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Kitchen Makeover: Revamping the Décor


10 min read

Kitchen Makeover: Revamping the Décor

KitchenKitchen Makeover: Revamping the Décor

Nowadays, in our homes, one of the rooms in which we spend the most time is the kitchen. Not only is it where we cook, but it’s the ideal place to spend time with friends and family, usually over a good meal. Hence, there’s value in making it cozy and welcoming. So, without further delay, why not give your kitchen the makeover it deserves to make it as homely as possible? This space can be revamped with the help of just a few clever ideas! Here are some interior décor tips that’ll make your dated kitchen look modern in no time!

15 Makeover Ideas to Revamp an Outdated Kitchen

There’s no need to remodel your kitchen from top to bottom to give it a new look. Simply follow some (or all!) of the tips listed below, and the outcome is bound to amaze you. And best of all, it can be done within a reasonable timeframe. 

1- Repaint the walls 

kitchen makeover: focus on repainting the walls

Source: Canva

Dull and faded walls, maybe a worn-down credenza, and weathered wooden cabinets. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh coat of paint to revamp an outdated kitchen. 

Repaint your walls to your liking; there’s an infinite amount of colours to choose from.

If you want to brighten up a space, go for white. If you’d rather make the room a bit cozier with a hint of pizzazz, focus on warm colours. For something more on the sophisticated side, opt for clear, neutral colours, with a slight satin finish. 

To give your kitchen a makeover, consider repainting your credenza. When it comes to coating furniture in fresh paint, you should go with clear hues and favour brighter colours for walls. 

2-  Turn your attention to restoring kitchen furniture

Kitchen makeover: restore furniture

Source: Canva

Don’t limit yourself to painting the walls, do the same for your cabinets and other kitchen furnishings. 

As a matter of fact, restoring cabinets can be an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to give your kitchen a makeover.

To maintain the look of the wood and highlight its veining, a clear stain will get the job done. Opt for kitchen-specific acrylic paint for a slightly more contemporary finish. Said paint doesn’t contain health-hazard solvents and is heat- and stain-resistant. As for a satin-finish paint, it’ll make the space appear bigger and brighter. 

You can paint all your furniture or just a few pieces, it’s totally up to you. For low-level furniture, use dark paint colours and for tall furniture, use light tones to further convey the illusion of height. 

3- Change the light fixtures 

Kitchen makeover: change light fixtures

Source: Canva

Light plays a vital role in the kitchen’s overall appearance. Not only does it set the mood prevailing, but it also turns out to be quite useful when it comes time to cook. 

From wireless puck lights to drop-ceiling light panels, by way of LED strips to oversized light bulbs dangling above the dining table… When it comes to lighting and light fixtures, the choice is yours. And, light fixtures affixed right above tall furniture or upper cabinets are still widely popular in Quebec, in due part to the element of privacy created within. 


4-  Rethink the layout to modernize the kitchen

Kitchen makeover: rethink the layout

Source: Canva

A small and disorganized kitchen can quickly turn into an unwelcoming space. It’s important to consider the practical side of things when moving forth with your kitchen makeover. 

You have to rethink the layout in a way in which you can move with ease. If you think that your dining table is too big or outdated, switch it out for a newer, more modern model suited to the space available. You can also extend your countertop to include a dining area. 

To achieve a trendy and contemporary effect, trim the top of your furniture for sleeker-looking furnishings. It’ll make your kitchen seem more open! You can also affix shelves and racks to your credenza for extra storage. That way, you can clear your counter, which often appears to welcome clutter, like knick-knacks and utensils. 

If you have the space for it, consider investing in a kitchen island to have a dedicated spot to cook and eat. Also, think about consulting with kitchen design companies to obtain quotes if you’re thinking of custom-designing your new kitchen. 

5-  Renovate the kitchen counter and backsplash

Kitchen makeover: countertop and backsplash

Source: Canva

It might be time to change your kitchen countertop that’s most likely worn out from years of cooking delicious meals. There’s a revamp in there somewhere!

To do so, you can remove it and put in a new one, or simply stick a new one atop the old one. Doing as such can easily revamp your kitchen. 

Otherwise, you can always lay a coat of waxed concrete atop a tiled countertop; it’ll help fill in the grout joints while also levelling the surface.  

You can also revamp your backsplash by sticking new tiles over the old ones. A quick and easy alternative would be to use stick-and-peel tiles. The outcome will surprise you.  

6- Focus on the decorative aspect

kitchen makeover: change the décor

Source: Canva

Well-thought-out decorative items will render your kitchen cozy and friendly. Let your creative flag fly and decorate the room as you please. Get colourful utensil holders, frames, a clock, etc. Position plants about the room and pick out eye-catching appliances (stand mixer, kettle, microwave, toaster, etc.). 

More so, you can also use stencils and templates to decorate and add a touch of colour to vertical surfaces. You can find numerous colours and patterns of these in home décor stores. Some are specially designed for kitchen surfaces. Prices vary depending on the quality and thickness of the material in question. 

Applying wallpaper can also be a really good idea if you’re looking to give your kitchen a makeover. You can thus add a retro-like aspect to the room. You can choose between a heavily patterned or solid-coloured wallpaper. In any case, you’ll still need to apply a coat of wallpaper varnish to protect your furniture from any damage when cleaning the material.

Check out the current retro kitchen trends.  

7- Change your faucet

kitchen makeover: change the faucet

Source: Canva

Your faucet can help revamp the kitchen as a whole. Switch out your old faucet with a new and sleeker one. It’ll without a doubt modernize your kitchen. There are plenty of models available on the market, it’s up to you to select the one that best suits your needs. For an industrial look, we suggest getting a black or chrome faucet with a high spout. For a more refined effect, consider square spouts. 


8- Switch out the cabinet knobs and handles

kitchen makeover: switch out door knobs and handles

Source: Canva

To successfully complete your kitchen makeover, you have to take into account all details. Don’t overlook anything. You can switch out your old cabinet knobs and handles with trendier and more unique ones. You can choose between light wood, aluminum, metal, or stainless steel handles. For a look that’s tailored to your liking, you can custom-make your knobs and handles with repurposed items like toys, silverware, etc. You just need to figure out how many knobs and handles you need to change. Next, measure the distance between the two screws on the handles to make the newer model. Right now, black and matte colours are in.

9- Change the flooring 

kitchen makeover: change the flooring

Source: Canva

Consider changing the flooring. Cracked or worn tiling isn’t a good look and it can be undeniable. Upgrade your floor with more modern tiling. You can also find stick-and-peel floor tiles that you can lay yourself atop the existing flooring. You don’t need to be a professional to get the job done. Just trim them accordingly with the help of a utility knife, and then glue them down. 

10- Repaint the inside of your cabinets

kitchen makeover: inside cabinets

Source: Canva

You can coat the inside of your cabinets with paint for a needed refresher. We highly suggest using a light hue if your cabinets are dark or painting the inside with a dark colour if the cabinets are light-coloured. Do as such if your kitchen features open shelving or if you want to remove the cabinet doors to feature your tableware and the new colour inside. 

11-  Embrace an industrial look

kitchen makeover: industrial look

Source: Canva

The industrial look is really in right now. To give your kitchen a makeover, you can replace some of the cabinetry with stainless steel modular. You can also use a stainless steel industrial table instead of a kitchen island or a shelf alike. These add-ons will definitely give your kitchen a unique look. 

12- Replace cabinets with open shelving

kitchen makeover: wall shelving

Source: Canva

If your kitchen is small, we suggest replacing the upper cabinets with open shelving. That way, you can lighten the room and free-up space. Furthermore, shelves are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and are sure to be a striking feature. They’re super easy to make and can be mounted on the wall without any visible supporting brackets (floating shelf), by sliding the support directly into each frame.

13-  Open up the kitchen

kitchen makeover: open-concept

Source: Canva

Opt for open-concept storage. That way, you’re exposing your dinnerware, thus making it a part of your décor. A wall-mounted shelf could be ideal to showcase your nicest dining sets and kitchen gadgets. 

You can also open up your kitchen into your living room by adding a glass partition wall. That way, natural light can seep into both spaces and ensure maximum comfort. A workshop-like wall partition would do perfectly. 

14-  Make use of the upper wall area

kitchen makeover: add to the walls

Source: Canva

Some kitchens only feature base cabinets. The empty upper wall area is an obvious space to decorate. You can add shelves or small storage crates. You can also paint on patterns or simply paint a bright strip—the colour of your choosing—across the wall. There are so many options available to you, be creative!

15-  Wrap it up!

kitchen makeover: impeccable kitchen

Source: Canva

To successfully revamp your kitchen courtesy of a makeover, you may need to add little finishing touches here and there. The same goes for those never-ending interior décor projects. The whole won’t be the same if there are electric wires strewn about, if the tiles are damaged in some areas, or if the ceiling needs a touch-up. Make sure to finish any related work prior to undertaking your kitchen makeover.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover: It Can Be Done!

On average, the cost of a minor kitchen renovation amounts to $21,000. This includes costly changes such as new cabinets, flooring, and appliances. For a mid-range kitchen renovation, it costs, on average, $31,000. As for a high-end kitchen renovation, costs start at $50,000. As you’d guess, these prices can vary depending on any number of factors, like the project’s complexity, the material's quality, the space's size, etc. 

Notwithstanding, you can still give your kitchen a makeover on a tight budget. You don’t need to undertake a complete kitchen overhaul or put in all-new, trendy appliances and cabinetry. The ideas listed above are purely examples of simple and inexpensive ways to obtain great results. 

However, if you decide to turn to a professional to renovate your kitchen cabinets, the cost can be rather steep. On average, you’ll need to fork out $3,500 for modest projects, and $7,000 for large-scale projects. The project timeline won’t be the same either. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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