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10 examples of beautiful small backyards

Last modified: 2022-07-29 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

For those who live in cities, having a large backyard often proves challenging. Unless you come across the perfect spot, you may very well have to deal with a property that offers a small garden space.

Of course, if by any stroke of luck you've found a place in town on the first floor that offers you decent outdoor access, you may be motivated to take action and start fixing it up. This article is here to inspire you. However, if you’re a tenant, don’t forget to find an agreement with your landlord before undertaking any work!

Reno inspiration: 10 examples of beautiful little backyards

1. A well-landscaped rock garden

If you’re not a lawn care enthusiast or your yard is on gravel, this is the perfect opportunity to create a pretty rock garden. Don’t be afraid to be creative and indulge in the design of your land, either by adding slabs to create small paths or a few squares of vegetation.

cours rocailles_gravel backyard

Source: bloglovin & remodelista

2. A small urban jungle right in your backyard

With our cold winters, this option may seem less practical. But, the fact remains that turning your backyard into a mini jungle or an urban garden will guarantee a lively and welcoming space.

By installing paths and a small wood terrace, you’ll feel like you're on a dock in an ocean of greenery! It will also allow easy circulation when caring for your plants.

cours jungle urbaine_urban jungle back yard

Source: Stephan Morael

3. A floor made of stones or tiles for a rustic look

If the space you have is closer to a simple patio or a small square courtyard, you can still benefit from the space you’re working with!

Changing the floor of the latter will provide visual appeal and originality that will work to set you apart from neighbouring yards. Also, it will help to quickly and easily improve your outdoor area.

cour en pierres_stone backyard

Source: lonny & homestolove au

4. A play on size and perspective with concrete

Rather than installing a simple concrete slab on the ground so that you have a small patio area, instead, try creating different levels with steps. This will help to add life to your space and create an effect of extra dimension.

cour dalle de béton

Source: & stylecurator

5. A cool corner with a mini pool

Yes, you read that right! A small yard can still equal fun! Although you may think that a hot tub or swimming pool is not an option for you, there are different options that are both classic and stylish. Not to mention, they won’t give the impression of being constrained in your space.

piscine petites cours_small backyard pool

Source: archzine & AD Mexico

6. A beautiful wood floor to cover the ground

If you’re not a fan of a stone or tile floor, this option will allow you to change up the look of your space to add a cachet to your decor.

To offer even more flair to the final design, you may consider integrating small benches directly into the fence to provide more seating for guests.

plancher en bois pour cour_wood floor for backyard

Source: adoremagazine

7. A field of light on summer evenings

One of the easiest and least expensive options (plus, especially convenient for tenants) is the use of hanging lights. With an arrangement of comfortable outdoor furniture, a dining area and some plants to spruce up the environment, you’ll be able to create a courtyard that will make your guests wish it were their own!

However, before hanging up any outdoor electrical equipment, it’s important to check that the components are waterproof.

cour avec lumières_backyard with lightsS

ource: theartofdoingstuff & popsugar

8. A courtyard to inspire a haven of peace

What could be better than a dream relaxation area right outside your home? The goal is to set up a defined corner in your backyard that can serve as a retreat where you can either read, rock, toast in the sun or even take a nap. Luckily, you’ll be able to spend as much time as you wish enjoying it!

Among the layout options that will help you complete this project, you may install a pergola filled with climbing plants, a swing, a stack of cushions on patio slabs or even just benches filled with cushions.

Cour coin détente_relaxation corner backyard


9. A bar and counter area in the courtyard

If you’re the friend of the group with the big backyard, chances are you can expect company quite often! Of course, the more space you have, the more people you can accommodate. However, there are practical ways you can overcome a limited square footage problem.

Adding a counter or small outdoor kitchen will allow you to easily accommodate guests. Also, it offers an extra surface to prepare appetizers or aperitifs in the courtyard.

Small backyard design

Source: studio-atelier

10. A vertical garden perfect for narrow yards

If you’re the type to grow vegetables and herbs in the summer, this idea will not only save you space so that you can set up the rest of the yard freely but will also allow you to adequately organize your plants and sprouts! 

jardin vertical_vertical garden

Source: lonny

If you're getting ready to start landscaping your small backyard, here's our cheat sheet for a landscaping or exterior renovation project that could help you through the process!


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