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Wall coverings

4 min read

8 Tips for Painting a Ceiling

Wall coverings

4 min read

8 Tips for Painting a Ceiling

Wall coverings8 Tips for Painting a Ceiling

Anyone who has taken on the task of painting a ceiling knows how hard it can be... Frustration can continue until the very end of the process when you finally take a look at the finished job and realize that marks or light spots appear on your ceiling.

Here are 5 tips to follow to paint your ceiling like a pro!

ceiling repairs_8 Tips for Painting a Ceiling

How to paint a ceiling like a pro

1- Clean your ceiling and fill in holes

Can't wait to get to work? Wait a little longer and take care to clean your ceiling to remove any particles that may be on its surface. To do this, use a multi-purpose cleaner and rinse afterward. In a second step, make sure that no cracks or holes remain on your ceiling: fill them in then sand them down to flatten the surface. Following this, remove the excess joint compound. Before you start painting, make sure the surface is completely dry and that there are no imperfections left on the ceiling surface.

2- Don’t forget the primer

There’s no doubt that forgetting to use a coat of primer will end up costing you dearly in the long run. It’s useful in the way that its application makes it possible to seal the surface and to prevent your top coat from being completely absorbed. If you decide to skip this step, the absorption of the topcoat will cause marks to appear due to the lack of paint in some areas. Preferably choose a matte finish. If necessary, apply two coats of primer.

painting equipment_8 Tips for Painting a Ceiling

3- Paint at the right temperature

Unfortunately, you cannot paint at all temperatures. To prevent your ceiling from drying out too quickly, we’d recommend that you avoid painting at a temperature above 20 degrees. Also, never paint when the temperature is below 10 degrees, as this will cause the paint to dry too slowly.

4- Don’t open windows or doors while painting

The idea of ​​opening doors and windows while painting may seem logical at first, either to facilitate drying or to free the room from the smell of paint, as the latter isn’t always pleasant. However, this is one mistake you should avoid. Keeping windows and doors closed will allow water that naturally evaporates from the paint to stay in the air and keep the ceiling from drying out too quickly. You will then avoid traces of paint caused by precipitated drying.

5- Use the right technique for painting a ceiling

First, we should mention that the correct technique to approach this is to use is to apply the right amount of paint. Easier said than done? To be sure that there’s enough paint on your roller, only soak it halfway and then wring it out on the grid, and avoid placing too much pressure.

Always work in sections, and this means no more than one square meter. As you progress, always go back to the previous border and each time you approach a new section, be sure to overlap with the previous one.

Another tip to follow to use the right technique is to always paint in the same direction on your entire ceiling. In addition, you should avoid exerting pressure on the roller to avoid lines from appearing on your ceiling.

paint roller_8 Tips for Painting a Ceiling

6- Don't put too much weight on the roller

Don’t be too sparse with paint and apply the right amount on your roller (as suggested previously). Otherwise, you’ll need to apply pressure to the roller, which will, unfortunately, leave demarcation marks on the surface of the ceiling. If you think the traces will disappear, you should be aware that this will not be the case.

7- Choose a matte finish paint

Since glossy paint lets defects appear easily, choosing paint with a matte finish will reduce the appearance of small imperfections that may remain on the surface.

8- Don’t roll on a semi-dry surface

After the priming as well as your first coat of paint, wait at least 20 minutes for it to dry completely. Then, you can do another coat on your ceiling. If you don’t respect this rule, and instead roll on a semi-dry surface.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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