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10 Examples of Very Colourful Interior Design


5 min read

10 Examples of Very Colourful Interior Design

Paint10 Examples of Very Colourful Interior Design

Are you the type who prefers a colourful environment to neutral decor that’s focused on shades of gray, beige, and white? There’s nothing wrong with that! Life’s too short to be limited to traditional hues for the walls, cabinets, furniture and floors of your home!

If you like fuschia walls, a yellow bath, green doors and rainbow stairs, go for it! Dare to decorate your home according to your tastes and preferences, no matter how wild they might be. Of course, when it comes time to put your property up for sale, you may have to adopt a more neutral setting to convince buyers. However, while you live there, it’s your needs and those of your loved ones that must be met. So it's time to have fun!

Here are 10 examples of very bold and colourful interior decors!

1- A kitchen with electric blue cabinets

Kitchen with blue cabinets

Photo: Andrew Jonathan Design

No more white, black or wood cabinets! Here, they opt for a vivid tone of blue that recalls the works of French sculptor Yves Klein. The artist created sculptures almost always monochromatic with an ultramarine blue called "Klein Blue".

In this kitchen, other elements like the floor and the backsplash are quite neutral, leaving all the more room to showcase the cabinets.

2- A corridor with cyan blue walls

Hallway with blue walls

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Our corridors are often neglected spaces because they’re a place of passage that one may not consider as much in terms of decor. Here, there’s no need to think too hard about decorative accessories! It’s the blue of the walls that adds plenty of character to this space. How can one be in a bad mood when we walk from one room to another and before our eyes, we have such a happy colour?

3- A living room in shades of pink and mauve

Mauve and pink living room

Photo: Chloé Dominique

It’s rare to see this kind of decor in a "real" house. Rather, we may have the impression of being tucked inside the pages of an interior design magazine! It's mauve on pink on coral on purple, with two other small touches of colour, yellow and light wood.

This decor is quite daring and will not appeal to everyone, but it’s also very sophisticated!

4- A house with white walls with blue accents, like the pretty homes of the Greek Islands

Exterior siding blue and white

Photo: Gimmy some oven

Do you dream of visiting the Cyclades, this archipelago of Greek islands with landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards? One of the commonly recognized elements of this region is the white houses decorated with domes, doors and windows in shades of blue, reminiscent of the sea.

Why not take inspiration from the colours of these houses for your exterior cladding? If this isn’t allowed in your area, you can also consider transposing this colour palette inside the house.

5- A multicoloured living room inspired by the traditions of Mexico

Mexican living room Frida Kahlo

Photo: Living etc.

Mexico is a country known for its very colourful settings. Here, we see a tribute to the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, a true cultural and feminist model in her country of origin.

The colour palette is focused on primary colours, complemented by pretty decorative accessories and plants that add a touch more life to this environment.

6- A room like a doll's house

Photo: Lushome

Here, we go straight to the next level with rainbow decor that’s reminiscent of Barbie or Polly Pocket’s home. If you like bright colours, this space will serve you well!

The mauve ceiling, the blue back wall, the purple floor, plus the pink of the armchair- we're amazed!

7- A colourful apartment with a more sober decor

Photo: Projetista de ambientes

Here’s another example of colourful decor, but a little more refined this time. The colour palette is lively, but still well balanced, we adore the variety of patterns and textures. In particular, we notice the brick wall behind the bed, the blue and white wall covering, and the bathroom floor.

8- An exterior painted in blue, pink and yellow

Multicolour exterior siding

Photo: Shiny Happy World

Who will dare to paint the exterior walls of their house in such vivid colours? In some cities or regions, it’s more common than here, notably in the city of Valparaiso in Chile, around the canals of Venice in Italy and in the "Rainbow Village" of Taichung in Taiwan.

In Canada, it’s rare that we dare to use such bright colours on the facade of a house. However, that doesn’t mean they should be avoided! Be careful to check if you have the right to opt for more vibrant colours, because some neighbourhoods have regulations regarding this, especially in the case of heritage houses.

To learn more about exterior paint, check out this article: 

9- An orange and white dining room

Photo: The Kitchn

This dining room seems to be located in a solarium or at the very least, in a very bright room with lots of windows. The owners have opted for a colour scheme focused on tones of orange and white.

Some may say that this decor looks straight out of the 70s, which isn’t wrong! Therefore, for lovers of retro decor, this is a dream space!

Here are other layout ideas for retro decor:

10- A yellow and green dining area

Yellow dining area

Photo: Yellow Cloud Studio

Colourful decor doesn't need to be adorned! Here’s an example of a minimalist layout, where two tones of colours are put forward:  bright yellow and forest green.

These two colours are used to delimit the dining area, which can also be used as a place to hold meetings or work. This creates a beautiful dynamic space, joyful, but all the same rather restful with its refined decor.

Find other examples of minimalist decor:

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