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10 Paint Colour Ideas for your Bathroom

Last modified: 2022-07-27 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Christine Simard

When it's time to choose a paint colour, the process can seem time-consuming. The type of lighting, cold tones versus warm, will the colour be too dark once it fully dries? All these questions could end up giving ystou a headache.

When it comes to your bathroom, it can be normal to lack inspiration when you have to choose your colour palette. Even with a larger space, ideas may run short when you think about styling your bathroom versus other rooms like the kitchen. However, it is not impossible to create a stylish and fashionable space that will amaze all your guests!

10 paint colour ideas for your bathroom

1. Bright white/ warm white

Might as well start this list with an essential: the timeless white paint colour. Perfect for smaller spaces or to brighten up the room, white is a safe option for you.

Instead of opting for colder tones (perfect for a room with natural light), a warmer tone can complement smaller spaces that are darker than normal. Some examples are colours like beige, chamois or linen.

salle de bain blanches tons froid et chaud_bathroom with cold and warm tones

Photo: Mydomain et bradytolbert

2. Pastel blue/ blue-grey

With pastel colours trending this year, many choices are available to you in this shade range for a softer looking and warmer space. With a pastel blue, this shade will bring you tranquillity and remind you of a clear sky.

Salle de bain bleu gris_blue gay bathroom

Photo: architecturaldigest

3. Pistachio

Neutral and light, pistachio green is simple but elegant. When accompanied with cream tones, it will give your bathroom a soft and rustic charm.

Salle de bain pistache_pistachio coloured bathroom

Photo: goodhousekeeping

4. Mint green

A bolder move, mint green can guarantee you an original touch that will revive your room. Like a refreshing breeze, this colour will give a nice radiance boost while helping rooms that are too bright.

Salle de bain vert menthe_mint green bathroom

Photo: architecturaldigest

5. Pale yellow/ Bright yellow

As much as it is hard to imagine a room that is completely yellow, a pastel hue could help soften the space. This colour is perfect to mix with warm tones of white and golden accessories as a finishing touch.

Salle de bain jaune_yellow bathroom

Photos: lilluna et oldbrandnew

6. Peach/ Blush pink

In the same family as yellow, a delicate pink invokes comfort and tenderness, while adding a touch of colour. Perfect for pairing with cooler white tones and golden accessories to embellish the final look.

Salle de bain rose et pêche_pink and peach bathroom

Photos: houzz et grillo-designs

7. Burnt orange/ Terracota

These warm and earthy tones remind us of fall and are comforting colours. Perfect as an accent colour for your cabinets or for an accent wall.

Salle de bain terracotta orange_terracotta orange bathroom

Photo: interiortwin

8. Taupe

If you want to compromise between white paint and a touch of colour, taupe is a good option that is both interesting and not too eye-catching. Discrete, this shade can easily go with porcelain accessories in your bathroom.

Salle de bain taupe

Photo: Betterhomes&gardens

9. Grey

Either darker or ashy, pairing grey with white can create a strong contrast in your bathroom. Indeed, if you have mouldings around your room, you could create a trimming effect by painting them white or by simply leaving the ceiling as is.

Salle de bain gris pâle_pale gray bathroom

Photo: structhome

10. Black/ Charcoal

Yes, you read right! Black is part of the game and is having a powerful comeback. Its advantage is that it is perfect to pair with more minimalist accessories or statement pieces, like a white sink or geometric black and white tiles. To add some texture, use black on wood or brick.

It is, however, preferable to opt for this colour if you have a large window in the room. Otherwise, make sure your light source is of a cooler tone.

Salle de bain noire_black bathroom

Photo: Domino

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