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10 Ways to Set Up and Decorate a Playroom

10 Ways to Set Up and Decorate a Playroom

Inspiration for your renovations10 Ways to Set Up and Decorate a Playroom

A kids’ playroom is supposed to be fun for them and low maintenance for us—a space that’s ultimately meant for playing and conducive to creativity. In some homes, having an entire room dedicated to such a purpose isn’t out of the question, or even a basement, while in other, tighter quarters, this area has to be merged within another space serving an entirely different purpose. 

Are you looking for ways to set up a playroom in your house? We’ve put together 10 images showcasing really stunning playrooms that could benefit your project planning. 

Here Are 10 Ways to Decorate a Kid’s Playroom

1. A playroom perfectly suited to creative kids

First off, let’s dive right into a playroom designed especially for budding artists! This modestly-sized playroom is nonetheless vibrantly colourful, the perfect venue for kids to creatively express themselves. Brightly coloured games and fixtures play off one another, ready to stimulate little minds. In the middle of the room, there’s a table set for practical activities, whether it be drawing, crafting, or creating. And, to keep even the most creative minds tidy and organized, there are clever little storage cubicles within reach. 

2. A small, all-white playroom

This one’s for all those lovers of simplicity. Here we have a small, all-white playroom that’s simple yet elegant. The picture showcases an uncluttered space, bathing in light shades of wood. The small playhouse positioned in the corner invites make-believe adventure, while the big stuffed animal adds a dash of comfort. The wall-mounted screen is ready to stream captivating stories. The soft-looking rug and perfectly assembled toys complete the look, creating a playroom in which the purity of white perfectly meshes with the warmth of wood.

3. A dream playroom for high-energy kids

We found the ultimate playroom for high-energy kids. It’s an impressive space featuring a slide and indoor playground fitted with a net, creating a genuine dynamic recreational space. The first level features a few kids-sized makeshift market booths, perfect for stimulating role-playing games. Albeit this playroom does require a hefty amount of space, it’s well worth it considering it’s a stimulating and whimsical venue meant for kids. The only downside? Getting your kids out of this fun-filled and entertaining playroom might be quite the task at hand!

4. A playroom for budding adventurers

This playroom, perfectly suited to young adventurers, features a wooden playhouse with a telescope, surrounded by walls full of clouds and birds. It’s an invitation for exploration for your budding adventurers! Turn their space into a magical nest that stimulates their imagination and encourages them to explore the world. 

5. A combined living room and playroom

If you’re running out of space and need to set up your kids’ playroom in your living room, here’s a great way to do so, while keeping things tidy and low maintenance. Add a small yet practical table in the middle of the room, playing off the whimsical side of things. As for the colour scheme, keep it neutral, with a few hints of colours here and there for an even whimsier touch. 

6. A huge kids’ playroom and nap area 

Here’s a huge playroom with a nap area designed with a kid’s happiness in mind. This all-blue room is truly enchanting. It features a spacious lounge area for the kids, decked out with comfy-looking floor pillows, creating the ideal TV-watching space. But that’s not it! There’s also a great play area with a crafts table, long shelves for books and games, as well as a stylish light fixture. This playroom is simply exquisite, combining two essentials: playing in a well-equipped space and napping in a comfortable spot.  

7. A playroom with a study nook

This playroom also serves two purposes. This charming space showcases a large wall-line desk, serving as the ideal space to be creative or do schoolwork. With well-designed storage, this zone can easily store craft items and school materials. The space available on the large rug spanning the floor is perfect to play, turning this room into a versatile adventure space, safe for kids. 

8. A well-organized playroom!

Finding ourselves in the realms of a cleverly organized playroom. This picture depicts a compact space fitted with several colourful storage cubes, ranging in size, making for a joyous setting. This space serves as the ideal solution to maintain an organized environment at all times while displaying readily available toys and activities. Furthermore, there are a few clever games, like a super fun spinning wheel, which adds a fun and whimsical aspect to the well-designed space.

9. A big basement playroom

This game corner is perfection! It was designed to seamlessly fit the elegance of the basement depicted. This modern playroom, where design meets dynamic energy, is perfectly suited to spirited children. The suspended structure, reminiscent of a spaceship, adds a whimsy and unique touch to the overall décor. The several organized storage solutions have everything kids need to thrive. A small, contemporary-looking lounge area adds to the look as a whole, providing a comfortable and bright space that stimulates both playtime and relaxation. 

10. A small, bright game corner with pretty colour accents

Lastly, check out this adorable little game corner, ideal for smaller rooms, set up near a window. The décor is both soft and cute and includes just about whatever a kid might need to thrive. This charming zone can also be set up in a bright corner near a window, thereby creating a comfortable and well-lit area conducive to playing and resting. 

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Last modified 2023-12-08

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