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Cost of Buying and Installing a Toilet

Last modified: 2022-09-24 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

Granted, you are not reading this out of interest, but out of necessity. Let’s face it, replacing a toilet is not an exciting renovation project... Nevertheless, if your toilet is in need of an upgrade, and even your guests can tell, you have no other choice but to buy a new one. But, how much is that going to cost and what options are available to you?

How Much Does a Toilet Cost?

Toilet Types

First and foremost, note that there are three main toilet types: one-piece, two-piece, and wall-mounted. Appropriately named, the one-piece toilet is a single unit, meaning that the bowl and tank are fused together. Since there are no gaskets or separations with this type of toilet, it is very easy to maintain and less prone to leaks.

Moreover, its sleek exterior makes it a perfect fit for contemporary and modern decors. And, because of its smaller design, it is a great choice for bathrooms with limited space.

The two-piece toilet has a separate bowl and tank. It is usually less expensive and therefore more popular than the one-piece toilet. Lastly, the wall-mounted toilet. This model is installed with a closet carrier support in the wall. Also, the latter is much quieter and takes up an average of 10 inches less than the other two previously mentioned models.

toilet in red bathroom_Cost of Buying and Installing a Toilet

Photo: Pixabay

This model is favoured especially by people with reduced mobility, particularly because of the space clearance it provides and the possibility of adjusting the height. However, because of the inherent installation difficulties (clearance is required to install the cistern and flushing device in a wall), it is best left to a professional. This will result in a more costly toilet replacement. If you purchased one of the other models, you should be able to install the toilet yourself. 

Cost of Your Toilet

For a basic toilet, you can expect to pay roughly $180. For a mid-range toilet, between $300 and $420. Finally, for a more luxurious model, you can expect to pay between $480 and $660.

Heated Toilet Seat or a Bidet?

Naturally, if you are thinking of adding a few more features to your toilet, the cost will be greater. For example, a basic heated seat averages $270, which is more than the price of a basic toilet.

You will also have to factor in additional costs should you opt for a bidet (single spray with adjustable or retractable nozzle, stand-alone bidet, or electric bidet seat). For a stand-alone bidet, you are looking at $360 to $720. For the electric bidet seat, the budget required is around $480. Since this is a considerable expense, you can opt for the jet system. It is much more affordable, with most models ranging from $60 to $120.

Note that the above-mentioned prices are for mid-range models. However, should you wish to have a more sophisticated device, prices can be significantly higher.

toilet_Cost of Buying and Installing a Toilet

Photo: Pixabay

Cost of Toilet Installation

Should you need to have your brand new toilet installed, factor in the hourly rate of a certified plumber. In the Montréal area, the hourly rate is a minimum of $90/hour. For the South Shore and the North Shore areas, it is approximately $90/hour, while in Québec City and the rest of the province, we are looking at a rate of around $80/hour.

However, note that these prices do not include travel expenses, parts, and equipment. Also, most plumbers charge a minimum rate of one hour of work.

It is strongly recommended that you get several quotes before choosing a contractor for said project. In fact, several factors can influence the rate charged, such as your location, travel expenses, and the cost of materials and equipment used during the project.

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Summary Chart: Cost of Toilet and Accessories

Toilet Type or Accessory

Average Cost

Basic toilet

Roughly $180

Mid-range toilet

Between $300 and $420

Luxury toilet

Between $480 and $660

Basic heated toilet seat

About $270

Squat toilet

Between $360 and $720

Electric bidet seat

About $480

Jet system bidet

Between $60 and $120


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