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The Design Trends for 2022: What to Expect

Last modified: 2022-08-09 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Christime Simard

As the year comes to an end, designers and design fanatics alike are getting busy making sure they keep updated with the new trends that are to come. However, the past years have drastically reshaped the way we now see our homes and the designs of our layouts, with our needs vastly changing after staying home for so long. 

As we slowly emerge from our cocoons and learn to go back to “normal”, let’s take a look at how year 2 of the pandemic has affected our vision on interior design! 

Design trends for 2022: what to expect

1. Sustainability and locally sourced design

It’s no secret that the pandemic has opened many eyes to the way we look at local businesses. Adding to the growing need and demand for sustainability, it is now more than ever at the center of our present lives and our future. 

Concepts like biophilic design and sustainable design practices were already an idea forming back in 2020 and slowly grew stronger through 2021. For 2022, however, the accent is fully on sustainability and the importance of supporting locals. In addition, the continuous demand for greener practices and eco-friendly materials also influences the way we decide to design our interiors. This part of a Dwell article mentions the phenomenon:

According to the recently released Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, which analyzes emerging global trends based on the platform’s findings between October 2019 and September 2021, searches for "biophilic architecture" increased by 150 percent on the website during that period. The terms "biophilic design bedroom," "staircase garden," and "floral ceiling" also jumped up significantly.

Maybe a plant wall wouldn’t be so bad as your next project? 

biophilic design_design trends

Source: Office lovin

2. 50 shades of green

Much to my delight, green is still standing strong for 2022 as an accent colour. With the recent announcements of the colour trends for the year, earthy and fresh shades of green were proven winners. 

Big names like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore went with the choice, with many designers stating that this growing popularity for the colour has to do with our need to reconnect with nature and reminds us of the outdoors. Perfect to go with our previous trend!

green walls_design trends

Source: Dwell & Style by Emily Henderson

3. Vintage and the revival of retro

You guessed it! Sustainable furnishing also implies going with the old and straying from the new. While many companies find a way to produce in ways to reduce their harmful impacts on the environment, reusing is also a great way to prevent further waste. 

Lucky for you, retro designs have been making a comeback in the past years and thrifting, upcycling and revamping furniture or home decor are now a big part of the design world. Platforms like Facebook marketplace, Kijiji or Craigslist make it easy to connect with people in your area looking to get rid of their old items, but old doesn’t have to mean ugly! 

retro furniture_design trends

Source: Domino

4. Wavy shapes and curved furniture 

We saw this coming from a mile away when we wrote our article Design trend 2021: curves, shapes and squiggles and it appears this trend is coming with us in 2022! Rounded edges on your furniture and geometric shapes in your home decor will surely make their way to you soon, with big brands already hopping on the trend for their new collections. 

This sudden shift is partly due to our prior point (the revival of retro), specifically the inspiration it takes from Memphis Design, a popular style from the 1980s. While this design is colourful and bold, you can easily include it in more neutral and tamed decors by including some fun shapes and lines in your home.

wavy round furniture_design trends

Source: Bead Threads & Pinterest

5. Multifunctional spaces over open floor plans

Working from home certainly made us aware of our home’s division and setup. Although open spaces have been quite popular in the design world for the past few years, they might have proven different once having to focus on your work.

For people with small homes, it might seem like the luxury of having your personal office isn’t really accessible. However, functional and practical designs are now more popular than ever, especially in large cities where the population keeps growing and the demand for housing pushes developers to build apartment buildings with smaller square footage. 

For some inspiration, you can check out the YouTube channel of Never Too Small, one of my personal favourites!

smart layout_design trends

Source: Never Too Small

6. Crafted, homemade and reclaimed materials

Still on the sustainability road, the use of greener materials is said to rule 2022. Dwell said in their article:

In the Interior Designer Trends Survey from online marketplace 1stDibs, which asked 750 interior designers from its trade program about their tastes going into the new year, roughly 97 percent of designers said sustainable materials will reign supreme in 2022.

The mentality behind reusing can easily be applied to construction materials. For example, reclaimed barn wood has been popular amongst designers and contractors, not only reducing waste but also being able to create something with a sentimental value to it. 

With much time on our hands in the past 2 years, many of us found ourselves creating and crafting our home decor, giving us a new kind of appreciation for the time and effort that was put into these projects. This contrasts drastically with the way we were thought to consume and buy without second-guessing the process for the items to get to us. 

reclaimed wood_design trends

Source: Decor Demon & Kate Marker Interiors

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