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The Cost of a Home Foundation Repair Project

The Cost of a Home Foundation Repair Project

Exterior renovationsThe Cost of a Home Foundation Repair Project

Repairing a foundation is one of the most important steps in maintaining a house. For such work, costs will vary based on the required excavation depth, soil type, and square footage of the structure in question. In 2024, costs can soar depending on the damage assessed. From a partial stabilization to a complete overhaul, the different solutions detailed in this article will serve as a cost overview to better plan your budget. 

The foundation is in itself the basis of your home’s structure. It guarantees its stability and durability over time. A compromised foundation can lead to other structural flaws and weakening, which typically occurs when repair work isn’t done in time

How to Calculate the Cost of a Home Foundation Repair

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Several factors can influence the cost of waterproofing. According to Sébastien Déry, Solutions Fondations Rive-Sud, costs vary greatly from one company to the next and are reflective of techniques used, warranties, inclusions, and foundation type. Déry went on to say that “waterproofing a foundation costs between $120 to $150 [per linear foot].” 

If you notice any issues such as cracks, water leaks, or an irregularity in the basement floor, take action as soon as possible. The first thing to do is to contact a building inspector, who, thanks to their expertise, will be able to define the problem your foundation is encountering concretely. Plan on spending between $300 and $800 for this type of intervention. Costs will vary based on the gravity of the damage as well as the required technique to repair the foundation.

Foundation repairs can be expensive, especially when the situation requires project-planning preliminary studies as well as the use of heavy machinery. Note that this type of project mandates acute awareness to ensure the safety of the workers carrying out repairs below ground level and that of your home.

Grants Available for Foundation Repairs

Depending on where you reside in Canada, some cities have established subsidy programs allowing residents to repair at-risk foundations, which happens to be the case in Montréal. Offered by municipal services and the Société d’Habitation du Québec (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing), this grant covers a part of the costs needed to hire a reputable company to repair your home's foundation. Déry went on to explain that several grants are awarded directly by the city. However, the delay period is roughly three years. Click here to verify your eligibility.

Repairing a House’s Cracked Footing

The presence of cracks in the foundation isn’t to be taken lightly. The first thing to know is that there are two types of foundation cracks: passive cracks and active cracks. Naturally, both need to be repaired to ensure your home’s structural integrity over time. However, unlike active cracks, passive cracks aren't developing, and the chances of them further growing are rather slim. Therefore, repair is less urgent, albeit still necessary.

On the other hand, an active crack continues to develop, wreaking havoc on the foundation and elsewhere in the structure. In such a case, repair work such be undertaken as soon as possible. The difference between these two types of cracks is also representative in dollar signs since it will certainly cost you more to hire a contractor to repair at-risk cracks. In other words, the longer you wait, the more expensive the bill is in the end.

How much does foundation crack repair work cost?

Two other factors can affect the cost of a foundation repair project. As per our feedback following our meetup with Sébastien Déry of Solutions Fondations Rive-Sud, the cost of repairing structural cracks varies based on whether the crack is inside-facing or whether the ground needs to be excavated, warranties in place, and if structural steel plates are required. Typically, “to repair foundation cracks, homeowners should budget anywhere between $400 and $2,000,” Déry explained.

If your foundation isn’t obstructed from the inside or outside, the repair work will be relatively simple. Plan on spending at least $400 to repair a small crack and up to $2,000 for a larger crack. In terms of cost-effective solutions, which apply only to minor cracks, filling in the crack with an epoxy injection can be an option. The cost of proceeding as such will range between $300 and $500 (per crack).

On the other hand, if the cracks are inaccessible because they continue underground or behind a pool, the overall cost will be an entirely different story. Repairing cracks that are easily accessible and don’t require excavation work is less expensive compared to underground cracks buried beneath the footing. In fact, this type of work requires additional studies as well as the intervention of specialized engineers. It’s for good measure; it’s a matter of excavating or raising the house if the foundation is deemed too damaged. This type of work typically costs at the very least, around $40,000, hence the importance of repairing cracks as soon as they start taking shape.

Also, another determining factor in the project’s overall cost is the sheer scale of the cracks and damage. Are they superficial cracks or deep cracks that might be compromising the footing’s structural integrity? The crack’s timeline is another factor to consider. Typically, older cracks will have had enough time to cause more significant damage to the foundation as well as the structure. Therefore, large-scale repairs are called for.

Lastly, excavation site accessibility will also have an impact on the overall project cost. Is the footing section to be excavated hindered by a fence, deck, or neighbouring structures that might prevent machinery from accessing the yard and foundation?

Renovation Project:  Foundation Stabilization

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If your house is old, you may experience house-settling issues—doors and windows that open with difficulty. Note that uneven floors or structural deformations are precursors to a sinking foundation. If this is the situation you happen to find yourself in, get in touch with a contractor to stabilize your foundation.

Widespread in Canada for almost 35 years, the use of hydraulic piles for total or partial foundation stabilization requires the expertise of an experienced company. Hydraulic piles (or screw piles) consist of steel foundation supports. Said system is plant-manufactured and used in structures deemed as having weak structural ground. 

Workers will start by making an incision in the foundation’s footing to install framing hardware. Next, steel posts are inserted through the openings and are then driven into the ground by powerful hydraulic equipment. Lastly, the framing hardware is bolted to the foundation and footing using galvanized steel anchors. And there you have, a completely stabilized foundation.

How much does it cost to straighten and stabilize a foundation?

Although it can be quite expensive, the hydraulic piles stabilization technique is very effective and ensures long-term efficiency. Several factors will determine the overall cost, most notably the structure’s storey count, depth of the bedrock, soil type, and the state of the foundation.

Budget about $20,000 for partial foundation stabilization and at least $40,000 for full stabilization. The cost will definitely soar if excavation, waterproofing, or foundation drainage are added to the bill.

Fixing Basement Water Infiltration Problems

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In Canada, a lot of people experience water-related foundation damage. Basements are most commonly affected by this potential occurrence during bad weather or when a house is poorly maintained, hence the need to regularly inspect structural components. Installing a French drain in any new home is necessary to effectively drain the water pooling around the foundation’s perimeter. However, over time, this drainage system is subject to wearing, meaning water infiltrations are more likely.

How much does it cost to install a French drain?

The cost of installing a new drain is between $15,000 and $25,000. Note that drain repairs aren’t as costly; if your drain simply needs repair or is clogged by trash or tree branches, your bill won’t be as high. This is a reminder that regular foundation maintenance and upkeep is of utmost importance. If you plan on replacing your existing French drain while waterproofing your foundation, add $120 up to $150 per linear foot to your budget.

To learn more about this type of project, check out our article about the cost of repairing a French drain and waterproofing a foundation.

Foundation Renovation Project Price Chart

Type of Project


Building inspection

$400 to $800

Easy-to-access foundation crack repair

Min. $400 (per crack)

Epoxy injection foundation crack repair

$300 to $500 (per crack)

Hard-to-access foundation crack repair

Around $40,000

French drain installation

$15,000 to $25,000

Partial foundation stabilization

Around $20,000

Full foundation stabilization

Around $40,000

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Last modified 2024-02-16

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