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Landscaping: the Costs of Various Projects for 2023

Landscaping: the Costs of Various Projects for 2023

Exterior renovationsLandscaping: the Costs of Various Projects for 2023

With spring around the corner, homeowners tend to look over their yards more often than not and compare them with that of their neighbours, which might lead one to notice their sad state. Thus, it may be a good idea to begin drawing up the list (starting with leaf removal) of all the projects that must be carried out to restore a yard to its former glory.

Even if your to-do list is long—and landscaping plans are a daunting job as it is, you still have to ensure the work planned is within your budget. Landscaping costs can vary greatly, depending on the professionals employed, like landscape designers, architects or contractors. To know for sure whether your project is feasible, and most importantly, within your means, read on.

How much is landscaping?

How much is landscaping

Source: Canva

Average Cost Estimate of Laying Peat: Examples

As a proud homeowner, you want your yard to reflect that. So, does your lawn look like it needs a little bit of life? It’s likely that after a long winter, you’ll need to reseed it. Alternatively, you may want to lay peat moss in problematic areas. How much are landscaping costs when it comes to making your lawn look great again?

If you decide to seed your land, first you'll need to think about adding more garden soil, which will cost you around $600 for about ​​5,000 square feet of land. When it comes to seeding such a surface area, expect to pay between $180 and $240.

Would you rather buy grass patches? To do this, remember to follow certain precautionary measures, such as land levelling, alternating the edges when installing the patches, as well as appropriate irrigation after they've been put in place to ensure their viability. In terms of landscaping costs related to such a project, expect to pay $1,500 for 5,000 square feet of peat, so, the average cost is 30 cents per square foot.

Basic Cost of Installing a Fence

How much is landscaping

Source: Canva

Acting as a barrier between your yard or garden and that of your neighbours, and adding to your home’s curb appeal, a nice fence can be an essential element of your property. If you currently have one, yet deem it to be subpar, and can’t be repaired, you may be shopping around the average costs involved when it comes to replacing and installing a new one, per linear foot and by type of material. So here it is:

  • Aluminum: $42 to $120

  • Wrought iron: $36 to $66

  • Chain link: $14.50 to $25

  • Treated wood and PVC: Between $30.50 and $60

  • PVC: Roughly $65

How much does it cost to build a patio/deck per square foot?

A patio or deck is a perfect place to enjoy beautiful summer days and even better weather. Generally, this is one of the main elements of a backyard and, essentially a place where you spend time with family and loved ones. If you already have one, your existing patio may need an update. 

Here’s a summary of the average costs currently in effect to build a patio based on material options:

  • Composite wood: Between $60 and $72 per square foot;

  • Western red cedar: $42 per square foot;

  • Pavers: Between $18 and $30 per square foot;

  • Roasted wood: Between $60 and $72 per square foot;

  • Treated wood: Between $36 and $48 per square foot;

  • Concrete: Approximately $60 per square foot;

  • Less common wood species (teak/Ipe): Between $12 and $14.50 (without installation);

  • Fibreglass: $18 per square foot (between $2 and $4 for sanding).

For such a landscaping project, note that a limited lifetime warranty applies to treated wood and red cedar, while a 25-year warranty applies to composite wood.

For those who would like to make eco-friendly choices as part of their landscaping work, you may consider bamboo, which will cost around $7 per square foot. Since it grows quickly and is resistant to mould and insects (subject to the application of treatment for these purposes), it’s an excellent alternative to other exotic woods such as teak or Ipe. However, note that it does need an oil-based treatment to avoid greying over time.

Are you unsure of the type of material to choose for your brand-new patio or deck? Check out our article Building a Patio: Shapes and Materials 

How much does it cost to build a pergola in your backyard?

How much is landscaping

Source: Canva

Aside from artificial grass and ambience lighting, there are outdoor spaces aside from decks to consider, like a pergola. Such an option is considered by some as a small peace haven sheltered from the sun, intended for rest and relaxation, an extension of your indoors, yet outdoors. It’s a more complete structure than a traditional patio, as such, you shouldn't be all too surprised to find out that its price points are higher.

Among the options available to you when it comes to such landscaping work, there's the attached, freestanding, or retractable pergola. The first one leans on the front of the terrace or your garden while giving a modern look to the terrace. The second, for its part, consists of a more independent installation. As for the latter, and as its name suggests, it’s mainly for temporary installation. Regardless of the type of pergola that your heart desires, the price you pay will be directly related to its material.

For an aluminum pergola, the prices will be between $3,000 and $7,200. For a vinyl model, you should plan on spending between $600 and $3,600. What about the wooden or metal pergola? For these, you should plan on paying between $1,200 and $6,000 and between $840 and $ 5,640, respectively.

What should I budget for the services of professional landscapers?

How much is landscaping

Source: Canva

If you’re thinking about re-conceptualizing your yard design or feel the need to redesign certain aspects of your backyard, pool area, or garden, doing business with landscaping professionals such as architects and designers may be something to consider.

Following a land analysis and determining its particularities, if any, as well as taking into account your functional and aesthetic needs, they'll submit several landscaping proposals to ensure the job is done right. For example, the construction of a façade and the completion of the plan necessary for its realization could be close to $12,000.

Their job won't solely lie in the conceptual dimension of your project, but they'll also be able to supervise each step of the process. The hourly rates for services of a landscape architect cost between $55 and $130 per hour. As landscaping project plans are a significant investment, don’t hesitate to request multiple quotes from multiple companies, landscapers or contractors.

In the event that you mainly need professionals to carry out your work, you may decide to do business with a landscaper. Note that this is remunerated at a fixed rate depending on the extent of the work carried out. Once again, let us reiterate the importance of obtaining several quotes based on your landscaping plan to be able to make an informed decision and get the best cost per square footage.

Backyard Landscaping Projects in Canada: How to Save Money

When it comes to revamping your back or front yard landscaping, you have to ask yourself this question: What budget am I working with, and is it a limited budget? If you need to save a few bucks, there are several tips that can help you do so. Among these, let us first mention the purchase of recycled materials from ecocentres/recycling centres that are open in your area.

Second, keep an eye out and try to spot the discounts made available to you by plant stores in your area. Discounted flowers or perennials can drastically lower the overall costs. Also, why not consider the possibility of swapping plants with one of your neighbours? This is all the more possible since perennials can be separated, and rearranging or redesigning your flower beds can make it easier to spot plants that need to go.

Buying young trees can also save you precious dollars. Of course, you’ll have to be patient before you see your pretty trees reach their full splendour, but the savings are worth it. Similarly, buying young perennials is also a very economical idea. Indeed, they grow quickly and in one season, you will see them reach the same size as their buddies sold at term.

Fun Fact

In our blog articles, we often mention the importance of return on investment in interior renovation projects in regard to a bathroom or kitchen. But, as a homeowner, did you know that quality landscaping can also increase the value of your property? Indeed, potential buyers see it as a major plus, and in return, it can increase the value of your home by 15% to 25%. Pretty interesting, no?

Summary Chart: How Much to Landscape a Backyard

Building a deck
Composite wood
Between $60 and $72 per square foot
Western red cedar
Approx. $42 per square foot
Torrefied wood
Between $60 and $72 per square foot
Treated wood
Between $36 and $48 per square foot
Approx. $60 per square foot
Exotic wood
Between $12 and $14,50 without installation
Approx. $18 per square foot
Paver stone
Between $18 and $30 per square foot
Installing a fence
$32 to $120 per linear foot
Ornamental iron
$36 to $66 per linear foot
Chain link
$14 to $25 per linear foot
Treated wood and PVC
$30,50 to $65 per linear foot
Building a pergola
Between $3000 and $7200
Between $600 and $3600
Between $1200 and $6000
Between $840 and $5640
Other types of projects (for a 5000 square foot land)
Installing peat blocks
$600 for garden soil and between $180 and $240 for seeds
The rate to hire a landscape architect
Between $55 and $130 per hour
The rate to hire a landscaper
Varying package deals

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Last modified 2024-01-02

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