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10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Inspiration for your renovations10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

By default, we tend to assume that a kitchen sink must be either white or stainless steel. However, there are other options on the market, including other types of metals, but also, other colours, such as black. Over the past few years, black sinks have become increasingly sought after due to their chic and versatile look. 

10 Black Kitchen Sink Models

1) A large, farmhouse black sink 

large, black farmhouse sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Annie and Oak Farmhouse sinks

For the first example, we're getting into the groove of things, and trends first and foremost! The farmhouse sink, a huge model that juts out beyond the countertop, will appeal to those who love to cook. It's a spacious model that allows you to wash large pots and pans or hide a few dishes when you're feeling a tad too lazy! 

Here, the homeowners opted for dark cabinets, so the black sink fits in perfectly with the aesthetics of the room. If they had chosen a white or metal sink, it would've stood out a lot more, whereas now, the result is much more cohesive. 

2) Black sink that blends in with the decor

dark-coloured kitchen and black sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Apartment 34

Here, the sink is definitely in tune with the rest of the decor! The colour palette of this kitchen revolves around darker shades with a few touches of a warmer colour.

The kitchen sink is the same colour as the countertop and matches the grey, blue, and purple tones of the cabinets. It's classy and timeless! 

3) Double bowl black sink mounted beneath a white countertop

black sink in white kitchen_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Day shift blog

Next, this kitchen has light tones with only slight dark accents (window frames, plumbing, and sink). This sink is smaller than the ones depicted above, but it's very practical as it's split into two sections. 

The kitchen sink was positioned beneath the countertop, making it easier to clean. This provides a more streamlined and sophisticated look, with little evidence of plumbing joints and other fixtures. 

4) Huge black sink in a white kitchen with a rustic flair

large, black farmhouse sink in white kitchen_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Grace in my space

Here's an example of another farmhouse sink, with a double bowl sink, which the homeowners elected to showcase, front and centre. It's definitely the focal point of the decor. You really can't miss it! It adds character to the design, which is otherwise rather soft and rustic.

Massive yet easy to clean, this kitchen sink is sure to please both enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. 

5) Small, black kitchen island sink

kitchen island black sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: HGTV

You don’t have enough space for a large sink? Store your worries at bay! These small to medium-sized sink models are also available in black. In this kitchen, the black sink is part of the kitchen island, which features a white countertop. 

The black sink and faucet echo the colour of the surrounding cabinets. This creates beautiful harmony between the different elements of the room. 

6) Black sink mounted beneath a light-coloured countertop

very large black sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: House of silver lining

Here’s another example of a black sink installed beneath a white countertop. Black/white contrasts are timeless and create a beautiful yet subtle visual balance in any room. 

The sink's shape is rather unusual, as it's a wide yet narrow rectangle. This design is nicely tailored to the size of the kitchen island upon which the sink is placed. 

7) Large black sink that harmonizes with the countertop

black sink in wood-accented kitchen_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Martha Stewart

So far, we’ve shown a lot of black or white kitchens adorned with a black sink. Here’s an example of a different kitchen, one with wood-panelled cabinets.

Once again, we’re shown a large, beautiful sink, installed in a way to make it fade into the countertop. However, the visual effect differs since the sink is surrounded by warm, wood-panelled cabinets.

8) Black sink in a black and white kitchen

kitchen island rectangular sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Nextluxury

Veering back toward a more classic style, one in which the sink is fitted under a white countertop. The white backsplash is covered in rectangular tiles, creating an interesting nod to the shape of the sink.

This type of sink can blend into a medium-sized kitchen, and it can be easily adapted to other decors, whichever your preference. 

9) Black double bowl sink under wooden countertop

very large black sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Red cottage chronicles

Here, rather than wood-panelled cabinets, it's the countertop that’s made of wood. This allows for a softer, warmer look compared to that of a dark or white countertop. 

The kitchen sink is very bulky, which would suggest that it's made out of very sturdy material. You'll need a fairly strong structure to support the weight of this somewhat vintage, but definitely not old-fashioned, kitchen fixture! 

10) Luxurious black sink with marble-like veining

marble-like black sink_10 Examples of Black Kitchen Sinks

Photo: Remodelista

Wrapping up with an ultra-sophisticated sink model. This sink looks like it was made from the same material as the countertop, complete with a nice marble-like veining. It's a rather expensive option, although it's possible to achieve on a smaller budget if you're a bit crafty. 

Want to know more about black kitchen sinks?

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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