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A Modern Office with a Trendy Paint Colour


9 min read

A Modern Office with a Trendy Paint Colour

PaintA Modern Office with a Trendy Paint Colour

When it comes to choosing paint colours for a workspace, it pretty much bears the same weight as furniture, lighting, storage, and tech devices.

Studies have shown that colours can influence productivity, happiness, creativity, and concentration. The best colour is always the one that’s been chosen with care. 

Are you thinking about renovating your workspace? Here are some pointers.

The Value of Paint When Revamping an Office 

It’s common knowledge that warm and bright shades create a cozy setting, soaking up positive vibes. As for cold colours, they radiate peace and serenity. Likewise, experts assert that certain on-trend hues could very well have an influence on your professional life. 

Fostering concentration, promoting productivity, sparking creativity. Beyond its decorative and aesthetic dimensions, colour has a way of tricking your mind, and consequently, may impact the quality of your work. So why not merge colour choices with professional goals?

How to Choose the Perfect Colour 

In an office space, colours must foster concentration. They shouldn’t be too “in your face” so to speak, nor should they be too dull; they should be uplifting without being bold. 

Blue and green are ever-present classics, available in a broad range of hues. To stand out and skirt around long days spent in a dull and lacklustre space, check out paint colour swatches from various manufacturers. New and trendy is the way to go!

To guide your decision, check out our article: Painting Project: 3 Things to Know About Colour Psychology.

What should you consider when choosing a colour scheme for a professional setting?

If you’re anticipating having colleagues or clients over to your workspace, you should start by pondering the image you’re hoping to convey. For example, to showcase a more serious setting, a professional in the field is likely to steer you toward colours that are both neutral and sober.

Size of Space

White, cream, and a steely grey are great for small spaces. 

Since these shades are neutral and minimalist, they visually alleviate a space. You can easily add a pop of colour for some flair. By doing so, you can focus on bright colours when it comes to furniture and decorative pieces. A large, colourful painting might be enough to add a bit of character to the space as a whole. 

Unless especially narrow, accent walls painted in bright or contrasting colours should only be done in decently sized workspaces. However, you can always turn your attention to great-coloured wallpaper, reminiscent of the shades already plastered on the walls. 

Lastly, contrary to popular belief, dark shades aren’t solely meant for spacious settings, provided that the lighting is ample, so as not to make it seem like you’re working in cramped quarters. If the office is well-lit, it’ll definitely result in a classy and sophisticated setting. 


In a workspace, lighting is top-tier. Whether you choose a light or dark, cold or warm colour, light intensity will have an impact on how the colour tones come off. 

The best way to go about it is to combine natural and ambient lighting, with desk lamps to create a functional and comfortable workspace, no matter the season or time of day. 

What paint finish should you choose?

The paint finish or sheen also affects the overall colour result. In a workspace, a matte or satin finish is ideal since light isn’t as likely to reflect off its surface.

Home Office: Choosing a Colour that Suits the Furniture

Naturally, much like the rest of your house, your home office should be decorated according to your preferences. And, since taste differs from one person to the next, the perfect paint colour is unique to all. Nonetheless, note that choosing colours that fit with one another is the best way to design a space that isn’t weighed down. 

Using lights or neutrals, just about any piece of furniture or material will work. Wooden furniture suits several aesthetics, is basically timeless, and fits all colours. You most likely won’t need to change it if, a few years down the line, you decide to repaint. 

In your office, colourful furniture will most definitely revamp a space made up of neutral shades. It can beautifully transform even the most modern-looking of spaces. 

If you’re looking to have a wallpapered or coloured accent wall, neutral, minimalist furniture is your best bet. 

What is the best colour for an office space?

The million dollar question… There might be just as many right answers as there are personalities. Every colour corresponds to an electromagnetic wavelength that’s said to release a super distinctive energy. The way our brain processes every wave is the reason why colours can weigh on our moods. 

Some people perform better in animated settings that stimulate their creativity, which is associated with warm colours. Others require calm environments, definitely more conducive to concentration, which is achieved with cold colours. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ideal colour palette for an office suggests a broad spectrum of hues. Trust your inner artist. Since you’re more than likely to spend a considerable amount of time in your office, it has to meet your needs and suit your preferences. 

2024 Colour Trends

Blue steals the show once again in 2024. Might as well since it’s one of the best colours for an office space. It boosts concentration, yet unleashes creative thinking. 

Among the other colours trending this year, there’s a peppery grey, yellowy-beige, pink-tinted orange, and purplish blue. 

These hues are super easy to blend into any décor since they naturally fit with a great number of shades. A little something to shape your workspace around your personality. 

Serene Colours that Foster Concentration

At home, there are countless distractions. Here are some colours that foster concentration. 

Neutral Colours

Shades of beige and grey, not unlike white, are conducive to serene and mellow settings. Light colours aren’t solely soothing, but they create modular environments that can be revamped according to one's mood with a swift switch in decorative items. 


Creativity is said to be ignited by the colour blue. Therefore, it’s the perfect colour to paint the walls of a graphic design studio or marketing agency. Or a workspace centred around design, architecture, gaming, composition, or research.

Blue is also soul-soothing. Choosing the right shade of blue can be twice as beneficial. 

A greyish-blue colour will inspire a calm and motivational setting. To revamp it, you can add slightly brighter pops of colour. A greenish-blue, like a teal, will foster creativity but also be uplifting. 


By all accounts, green triggers both the right and left brain. It’s the best colour to promote a relaxing setting, one that also favours concentration. Like several shades of blue, green both uplifts and soothes the soul. 

To fully benefit from its effects, pair green with wooden furniture and houseplants to create a refreshing, Zen-like space. Darker greens create a sense of privacy, whereas lighter hues contribute to creating a softer and lighter setting. 


Soft purples are mystical, they awaken your imagination, fostering creativity. Much like blue, it’s a calming and soothing colour, one that nurtures concentration. In an office, it’s also known to stir up brainpower.

Black and Peppery Grey

Deep hues are super elegant and promote a focused state of mind. When used throughout, it creates a sense of privacy. Since these hues can either darken or weigh down a room, make sure to get some decent lighting. Otherwise, you can limit yourself to painting a single wall and polish the look with furniture and decorative items that will balance out the décor.

Deep-Dive into Accent Wall Colours that Promote Productivity 

Having an accent wall painted in a standout, lively colour ensures a stylish outcome every time. Paired with sleek, designer-like and ultra-modern furniture, it’s a definite win.


Red is by far the colour of productivity, it triggers the left brain, increasing workflow. It’s also a colour linked to action and passion. If you have trouble focusing on any given task, use it sparingly, maybe for some furniture or decorative pieces. 


Yellow instantly renders any room warmer. Much like the sun, it stirs up your mind and uplifts your spirits. It’s also thought-provoking and incites positivity to boot. Soft yet bright, it’s rather motivating. For a revitalized look, go for a sunflower or mustard yellow.


Dynamic yet passive, orange is said to be energy- and thought-provoking—a confidence booster. This colour is conducive to communication and creativity. It brings to mind shades such as coral and apricot, which are on-trend this year. 

Errors to Avoid When Choosing an Office Paint Colour

  • If you’re using bright colours, avoid using several different shades as it could overstimulate the room, bordering on overwhelming.

  • Pairing a bright colour with a white often creates a harsh contrast. Instead, opt for a slightly tinted white. A warm white with a cold colour or a cold white with a warm, focal colour. They’ll balance each other out. 

  • Beware of an overly bright white. While it is bright, it veers on visually discomforting and tiring. 

  • According to some experts, achromatic settings—those that are predominantly white or grey—are counterproductive. Grey is said to be emotionally neutral, echoing ‘80s corporate office trends, which were basically a revolving door of brown shades.

  • Don’t overuse red shades to steer clear of mental exhaustion. You’ll be mentally drained within one business day.

How to Maintain and Revamp Your Office’s Paint Job

An interesting way to revamp paint, and your décor while you’re at it, is to make a radical colour change. Your office walls are beige, steely grey, or white? Opt for a peppery grey accent wall that’ll give your workspace some depth. 

If, on the other hand, your home office features shades of blue, opt for more vibrant colours to liven it up a bit. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely be spending long hours in there. Beyond the paint, consider your décor as a whole. Add pretty houseplants, new shelves and artwork, and add a few decorative items that you like, and there you have it!

A Trendy Office Paint Colour: Working Your Way Toward a Productive and Stylish Era

In a nutshell, your workspace has a significant impact on your productivity, creativity, and well-being in general. Opting for a modern and trendy colour scheme in your office can ignite aesthetics, but also foster a mind space conducive to innovation and concentration. Your new office should be invigorating and thought-provoking, inciting some zeal, and prolonging productive work hours. Don’t overestimate the sheer importance of designing a modern office space with an on-trend paint colour.

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Last modified 2023-12-22

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