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How to Become a Security Systems Electrician

How to Become a Security Systems Electrician

Renovation tradesHow to Become a Security Systems Electrician

Are you passionate about computers, electronics, and new technologies? Are you drawn to manual work, in which the words "build," "repair," or "install" sound like true challenges to you? Electricity, intricate components, and problem-solving don't scare you?

Well then, maybe you should consider a career as a security systems electrician. This complex and wide-ranging trade offers excellent job prospects and is eagerly awaiting your candidature!

Security Systems Electrician Tasks

security systems electrician

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Also known within the industry as “installers,” “technicians,” or “electronic maintenance technicians,” these experts are tasked with fitting, configuring, verifying, and maintaining various security systems:

  • Fire alarm 

  • Anti-theft

  • Access control

  • Video surveillance 

  • Telecommunication

  • Emergency communication

  • Control unit

  • Sprinkler supervision

These specialists can work either in private residences or in commercial, institutional, or industrial sectors. 

Aside from the above-mentioned tasks, academic training and on-the-job experience will teach future electricians to:

  • Make equipment and work areas safe for employees and the general public;

  • Drive and maintain a service vehicle;

  • Interpret plans, quotes, technical books, and diagrams (in English and French);

  • Understand direct and alternative currents circuits, logic circuits, and semiconductors;

  • Connect and install cables and connections;

  • Activate and connect all types of systems to a central unit;

  • Carry out quality control, identify defects, and replace equipment;

  • Fill in maintenance, repair, or test reports.

The Skills Required to Become a Security Systems Electrician

Logically speaking, students and prospective candidates alike have similar profiles. Overall, these individuals enjoy concrete tasks: Part of their DNA is drawing on theory and analytical evidence to solve problems on-site. Their judgment and deductive logic will be especially useful throughout their careers. It goes without saying that a sharp, critical mind, self-reliance, and unparalleled attention to detail are sought-after qualities by employers.

They're always keen on learning and further developing their digital, IT, and electrical knowledge, as well as being rigorous and retentive.

Since they'll be working with small tools or hazardous components on a daily basis, having excellent dexterity and coordination are essential skills for security systems electricians.

Lastly, eyesight also plays a crucial part in successfully accomplishing tasks; perfect 20-20 vision, selective attention, and a quick grasp of colours are therefore essential qualities.

How to Become a Security Systems Electrician

Security systems: specialized electricians

Source: Canva

To perform security systems installation or repair-related duties, one must obtain a DVS in Security Systems Installation and Maintenance (official name in Quebec: Installation et entretien de systèmes de sécurité)—electrotechnology and the duration of the training is 1,485 hours

This training is available in the 5 following establishments

  1. ÉMOICQ (CSS de la Capitale – Capitale-Nationale)

  2. Construc-Plus Vocational Centre (CSS des Miles-Îles – Laurentides)

  3. C.F.P. Qualitech (CSS du Chemin-du-Roy – Mauricie)

  4. C.F.P La Prairie (CSS des Grandes-Seigneuries – Montérégie)

  5. C.F.P. Léonard-De Vinci, Édifice Thimens (CSS Marguerite-Bourgeoys – Montréal)

You can also access these functions by completing a DVS in a related field, for example, in electronics engineering technology, or by going through the CSD Construction’s labour pool shortage openings (bassin de main-d’œuvre, info-pénurie [French only]) made available for non-graduates. 

Job Outlooks in Security Systems Maintenance and Installation  Field

The employment rate for graduates is high. The demand for blue-collar occupations is increasing and there's a labour shortage.

The construction industry is, without a doubt, always looking for labourers, but one can still find work outside of this sector. For example, some private or retail companies as well as electronic equipment distributors or manufacturers hire and offer installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Note that some employers might require that you join the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec (Order of Professional Technologists of Quebec, OTPQ [French only]), complete general health and safety on construction sites course (ASP Construction [French only]), or obtain a Journeymen Competency Certificate (JCC).

In Quebec, the median wage for this trade is $25 an hour, however, it can go as high as $40/hr. The salary varies with years of experience and according to the sector of employment. The beauty of being a security systems electrician is that you can find contracts year-round.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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