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Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

Design and home decorBlack-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

2020 has proven to be a year of adaptation and evolution. The ongoing Black Lives Matter movement has sparked reckoning across almost all industries. As we’re being made aware of the imbalances and injustices faced globally by racialized people, we need to begin and continue to find ways to support and highlight the work they’ve done.

As we move forward with this in mind, we must consider offering consistent and long-term redistribution of wealth to fight toward racial and financial equality. 

Highlighting the work done by Black-owned interior designers and decorator businesses in Canada is only one step towards support. Support looks like many things and could mean shopping at these stores, following them on social media, telling a friend about them as well as writing a nice email or message to tell them you love what they do. This list is just the starting point! 

Black-owned home decor companies and interior design firms in Canada

epoque home design_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

1-  Epoque Home

The Montreal-based Epoque Home sources and selects beautiful vintage home decor pieces. Just take a quick scroll through their Instagram and you’ll come across a wide variety of carefully chosen and ornate lamps, chairs and loungers, side tables and so forth. There’s a ton of attention put into crafting their collection.

2 - Hampton Rowe

Hampton Rowe_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

Toronto-based interior designer Crea owns and operates Hampton Rowe Designs. With a specific focus on creating more ergonomic spaces with a serious flow, Crea is all about balance. Her work optimizes the health and wellbeing of clients, with a focus on form and functionality. Scanning through her portfolio, it’s obvious that she understands clean, inviting design with a major focus on personal comfort as well as a touch of fun.


GOODEE_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

GOODEE is an innovative concept: an ethically-sourced, home decor marketplace. Started and owned by twin brothers Byron and Dexter, the two split their time between Montreal and Brooklyn.  Every item is approached with a conscious-mind, and vetted by a group of folks who understand sustainable products. There are so many beautiful items on offer, that it’s difficult to narrow it down to an item or two for your home. 


Zimbabwean-born Linda is the entrepreneur behind the textile brand BATIQUA. All textiles are handmade and inspired by Linda’s travels and her African heritage. With a mission to empower marginalized individuals and founded as a fair-trade social enterprise, the palettes and prints are simply stunning. Products include a line of pillows, table runners, and smaller textiles. 

5- NOLA designs

NOLA is a commercial interior design company led by Milton, Ontario-based designer Nickesha Lewis. With an impressive resume, she puts the brand first and thinks about how it can be best represented by the physical spaces she’s working with. She offers merchandising solutions as well as full-scale store and office redesign. Her Instagram shows off the crisp and delicate aesthetic it seems she’s crafted. 

6- Ashford Homes

kitchen_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

Ashford Homes is based in Toronto and offers both architectural and interior design services. The approach projects with an intuitive, 3-step process that works to address their clients' wants and needs. Their website comes equipped with glowing reviews from previous customers. So if you’re in the Toronto area and looking to take on a major renovation project, look no further. 

We’d suggest continuing to do your research to find Black-owned businesses in your area. 

Here are some additional resources we’ve discovered for you to peruse:


AfroBiz is an incredible network of Black Toronto-based real estate agents. 

35 Black Interior Designers to follow

If you’re looking for further Instagram inspiration, Real Simple has put together a list of Black interior designers that you must follow asap!

Cover photo: Unsplash - Alex Nemo Hanse

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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