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Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Plumbing


3 min read

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Plumbing

KitchenEverything You Need to Know About Kitchen Plumbing

For the novice DIYer, a plumbing project can at first appear challenging. Regardless if your project entails clearing clogs, expanding pipes, fixing leaks, or installing new appliances, these projects need to be carefully completed with tact and patience.

With a little bit of concentration and a lot of research, anyone can get through a first-time plumbing job, so where do you start? Well, if we’re looking at the plumbing in your kitchen, we are here to share tips and tricks to tackle almost any plumbing issue.

Considering installing a new facet? Have the pipes under your sink been leaking for months? Now is the time to face the facts and get the job done. We’re here to offer insight into the inner workings of kitchen plumbing, information that will be useful for beginners and experts.

Here are the ins and outs you should know about kitchen plumbing!



Again, before we get into specifics we need to discuss another important point: permits. In some cities and municipalities, a permit will be required to complete a plumbing project. So, if it’s not a simple job and requires changing the layout of piping in your home, it may be best to do your research. Check local plumbing codes and whether a plumber is required for the job. If the job you carry out is in fact prohibited, then you may end up with a fine on your hands. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Know How to Shut Off Your Water

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This is the first thing to know when it comes to working on any plumbing project, in any room of the home: learning how to shut off your water. To do this, you’ll need to locate the main shut-off valve for your home's water source. This will likely be located in a few areas: on the outside of your home close to an exterior wall, in your basement or crawlspace or lastly, directly underneath your kitchen sink.

Once you locate the valve, the task of turning it off is fairly simple and should require you to turn the nozzle clockwise as far as possible. This is a very important step at the beginning of every plumbing project, and also a great piece of knowledge if you ever have a plumbing nightmare such as a burst pipe.

On top of knowing where the main water valve is located, it’s important to take stock of where individual appliances' water valves are. Every single sink or appliance that needs water will have one. Again, this is necessary information to know about the fixtures in your home, as it’s possible for plumbing problems to easily go awry. Remember not to overlook appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine or even the water heater.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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