent with the whole room.

4- A bright hallway with a floral accent wall

Couloir d'entrée de maison

Photo: C3 Design

This entryway offers a colourful welcome as you arrive home! The idea of ​​putting floral wallpaper on one wall is simple but effective. The rest of the decor is uncluttered, as a means to avoid overcrowding this rather small space. Perhaps we would add a little bench to sit on and put on our shoes and boots. Otherwise, we’d argue it's perfect!

5- Family photos that create a nice accent wall in this passageway

Corridor galerie photos

Photo: Digs Digs

Here's another type of layout that deserves a look. This hallway seems to be located between the different bedrooms on this floor. Clearly, the owners had access to a wall large enough to install a piece of furniture and a portrait gallery of family members. As the corridor is generally a passageway that we see several times a day without having too much time to linger, it’s a nice idea to install a few paintings or photos there that we like so we can enjoy them, even if only for a moment. 

6- A yellow corridor filled with works of art to design a creative space

Corridor très coloré

Photo: Domino

If you like daring and very colourful decor, here’s an example of an arrangement that you might enjoy. We're talking about a maximalist decor style, where each surface is covered with patterns, decorative accessories and bright colours. Since the structure of this hallway is rather narrow, it’s simply not possible to integrate furniture into the layout. As a result, the owners clearly had a blast with this space, as evident in the number of paintings on the walls.

7- A hallway with structures adapted for cats

Corridor étagères chats

Photo: Homify

The hallway may be small for humans, but with the right layout, it can become a real cat palace! Walls are turned into shelves, stairs, and mazes for your feline friends. You could entrust the design of these installations to a cabinet maker or buy shelves and wooden slats to build them yourself. 

8- An entrance hall with a simple decor

Corridor d'entrée joli décor

Photo: Our Sweet Living

Here's another example of an entryway that we find quite interesting. The colour palette is soft and soothing while being just bold enough to create a decor that stands out from the crowd. The owner's cats also seem to appreciate this space, even if it’s not necessarily arranged for them like what we saw in the previous example.

9- A corridor that turns into a walk-in closet

Corridor walk-in

Photo: Real Homes

Sometimes, the only solution to installing a walk-in wardrobe is to have it in the hallway! This is what these homeowners have done,  as we can see the space leading up to the main room has been transformed into an open wardrobe. This creates a nice transition between rooms while being spacious and pleasant as a walk-in closet.

10- Another hallway that serves as a library

Corridor escalier bibliothèque

Photo: Remodelista

The transitional space that is between the stairs leading to the landings of a different floor generally creates corridors that are difficult to arrange. These spaces are tight and can quickly become overcrowded. This is why installing shelves that are directly built into the walls can be well suited to this type and shape of a space.

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