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6 Ways to Create an Eclectic Decor

Last modified: 2022-09-12 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

It can be quite the challenge scattering household objects and decor with different colours and styles, a form of organized chaos perhaps? When we think about eclectic style, it’s difficult to categorize what this consists of, as its limits are somewhat self-imposed.

There are opponents on either side. On the one hand, you may be unable to recognize the small charms in eclectic style, on the other you may continue to see its many merits. An eclectic style can take several directions, and thus, some tips can help for its eventual realization. 

eclectic decor interior house_6 Ways to Create an Eclectic Decor

6 ways to succeed in your eclectic decor style

1- Explore difference, but not too much!

As we mentioned earlier, eclectic style truly depends on a happy balance between elements belonging to all different styles. However, when it comes to mixing elements, we’re advising that you focus on two styles or eras. If you opt for more, the result will be quite disorganized and the contrast between items will be too much. 


It should be possible to identify some similarities between items, including shapes, lines, and colours. If there is an absence in the ability to clearly spot some cohesive elements, then your attempt at eclectic style will definitely miss the mark.


2- Everything in moderation

ecletic style room_6 Ways to Create an Eclectic Decor

To succeed with eclectic decor, bear in mind that there is no need to overload spaces with a large number of items. Too many elements will feel overwhelming, and will not allow you to appreciate each and every one of them. The look will be overwhelming in places and lost in others, making it impossible for each one to showcase its uniqueness. It’s important to avoid this discordance, and keep in mind that open spaces also play a role in the creation of a successful setting. 


3- Mix finishes for a maximum effect

Modern living room eclectic style_6 Ways to Create an Eclectic Decor

Yes, we’re still going to discuss mixing and matching, but let's start by focusing on material finishes. For example, mixing a matte finish with a lustrous finish will create an interesting shade. Although we often associate finishes with wall surfaces or furniture, remember that these also relate to decorative elements.


A gold-painted frame, a chrome-coloured vase or even glazed surfaces will create a play of light that will attract the eye while incorporating one or more points of interest in the room. However, as the presence of multiple elements which reflect light could come off as too gaudy, it’s advisable to take advantage of more soft-spoken matte finishes to counter this luminous effect, while creating the much sought-after contrast of eclectic decor. As an example, untreated wood elements will offer a pleasant contrast, especially when integrating furniture with a smooth and sleek appearance. 


Once again, it’s all about playing on opposites, but in a considered and calculated way. After all, opposites attract, and if you find they go well, why not bring them together?


4- Mix eras

living and dinning eclectic room_6 Ways to Create an Eclectic Decor

We can often identify styles defined at specific times, which will help to define and pair down the elements you can choose to include in your decor. The most interesting part of eclectic decoration is that it’s possible to break away from the principle of temporal continuity and to include elements belonging to different periods within the same setting. The mixture we see often is vintage pieces or antiques and contemporary pieces. 


This marriage of retro and modern allows you to enjoy the contrast between these two styles but also offering a timeless look that is truly unique.


5- Play with proportions

antiquity_6 Ways to Create an Eclectic Decor

If the mention of eclectic style leads you to automatically think of a mixture of styles and eras, know that it is also manifested by a mixture of various shapes and sizes. Indeed, this mix tends to produce an enlarging effect and tends to change and alter the shapes and dimensions of a space. Therefore, it’s advisable to integrate many different sizes, and avoid leaning solely on large or very small elements, as this will make a room look very overloaded. Of course, this is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.


6- Organization


Although it may at first seem contradictory, one must create a form of chaos that is still well organized. It’s important to organize things so that all these disparate elements don’t give the impression of creating a bizarre-like interior decor. With this in mind, try to create object groupings as they belong to their distinct style. This way, it will be possible to accentuate the contrasts by making them more visible and easily identifiable.


A note about travel souvenirs and eclectic decor


When carefully chosen, travel souvenirs can help give soul to your eclectic decor, offering a personal touch that can’t be achieved through items purchased from a big box store. Use these items to tell your story, give a little personality and show what’s most important to you as an individual.


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