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Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada


Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada


Design and home decorBlack-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

2020 has proven to be a year of adaptation and evolution. The ongoing Black Lives Matter movement has sparked reckoning across almost all industries. As we’re being made aware of the imbalances and injustices faced globally by racialized people, we need to begin and continue to find ways to support and highlight the work they’ve done.

As we move forward with this in mind, we must consider offering consistent and long-term redistribution of wealth to fight toward racial and financial equality. 

Highlighting the work done by Black-owned interior designers and decorator businesses in Canada is only one step towards support. Support looks like many things and could mean shopping at these stores, following them on social media, telling a friend about them as well as writing a nice email or message to tell them you love what they do. This list is just the starting point! 

Black-owned home decor companies and interior design firms in Canada

epoque home design_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

1-  Epoque Home

The Montreal-based Epoque Home sources and selects beautiful vintage home decor pieces. Just take a quick scroll through their Instagram and you’ll come across a wide variety of carefully chosen and ornate lamps, chairs and loungers, side tables and so forth. There’s a ton of attention put into crafting their collection.

2 - Hampton Rowe

Hampton Rowe_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

Toronto-based interior designer Crea owns and operates Hampton Rowe Designs. With a specific focus on creating more ergonomic spaces with a serious flow, Crea is all about balance. Her work optimizes the health and wellbeing of clients, with a focus on form and functionality. Scanning through her portfolio, it’s obvious that she understands clean, inviting design with a major focus on personal comfort as well as a touch of fun.


GOODEE_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

GOODEE is an innovative concept: an ethically-sourced, home decor marketplace. Started and owned by twin brothers Byron and Dexter, the two split their time between Montreal and Brooklyn.  Every item is approached with a conscious-mind, and vetted by a group of folks who understand sustainable products. There are so many beautiful items on offer, that it’s difficult to narrow it down to an item or two for your home. 


Zimbabwean-born Linda is the entrepreneur behind the textile brand BATIQUA. All textiles are handmade and inspired by Linda’s travels and her African heritage. With a mission to empower marginalized individuals and founded as a fair-trade social enterprise, the palettes and prints are simply stunning. Products include a line of pillows, table runners, and smaller textiles. 

5- NOLA designs

NOLA is a commercial interior design company led by Milton, Ontario-based designer Nickesha Lewis. With an impressive resume, she puts the brand first and thinks about how it can be best represented by the physical spaces she’s working with. She offers merchandising solutions as well as full-scale store and office redesign. Her Instagram shows off the crisp and delicate aesthetic it seems she’s crafted. 

6- Ashford Homes

kitchen_Black-owned Home Decor Companies & Interior Design Firms in Canada

Ashford Homes is based in Toronto and offers both architectural and interior design services. The approach projects with an intuitive, 3-step process that works to address their clients' wants and needs. Their website comes equipped with glowing reviews from previous customers. So if you’re in the Toronto area and looking to take on a major renovation project, look no further. 

We’d suggest continuing to do your research to find Black-owned businesses in your area. 

Here are some additional resources we’ve discovered for you to peruse:


AfroBiz is an incredible network of Black Toronto-based real estate agents. 

35 Black Interior Designers to follow

If you’re looking for further Instagram inspiration, Real Simple has put together a list of Black interior designers that you must follow asap!

Cover photo: Unsplash - Alex Nemo Hanse

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Cynthia Laferrière 07 Jun 2023

Home Décor Trends for 2023

Every year, home décor and interior design experts give a ruling over the year’s trends. As a result, our team of writers puts together a ton of articles on the matter, spanning all rooms, one renovation project at a time, on a yearly basis. This article will serve as a guideline for all things home décor for 2023. Luckily, we seem to have chosen trends that are here to stay, for the long run, and that can easily be tweaked to suit your preferences. What are the home décor guidelines for 2023? Over the last 2 or 3 years, specific trends have stood out amongst the rest and are coming back, full throttle this year: the vintage and retro looks—meaning everything that has to do with nature and sustainability, and never-ending creativity. However, if you want to find out which styles to steer clear of, check out our article: Home Interior Design Trends to Avoid this Year. Biophilic All Around: From Living Room to Bedroom Source: Canva This concept has a propensity to mend the gap between indoors and outdoors. Organic or biological elements are front and centre: shapes, natural textures and materials, nature-themed decorative accents, etc. The prevailing colours are of a matte finish and earth-toned, conjuring up a seaside, forest, or beach. The preferred materials and items of a biophilic design: Cotton Linen Wood Rattan Wicker Bamboo Stone Concrete Plants Natural lighting This trend also encourages the use of recycled, eco-responsible, and sustainable materials. It’s increasingly important to support local businesses and resources, purchase second-hand items, or craft your own décor. Fashionable Home Décors Source: Canva Retro style To make a connection between the “recycling” aspect of this trend, vintage or retro items are deemed stylish. Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern designs—wistful references to the 50s and 80s—are all too inspiring! They’re very reminiscent of the pin-up aesthetic, also that of the eclectic, hippie movement, needless to say, it’s quite unorthodox. Browse secondhand outlets, thrift stores, classified ads websites, and charity shops to uncover rare and unique finds at a bargain! Maximalism True to its name, this style steers toward bold, grandiose, and indulgent designs. As such, the rooms spanning your home are a reflection of your personality, albeit it borders on exuberance, it remains in vogue this year. Rich colours, souvenirs, passions, unique art, enormous patterns, overlapping concepts, themes, and alternative and showy indie looks are prescribed! For those looking to give this look a go, but are wary of showcasing it for all to see, a happy medium could be embracing the maximalism look in a room, tucked away, located on an upper floor or in a closed home office. Trendy Shapes and Colours Source: Canva Observe the swerves Rounded shapes and curved lines are featured once again in homes! Whether for furniture, architecture, or decorative elements, swerved lines are a part of the décor. Not only are these fun and original, but this geometrical shape is also rather reminiscent of a certain softness and romanticism. Round furniture and decorative item ideas: Ball-shaped light fixture Arched doorway Oval mirror Roundback accent chair and ottoman Curved kitchen island Round coffee or dining room table Curved bathtub Bouclé fabric Circular-patterned wallpaper Warm and earth-toned shades This year, neutral, calm, warm, and soothing colour palettes are favoured. Consider nature-inspired ideas to embellish your walls and textiles: terracotta, clay, lavender, curry yellow, cinnamon brown, burnt orange, sage green, etc. Check out our article Interior Paint Colour Trends for 2023, to learn more about the paint colours recommended by industry professionals. Trendy Accessories and Coverings Source: Canva Decorative rugs First off, note that if quality is what you’re seeking, beware of low prices and inquire as to the carpet’s origin. It may be that there’s a lack of ethics behind the manufacturing process or it simply wasn’t made with genuine, natural materials as advertised. Besides this, you’ll find rugs of all colours, shapes, and prices on the market. Area rugs are, first and foremost, used to draw attention to a focal area of a specific room, add some punch to a rather monochromatic setting and render strategic areas more comfortable. Feel free to layer different patterned and shaped rugs atop one another! Accessories for an additional kick Golden hues are back in style. It suits most home décors and colours and can add a touch of luxury to any given room. With the fear of abusing said shade, consider featuring it by way of a light fixture, faucet, furniture feet or knobs, a few trinkets, or decorative accessories. In a nutshell, there are several options, whether you’re a fan of gold-coloured items or not. Personalizing a décor is at the forefront when it comes to factors that must be prioritized. This trend offsets that of minimalism or immaculate whites seen between 2000 and 2015. Why not feature family heirlooms or items reminiscent of your childhood? Your grandmother’s vintage tea set or pictures of past travels—all in moderation—must have a dedicated space within your décor. Trendy tiles for the win Regarding this matter, interior designers often provide guidelines that suit the masses: Surprisingly, terrazzo has been making a comeback since 2020, showcasing patterns that are as diverse as they are colourful. This trend calls for large-format tiles, oversized even, making the space in question appear bigger. On the other hand, small square-shaped tiles, like zellige tiles (enamel-coated terracotta tiles handmade in Morocco) are just as sought-after. Tone-on-tone colour schemes and earth-toned tiles of various geometric patterns are also popular. Textured ceramic tiles or those with raised patterns are super stylish. Interested in all things home décor and interior design? Check out the related articles listed below.

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Cynthia Laferrière 01 Jun 2023

Home Interior Design Trends to Avoid this Year

In terms of stylish décors and interior design, trends come and go, year after year. Some are timeless, like wood for example. Whereas, other decorative aspects or faux pas can quickly make a room look outdated, and go as far as lowering the resale value of your home. Should trends be followed no matter what? That’s an absolute negative. Otherwise, you’d be spending a fortune every year trying to adapt your living space to every new trend that's driven by major retailers and social media. Moreover, who wants to live in a house that doesn’t really convey one’s true personality or taste? Every home and family is unique in its own way. Hence the need for this interior space to make you happy, meet your needs, and suit your lifestyle. Nevertheless, here are a few details to keep in mind when interior decorating, all of which may help you create the perfect look for your home, or spare you from disappointment. Uncover a wealth of interior design trends and layout errors to avoid in 2023. Mainstream Design Styles to Avoid Source: Canva Sterile, minimalist kitchens At one point in time, immaculate kitchens with cold white walls were all the rage. They featured super glossy and monochromatic materials, as well as spotless countertops, devoid of any appliances, and embodied cleanliness and modernity. These futuristic-inspired, devoid of any personality designs are now considered austere and completely outdated. Instead, look to create a warmer, more functional setting that welcomes casual conversation and cooking. Contrasting design trends Are you a fan of different décor styles? It’s all good! As long as they mesh without disrupting the visual harmony you’re looking to create in a specific room or open space. The Scandinavian look is refined and adds a tranquil vibe compared with the industrial style. A minimalistic look is hard to blend in with more eclectic looks like retro or glam goth. In contrast, try mixing modern with industrial or Scandinavian with minimalist, it could work wonders. In fact, while the main guidelines of each style are complete opposites, both in terms of fabric colours and decorative items, avoid lumping them all together. Otherwise, chaos will prevail and neither feature will stand out in any given space. Over-hyped styles of recent years In this category, think about the trends that have really peaked in the interior design industry over the last couple of years. Those that, overnight, virtually everyone was eager to incorporate into their renovation projects. Take the farmhouse look for example’s sake—the inspirational quotes plastered on the walls, the famous sliding barn doors, open shelves, exposed piping serving as shelves or light fixtures, etc. This issue here doesn’t lie in the fact that the items are offputting or completely wrong. They've just been popping up all over the place and overused to the point of excess. 2023 is all about revisiting classics, bringing nature inside with a range of organic materials, and scattering these familiar features sparingly. Are you looking for general contractors for your renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! Banned Flooring and Wall Treatments Source: Canva Horizontally-laid metro tiles Brick-like backsplashes and 3- x 6-inch tiles embedded in dark grout have gone out of style as far as wall treatments are concerned. To be honest, what’s outdated is the way they’re laid, horizontally, with a contrasting tile grout colour, making the whole look featureless. 2023 is all about prioritizing tone-on-tone, vertically-laid tiles. Especially grainy wood Distinct wood with you! Instead, focus on softer grains and tones. Again, linear, vertical patterns are very trendy and much less fickle than anything that's too bold of a statement. It's also far easier to blend a fine grain with various décor styles. All-over colours and patterns As above-mentioned, cold hues, too-neutral colours, and monochromatic elements are nearing extinction, and are being replaced by warmer tones, those reminiscent of nature. Hence, grey, white, or beige walls, room-wide, aren’t sought-after. Forget all about adding hints of colours and textures by way of an accent wall, rug, throw pillows or paintings—it’s an interior design mistake to avoid. On the flip side, just like the famous quote conveys all too well, “Too much is the same as not enough.” Interior decorators tend to dislike excessive, whimsical details. Forget about flower patterns here and animal prints there. Stick to three basic colours that are either within the same palette or work well together, spread out sparingly and evenly amongst walls, furnishings, and decorative items. Avoid gaudy mixes, like dark blue and red walls as well as mixing bright hues with pastels, for example. Likewise, two textiles should suffice, so as not to weigh down the room's ambience. Theatre-inspired fabrics aren’t trendy anymore. As such, avoid using velvet, leather, silk, etc. Instead, go for more natural materials, with organic features such as rattan, wood, concrete, stone; basically, anything suited to biophilic design. Matters Pertaining to Furnishings and Layout Source: Canva Hanging curtains or frames too low or too high Window treatments tend to be the first item noticed in a room, especially if you choose to make it an accent piece rather than a simple, discreet sheer curtain. Yet your curtains need to stand out for the right reasons! Hence the importance of hanging them at the right height. To evoke a more dramatic look, hang the curtains nearer to the ceiling and let the fabric fall to the floor, or below the window ledge. In other words, don't limit yourself to simply concealing the frames, at the risk of making the space look small. Hanging blinds on a patio door also makes sense. Are you a fan of all wall art? Once against, height matters. Whether it’s huge paintings, family photos, or traditional frames, the rule of thumb is to hang them at eye level. On average, the artwork’s centre point should be 1.4 metres (55 inches) off the floor. Suppose you’re the proud owner of several paintings and looking to put them all up on the same wall or create a sort of focal points, like an art gallery wall. In that case, it’s highly recommended to group them according to a predominant colour and figure out heights based on the whole set’s centre. Likewise, test out the layout either on the floor or using sheets of paper taped to the wall, to get a better idea of the layout, thus allowing your creative juices to flow and making any necessary adjustments before hammering holes all over the place. Mismatched or ill-placed furniture Furniture plays a significant role in your overall décor and takes up a substantial amount of space. The key is knowing how to position the furniture to make the most of the space and create a setting that fits your style. A common mistake interior designers often point out is people tend to want to avoid any hassle by purchasing complete furniture sets. People love symmetry and order, however, in terms of fashionable interior décor trends, creating cohesion is far better than simply copy-pasting from a showroom to your living space. However, if you’ve purchased a living room set with an identical loveseat, couch, and armchair, perhaps not positioning them next to each other is the best course of action. Consider placing the armchair in your bedroom or a little further away, like say in a private suite or entryway. Or better yet, add throw pillows and blankets on the seats. Once again, the keyword here is “harmony,” not “magazine spread.” Another antiquated trend is putting all the furniture up against the walls. However, with open-plan concepts, the rise of loft-style units, and angular architectural designs, it's harder to achieve. Designing select spaces in rooms according to their function and partitioning them up with rugs or accent pieces is much more modern and well-balanced. Particularly in a living room, you can create a reading nook, a lounge area where you can chat over drinks and an entertainment corner to watch movies. Lastly, we’re well aware that your interests are diverse. However, keep in mind that your house isn’t a museum nor is it a flea market. If you can’t put one foot in front of the other without having to avoid item after item, for aesthetics’ sake, and pure convenience, consider decluttering your home! What are the most popular décor trends in 2023? To sum it up, keep in mind that accessories should reflect your personality, while still amounting to a manageable quantity. Moreover, you can give any room a new, refreshing look by simply updating its furnishings (cushions, rugs, curtains, fabrics, trinkets, etc.). Also, note that an overly clean, neutral décor teeters on boring and tends to lessen the value of your home. Want to learn more about current trends? Check these out: Interior Paint Colour Trends for 2023 Bathroom Design Trends What Are the 2023 Kitchen Décor Trends?

5 min read

N/A 19 Oct 2023

8 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

It’s sweater weather, the temperature has taken a turn for the crisp, and the leaves are changing. That's right, it’s about time to start thinking about your Halloween decorations. It’s the perfect time to completely transform your home with the plethora of options available for both outdoor and indoor decorations. A wide range of decorations is available in-store, tailored to all budgets, which you can reuse, year after year. You can also head the DIY route and handmake your own decorations. Decoration Ideas to Transform Your Home for Halloween Source: Canva 1. Buy or pick a variety of pumpkins Maybe your Halloween decorating style isn’t so much on the dark and spooky side, but rather more autumnal, warm, and colourful. In that case, pumpkins are a timeless classic. Grocery stores and markets are now selling more pumpkin varieties than you know what to do with, which is an obvious reminder that Halloween is around the corner. Here, you can definitely opt for a range of different pumpkins, of mismatched sizes and shapes, as well as a variety of gourds. Make the most out of this festive day to plan a family activity or one amongst friends to carve a few pumpkins. Regardless of whether they’re well done, scary, or awkwardly whimsical, simply add an LED tea light inside your carved pumpkins, and there you have it! Also, consider enhancing your décor with a few other classics like hay bales, piles of leaves, branches, etc. 2. Get yourself some skeletons to hang Source: Canva Another classic in the realm of Halloween-esque decorations is plastic skeletons. Whether you choose to only feature human skeletons or include a few animal skeletons, they can definitely add a bit of a whimsical feature to your front yard since they can really be displayed tailored to your fancy, while also playing off the silly nature of plastic skeletons. Hang them on your front porch, trees, or windows. You might also decide to give your plastic skeletons a more realistic look by decking them out in clothing and accessories. 3. Go for spooky accessories If you’d rather play off Halloween’s spooky vibe, consider tombstones, zombies, ill-omen birds, and cheesecloth ghosts. Spread out life-size tombstones around your yard, or build a little makeshift graveyard. Randomly position hands sticking out of the ground to create a real-life zombie-like experience. Scatter ravens around your front yard, on your front door steps, trees, and windows—the more there are, the more eerie it’ll look! Are you looking for general contractors for your renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! 4. Make giant spider webs Source: Canva Much like with pumpkins, spider webs are a Halloween staple. There are so many different types of spider webs sold in-store, like the cotton/artificial fibre ones that you just sort of stretch out and stick here and there. The advantage of using this sort of decoration is that they don’t need to be perfectly executed to be realistic. In fact, the more they appear to be randomly positioned, the more it’ll make your house look desolate, unkept…haunted. However, another option would be to DIY your own spider webs with strings/threads or white wool, wooden dowels or dead branches. With this crafty option, play off your creative side and opt for larger-than-life spider webs. You may also want to make or purchase giant hairy spiders to hang near your porch, for an eerie-looking front yard. 5. Decorate your front door Draw inspiration from the famous Christmas wreath tradition, greeting your guests during the holidays, and give it a good Halloween grim twist. Make your own Halloween wreath to hang on your front door. Mix in a few snakes, bats, and other critters. To that end, you’ll need to get a few readily available accessories in-store as well as a hot glue gun to subtly secure the critters to your festive wreath. No need to look for same-colour toys and figurines; instead, get what’s available in-store and spray paint them to achieve a more intentional, uniform look. 6. Take cues from your favourite Halloween movies for your DIY crafts Source: Canva Got any favourite spooky season movies? A unique way to decorate your home is to draw inspiration from those movies by recreating the characters or movie scenes. No need to spend tons; you can find accessories, clothing, and shoes in thrift shops or second-hand boutiques. Recreate the likes of Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just like pumpkin carving, recreating scenes or characters from animated movies is the perfect family or group activity. Don’t overcomplicate things, focus on cutouts and silhouettes. You’ll need big pieces of cardboard, maybe a bit of spray or liquid paint, scissors, and tape. Unleash your creativity and DIY your decorative cardboard cutouts. Position the cardboard cutouts up against your windows and put a few lamps right behind them. Change the lighting with colourful, green, orange, red, or purple bulbs to make your cutouts even more eerie looking. 7. Consider your lighting options for a gloomy look Don’t overlook lighting! All well-done Halloween-inspired ambience has to have on-point, creative lighting. It’s a key factor—it’ll give the front side of your home the sought-after spooky look. You can find a ton of affordable options in-store. Coloured light bulbs, string lights, Jack-o’-lanterns, or special effects lights, like a strobe, are also great ways to enhance your home and give it that nice final touch. Set up your lighting outside, in your entryway, and near street-facing windows. 8. Design a table centrepiece to complete your décor Source: Canva Why not use empty wine bottles as a makeshift table centrepiece? It’s a great and easy way to create a more old-fashioned spooky look. A classic when it comes to upcycling wine bottles is to place a candle stick in the tapered part of the bottle’s neck and allow the wax to drip on its sides. It’s super easy and gets the job done. It’ll literally take you less than five minutes to make. Opt for white candles or red wax candles for a blood-drip-like aesthetic for a spookier look. You can also use decorative golden pumpkins to add a festive touch to your tablescape. If you prefer to stick with a spooky aesthetic, go for skulls, skeletons, and pumpkins instead to create a super trendy monochromatic décor. For a pop of colour, you can use orange or black flowers. Lastly, if you’re looking to make something that’s safer and simpler, you can opt for bat- or ghost-like centrepieces. This is but a mere glimpse of what can be done. Now, let your creative mind take over. If there’s a holiday that appeals equally to all age groups, it’s got to be All Hallow’s Eve! Grown-ups eagerly await this celebration to showcase their quirky, eccentric side by way of their costumes or through their home and front yard decorations.

6 min read 16 Aug 2023

How to Create a Unique and Elegant Décor with Designer Tiles

Modern tiles, with their cutting-edge technology, creative design, wide range of materials, original installation methods, bold colours, and metallic finishes, are anything but boring. The tiling industry has mastered the art of crafting standout designs in light of the bustling market and the surge of many creative brands. It’s a significant departure from the classic wall-to-wall tilework; designer tiles are featured in every room, refining all surfaces in every way possible while exploring outdoor surface options. This type of tiling unleashes your creative juices in a world of possibilities. Come along for an all-encompassing journey. What type of designer tile should you use for a modern interior? Source: Canva As flooring, it combines comfort, practicality, and durability to give life to both functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Used as a wall treatment, it rivals the prettiest wallpapers and revamps the most modern-looking décors. In other words, designer tiles are everywhere. They’re unique, timeless, and versatile; there’s nothing like it. Step out of your comfort zone; dare choose elaborate patterns, colours, and large tile formats. Here’s what’s trending on a room-to-room basis. What type of designer tile is best suited for a living room? Being the quintessential family room, the living room must be inviting and cater to the household’s needs and wants. Whether it doubles as a lounge area, nap space, or work zone, a living room is multi-functional and suited to all family members. We love… XXL formats that visually enhance a space Hexagon-shaped tiles that add a unique flair to the space’s dimensions The wall and fireplace mantel tiles that match the flooring Metallic tiling for a refined, elegant look Infinite amount of finishes: matte, glossy, satin, semi-polished to blend in with the lighting and setting Tiling that separates one open-floor space from another Unique and original finishes that liven things up Marble-like finishes that are without a doubt chic Natural, authentic, and noble stones Carpet-like tiling for a touch of elegance What are the best bathroom tiles? Source: Canva Take the next exit off the nearest beaten path for a designer tile option by emphasizing patterns, XXL formats, mosaics, and unique installation methods. Tiling also means having the free will to use tiles that imitate materials that may be ill-suited to humid environments. And we’re making the most out of that! We love… Mosaic tiles for a shower base, backsplash, and walls Natural stones and pebbles for a nature accent XXL tiling to blend together surfaces. 120-cm by 120-cm format is a must! Faux marble tiles for their timeless elegance Diagonal installation method or rectangular tiles to visually enhance the space Faux wood tiles for a wink to modern architecture Stoneware tiles since they’re moisture-resistant Urban-inspired tiling and faux concrete Wallpaper-like tiling Azulejo-inspired tiles, in whole or partial effect PIECE OF ADVICE: Opt for anti-slip tiling or a non-slippery finish for your bathroom flooring. Check out our tiling ideas for small bathrooms. What type of wall tile is best suited for a kitchen? Wall tiles are still very trendy, whether installed in a bathroom, bedroom, or living, spanning the space between the flooring and ceiling. Note that floor tiling can be used on walls, but wall tiles can’t be used on floors. Tiles designed for wall treatments aren’t as resistant or can withstand repeated trampling. Here are kitchen favourites depending on the chosen style: Multi-coloured tiling for a contemporary look Sandstone or cement for a more industrial-inspired style Terrazzo for an ultra-modern countertop and backsplash For a boho-chic look, hexagon-shaped, dual-coloured tiles Stone-like ceramic tiles for a very modern and authentic setting Mosaic tiles are great for all styles, given their nuanced options: glass, metal, porcelain, stone, pebbles… Are you looking for general contractors for your renovation project? Fill in our form to be connected with top-rated contractors! A Taste of Designer Tiling Outside Source: Canva Outdoor spaces are exposed to bad weather and drastic temperature changes and have particular flooring requirements, especially regarding tiles. While the weather is on a permanent upswing in certain areas worldwide, that much can’t be said about Quebec. The current global trend is tiling for balconies, patios, and terraces. Therefore, in our neck of the woods, we’ll opt for tiling specially designed for outdoor use, often stoneware. As for tropical destinations, indoor tilework featured in living areas usually extends to outdoor patios so as not to partition those two living spaces. We also heavily rely on oversized tile formats with subtle grout joints for unparalleled elegance and a chic look. Faux wood, stone, or concrete looks are also very sought-after. Lastly, using the same tile in different formats can create stunning and unique designs. How to Show Off a Designer Tile Outdoor Patio Space Nowadays, in Northern countries, new tile designs make it possible to set up an outdoor space much like you would in warm weather areas. Stoneware tile, glazed or not, is the perfect type of outdoor tiling. Glazed stoneware tile is an exceptional colour, finish, and pattern choice. It’s very resistant and designed for high-traffic areas; however, it’s still susceptible to damage from physical impacts. In a nutshell, to last, outdoor tiling must have the following characteristics: Withstand freeze, bad weather, and UV rays Be anti-slip Some companies have even developed a type of tile that doesn’t require grout or adhesives (doesn’t hold up to bad weather) that’s laid on gravel (like pavers) or raised/floating (on roofs, layered over plumbing, cables, etc.). We especially like colourful designer tiles with a graphic pattern and faux wood, stone, and concrete designs. What about pool tiles? Without a doubt, opt for a type of tile designed for outdoor use. We also like an anti-slip surface or a tile treated for that purpose. We especially like models that are identical on the inside and outside of the pool, installed in such a way that the actual pool and the surrounding walkway are one. What are the most modern types of tiles? Source: Canva Here’s how modern tiling is defined as part of the ongoing trend. Favour These Materials Over Others Natural stone: travertine, slate, marble, etc. Terracotta: mosaic, tomette, tin-glazed, etc. Industrial-looking materials: cement, concrete, etc. Stoneware flooring, as wall treatments, and in common living areas, whether it be inside or outside Favour Trendy Colours Over Others For neutrals: white, beige, sandstone, ashwood grey, chocolate brown For bright colours: green, terracotta, and mustard yellow Dare Use Unusual Shapes Here, non-traditional shapes—those that aren’t square—spring to mind: oblong, plank-like tiling; hexagon, to coat the floors and walls…Paired with XXL tiles is a surefire way to create a modern look! Note: Moden tiles can be as long as 320 cm! Doing so limits the grout joints needed, creating an even more spacious and elegant to-boot look. Favour Imitation Finishes Over the Real Deal With imitation finishes, you’re benefiting from the best of both worlds: the undeniable style of the genuine product and the advantages of tile (durability, resistance, easy installation, most often budget-friendly pricing, a weight that suits intended surfaces, water- and moisture-resistant). We’re obsessed with faux wood, marble, granite, travertine, waxed concrete, etc. 5 Modern Patterns to Focus On Dynamic graphic tiles with elaborate patterns or simple shapes can add some zest and energy to a room. Harlequin tiles break up monotony. Be bold; use multi-coloured diamonds for a gradient look. Fish scale tiles… Traditional blue and white fish scale-shaped tiles are always in, but you can also try them in terracotta and green. Botanical wall tiles for small plant-adjacent walls! Jungle-inspired tiles…your new “house plants” will add decent greenery without requiring any care! Consider a mismatched installation method.

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