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5 Ideas to Modernize your Bathroom

Last modified: 2022-12-09 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

The bathroom should be a sacred space that’s well looked after. We spend a lot of time in this room, and its maintenance is vital for keeping your house chic, comfortable, and running smoothly. Reviving a washroom that’s grown old, outdated or tired is an excellent way to offer character and style while increasing your home’s resale value. Looking for ways to modernize your bathroom doesn’t simply mean keeping up with what’s trending.

In fact, there are plenty of strategies to take for creative solutions to tired surfaces, updating fixtures as well as wall, window and mirror treatments. We’re going to cover some common ideas and options that’ll allow you to add some modern flair to the bathroom without spending a fortune.

5 ideas to modernize your bathroom


Source: Unsplash

1- Converting your bathtub into a shower

Shower conversions are gaining popularity as a way to modernize an outdated bathroom. Many older homes come equipped with only a tub in tow and lack the convenience of a shower. Not only will installing a modern shower add an edge to your bathroom, but it will enhance accessibility for those who may struggle to use a tub.

Glass shower doors are an excellent option if you’re putting in a shower with gorgeous tile work or other features you’re interested in showing off. Showerheads make for a serious way to modernize, as you might install one of the innovative styles including a rain-style head, or even a digital shower.

In our article The Bathroom of the Future, we discuss digital shower technologies on the market in detail, including models which allow you to connect your phone to the head itself, play music as well as control a set of coloured lights. With the deep integration of technology into almost every aspect of the home, the modern bathroom is becoming one unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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If you live with persons who have limited mobility, do remember to install a shower seat so that they’re able to use this modern addition. For the most part, those with mobility issues may find it easier to use a shower in place of entering and exiting a bathtub.

2- Update your floors

If your bathroom floor is old or outdated, you’ll definitely notice. As should be obvious, the surfaces of your bathroom are susceptible to water damage. Thus, when working with a material that is unable to stand up against it, you’re likely to see serious signs of wear after a few years. If you do decide to update your floors, opt for a material that’s elegant, longlasting and durable. Consider working with a material such as travertine, marble, porcelain or granite.

If you choose to work with tile, most modern bathrooms have the same tile in the shower and bathtub that leads onto the floors. You may even go as far as using this material on your bathroom countertop. If you’re in a rental and can’t rip out the flooring but require an update, try a rug to hide anything unsightly.

3- Change up the lighting

modern bathroom

Source: Unsplash

Your bathroom lighting has more of an impact than you may initially recognize. There are so many different options in the wide world of lighting, and you should look for something that fits in with your decor taste, budget, and style. Not only this, consider the dimensions of your bathroom and look for ways to work with modern lighting that will help to open it up. Recessed lighting has become very popular in bathrooms over the last few years, as have wall sconces and pendant lights.

The latter of the two can allow you to draw attention to areas of the room that may have been overlooked, while recessed lighting can offer an ambiance that may have been missing. Make sure to take into account how mirrors are lit up, as well as finding ways to access natural light, which we’ll discuss in our next point.

4- Open up the space

Finding ways to make a dark, dank or outdated bathroom light and bright is essential to modernizing it. There are a number of approaches you can take to brighten up your bathroom.

As we've already mentioned, one of those ways is changing up the lighting, and another includes changing the colour scheme. If your walls are white or neutral, as they are in most bathrooms, you might think about adding an accent colour wall into the mix. Greens and blues are classic bathroom tones, but popular options such as jewel tones or darker colours (matte black or grey) can work if the rest of the space is accented with light tile and chrome.

If possible, make sure to explore ways to add natural light into the space. Consider installing a skylight or an additional window. If these options aren’t possible, think about installing a large mirror, or one that’s ornate or unique in style. Mirrors always work to open up a space, no matter the size. Not to mention, they reflect the available light around the room, making it much easier to get ready in the morning before work.

5- Decor

bathroom decor

After the walls have been freshly painted and the mirrors, hung, it’s time to start considering other decor pieces you can add to the room to keep things modern. As mentioned, a mirror update is an excellent way to complement your modern decor. If you’re considering functional forms of art, such as ornate or open concept shelving, make sure it’s waterproof and stays in line with the sophisticated simplicity of modern design. You might consider a treated wood, floating shelving unit or even glass shelves.

Find ways to keep your bathroom as organized as possible, as this will allow for its modern simplicity to shine. Clear countertops of clutter, and consider options such as wicker baskets and mason jars to hold toiletries and other accessories. Think about other small details around the room, including replacing old or scruffy towels, switch plate covers, shower curtain, bath mat and so on. 

We also suggest that you check out our checklist for bathroom renovation projects, as this article contains a ton of information and comes with a document you can use to organize your project.

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