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Cost of Purchasing and Installing an Interior Door | RenoQuotes

Cost of Purchasing and Installing an Interior Door | RenoQuotes

Interior renovationsCost of Purchasing and Installing an Interior Door | RenoQuotes

Although interior doors may seem secondary in any renovation project, they can play an important role in your planned interior design. Swinging, bifold, or sliding door, there are so many different models to choose from and that can fit any room in your home. 

Interior doors are available in several materials and are an essential element when dividing spaces or isolating rooms in your home. Note that your choice should take into account practical aspects (soundproofing, opening, and closing) and the style you want to convey within your home. Check out the different models of interior doors and their costs!

Cost of Purchasing and Installing an Interior Door

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Price of Swinging Doors

Hinged swinging doors are widely used in Quebec homes due to their affordable price. Since they are secured to the doorframe by hinges, they do require sufficient space to pivot without hindrance. And this type of door is also available in plain or panelled models.

A Masonite 6-panel moulded interior door (no hardware for custom installation) starts at $35. For a door equipped with hinges and pre-drilled holes, the price varies between $90 and $160. Lastly, if you wish to invest in a soundproof door, expect to pay between $130 to $230 for a solid core door that reduces sound transfer from one room to another. These doors have the advantage of being made from recyclable materials with low VOC levels.

For more information, check out our Door and Window Renovation Guide.

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Price of French Doors

A majority of people looking to add elegance to their home choose to have French doors installed to convey a more classic design. Considering their sophisticated look, the visual appeal of French doors can enhance the interior of any home. Also, this type of double door swing open inwardly or outwardly, depending on your choice, and create a cozy and inviting environment.  

French doors can easily be distinguished by their glass panels that allow sunlight to flow in. Made from pine, walnut, cedar, or maple wood, French door frames have several different finishes, however, the white wood frame remains timeless. The latter gives the room a majestic look, especially when the doors are on the larger side. French doors, whether regular or retractable, are versatile and suitable for any decor. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose this type of door when renovating!

French doors are priced on two things: the quality and quantity of the glass used and the type of wood used for the frame. Expect to pay roughly $115 for a 5-panel door with an oak frame, $190 for a 3-panel door with sandblasted glass on both sides with a pine frame or $240 for a 5-panel door made of acacia wood, which is durable, rustic, and easily maintained. 

bifold door_Cost of purchasing and installing an interior door_Reno Quotes

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Price of Bifold Doors

With an increasing variety of designs for home interiors, bifold doors are now used for both closets and room dividers. The model is quick and easy to install. It is a unique alternative that does not require any clearance and offers considerable space gain, especially if the room is not quite spacious. In fact, bifold doors are made up of several narrow panels that fold up like an accordion.

This type of door comes in various materials such as wood, aluminum, or PVC. The louvred and panel bifold doors are most commonly purchased. For a Masonite 6-panel textured bifold door with a hollow core made of composite materials, expect to pay between $75 and $100. Should you opt for Masonite louvred bifold door, expect to pay $120 and $180 apiece. Lastly, for more modern decor, opt for mirrored bifold doors, which retail from $240 to $280.

sliding door_Cost of purchasing and installing an interior door_Reno Quotes

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Price of Sliding Doors

The sliding door offers an even more space-saving solution compared to the bifold door, and this type of door is aesthetically pleasing. The sliding door is suitable for both large and small areas. Since it allows for unobstructed access, it is particularly favoured by people with reduced mobility; since the doorways are eliminated, it does offer a sleeker look. 

Sliding doors can be used in the kitchen, as closet doors, or even to create new spaces in the home. They are easy to install and can be used to create light partitions to divide spaces or to separate large rooms. This will allow you to create new living spaces and furnish your home as you see fit. 

A sliding door is perfectly fitted for a living room, bedroom, pantry, or bathroom; mirrored sliding doors are commonly used for large closets to create a unique dimension to the bedroom. Expect to pay between $130 and $330 for a mirrored sliding door with a metal frame and between $250 and $420 for a natural wood frame. In case you are more interested in an all-wood, panelled sliding door, prices may vary between $165 and $240.

Current Trend: Sliding Barn Doors

You may have noticed, but as of late, sliding barn doors have become a huge trend. However, you should be prepared to invest a decent sum of money for this type of luxury design, which fits in any room of a house. Prices vary greatly and mostly depend on the type of wood you choose. 

Expect to pay about $240 for a pine sliding barn door harvested from a manicured forest. Prices run up to $935 for composite wood doors and $1,175 for a solid wood panelled door. For an even more unique look, opt for reclaimed wood-panelled barn doors. Last but not least, you can expect to pay about $1,375 for doors made of top-quality MDF and solid wood panels. This solid-core model is considerably heavier than hollow doors but offers unparalleled soundproofing. 

doors_Cost of purchasing and installing an interior door_Reno Quotes

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Cost of Installing an Interior Door?

For an interior door installation, the price will obviously vary depending on the type of door you want to install. Whether it is a swinging, sliding, bifold, or revolving door, every type of door has its price. Also, prices vary according to whether it is a new installation or a replacement. Expect to pay between $240 and $780 for such work, in addition to the price of the doors you are choosing. 

Type of Door


Model and Average Price

Swinging doors

  • Masonite 6-panel moulded interior door (no hardware): about $35 
  • Hinged door with pre-drilled holes: between $90 and $160
  • Soundproof door: between $130 and $230

French doors

  • 5-panel door with oak frame: about $115
  • 3-panel sandblasted glass door (double-sided pine): about $190
  • 5-panel glass door (acacia wood: about $240)

Bifold doors

  • Textured 6-panel bifold door (Masonite): between $75 and $100
  • Louvred folding door (Masonite): about $120 to $180
  • Mirrored bifold door: between $240 and $280

Sliding doors

  • Mirrored sliding door with metal frame: between $130 and $330; with a wood frame: between $250 and $420
  • Wood-panelled sliding door: about $165 to $240

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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