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Renovation tips

6 min read

10 Dream Bedrooms for Children

Renovation tips

6 min read

10 Dream Bedrooms for Children

Renovation tips10 Dream Bedrooms for Children

A child’s bedroom is a room in the house where people dare to give free rein to their imagination, offering it to the little ones who live there. It’s a place where you can dare to experiment with bright colours, dynamic patterns and furniture that invite play.

Are you looking for ideas for a nursery or a children’s bedroom renovation project? In this article, we’re going to show you 10 examples of bedrooms that present original, clever layouts adapted to children's tastes.

Children's rooms to give you ideas for your project

1-  A kid's bedroom for young athletes

photo: Apartamento Ger

Let's start this list with a room that is perfectly suited for children on the move. The room is long, so the child can run laps if their heart so desires. If that's not enough to expel their energy, they can also use the climbing wall which is right over the bed.

Lastly, we love the protected space that’s high up and which could accommodate another bed, or be used as an intimate space dedicated to playing and reading. The circular seat is also especially unique.

2- A dream room for comic book lovers

Photo: Decor Loving

Does your child love comic books and the universe around them? Here’s an example of a room they may enjoy. The mixture of colours is varied, without being too focused on primary colours and small decorative objects (books and figurines) are well highlighted.

The other interesting aspect of this room is that the colours and the layout can easily be adapted according to changing needs and preferences of the child.

3- A shared room with a relaxing atmosphere

photo: HGTV

To help your little ones get a better night of sleep, it's a good idea to create a room with decor that is restful for the eyes and the spirit! The palette of tones, patterns and colours created for this room is rather sober, focusing on pale shades, with a few rich colours that work to create a visual accent.

The bunk bed maximizes available floor space and creates a little more privacy for each child when sleeping. Also, it’s the first of several examples on the list where we see the use of wallpaper, which in recent years, is back on-trend. The pattern printed on this wallpaper model is vibrant, without being too garish.

4- A very colourful bedroom

photo: Jaime Huffman

This bedroom is a world away from the one above in terms of decor! Here, the room is extremely colourful and filled with decorative objects, each one cuter than the last.

The yellow polka dot patterned carpet, the fox poster, the mountain of stuffed animals and cushions, the world map, there are plenty of beautiful little details to discover.

5- A bedroom for children who are animal-lovers

photo: Joli Place

Here’s a room that will definitely please children, especially those fascinated by animals. If you don’t have the talents required to paint this type of fresco, you can always entrust the task to a mural artist.

It’s also possible to find wallpaper with a pattern illustrating wild animals. This option could be simpler and more accessible, especially if the contractor you’re working with offers a wallpaper installation service.

The use of natural materials such as wood and straw helps to create a real cabin in the jungle atmosphere. This will surely please your little budding explorers!

6- A nursery in shades of white

photo: Julie Jackson

An all-white nursery? We admit that this is not the first idea that would cross our minds. However, after seeing this bright and adorable room, we’re in love.

The mouldings that adorn the walls and ceilings, the white carpet with black polka dots, the paintings, the beds and the small footstool: in this room, everything seems to be right in its place.

7- A bedroom that serves as a playroom

Photo: Le journal de la Maison

It was stated above that the bedroom's design should be meant to promote sleep for the children who occupy it. However, in certain housing configurations, this room must also serve as a playroom. In this situation, it will be necessary to create different zones for sleep and entertainment.

This goal has been achieved in the example shown above, as the beds are located in a well-defined corner of the room. Of course, the bunk bed could also serve as a place to play, but above all, it’s a great space to install a second bed!

The other element that caught our attention is the two swings hung on wooden beams. Here, children have enough space to use the swings, something that is rarely done inside the house. The set up is perfect for young people to have fun on rainy days or for sleepovers with friends.

8- Bunk beds and lots of storage

photo: Mini magazine

Here’s a children's room with a more mature layout. This means the room will better suit the needs of older children, even young teenagers. The bunk bed structure is impressive, with built-in shelves, three beds, a desk and a net where you can (safely) pretend to be a circus performer.

If you like this idea, you can contact a cabinet maker who would be interested in embarking on this type of project. This is a great way to share a room with children while having enough space so that everyone feels they have their own space.

9- A very cute shared bedroom

Photo: Paul and Paula

We had to include an example of a very "girly" room (according to the cliché). This layout is well suited for a small room since there is little furniture. Of course, it remains a beautiful place to play, dream and rest.

Both beds have been decorated to reflect the distinct personalities of the children, but the whole room works wonderfully and the result is quite charming. One point to note here: the wood wall covering is a versatile choice that can adapt very well to changes in the rest of the decor

10-  A children's room with a colourful and flowery wallpaper

photo: Sabrina Mignotte

We end the list with another example of a highly colourful room. This time, the furniture is more suitable for a toddler than a child, but the layout could very well evolve as the youngster grows.

The bedroom's colour palette is fully represented in the wallpaper design. This creates a beautiful visual harmony as well as a warm and lively atmosphere.

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Last modified 2020-07-13

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