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How to achieve the perfect retro home decor

How to achieve the perfect retro home decor

Design and home decorHow to achieve the perfect retro home decor

When we talk about retro, the subject can be vast. The term mainly represents modern trends influenced from past eras, whether it be in fashion, interior design, graphic design, etc.

Following this description, any other era could be considered retro, but people often associate it to specific past decades like the 50s, the 60s, the 70s and most recently adding the 80s to the mix. 

In this mindset, we often think of “retro” as a colourful and bold decor style when well-executed, but that can easily become overwhelming if overdone. But what is the key to achieving a stylish and elegant retro style? Here are some of our tips.

How to achieve the perfect retro home decor

Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns

An important feature of these decades’ interiors is the mixing and matching of different fabrics and motifs. Doing so not only adds depth to a space but can also bring out those nice retro touches you add to your room. 

You can do so with accessories like carpets, throw pillows, blankets, couch fabric and so much more! Make sure you don't go overboard, however, as it can quickly get overwhelming. 

Another textural element that was prominent in these eras is wallpaper. This option is a great choice to incorporate not only texture but also colour in your retro decor. Lucky for you, there are many wallpaper options for you today, either you are renting or owning your house!

textures rétro_Comment réaliser un décor rétro

Source: Apartment Therapy, Domino & Nancy Neil

Experiment with colours

When we think retro, we often think of bright and colourful hues. Avocado green, cherry red, mustard yellow, burnt orange: you have the choice! Fortunately, for those who prefer a more neutral or toned-down decor, you always have the option of brown, black and white. Warmer tones are the right way to go when choosing a retro colour palette.

Think checkered floors, cherry red accessories, darker wood tones and beige. This is one of the many ways you can marry texture and colour for the perfect design for you.

couleur rétro_Comment réaliser un décor rétro

Source: Made-in-England, Nancy Neil & Thekitchn

Bring in vintage furniture or modern pieces with a retro feel

With online platforms like Kijiji, Facebook marketplace, 1st Dibs or even Instagram, people have been selling timeless pieces of furniture either as a business or just to make more space at home. Additionally, you can often find mint vintage treasures in other places like flea markets, estate sales or thrift stores.

One of my personal favourite statement pieces to accentuate any retro decor, in my opinion, is the couch. From gondola sofas to bright and bold fabric designs, to classic mid-century: the selection is endless. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a piece that stood the test of time, its unique appearance will surely impress any guests and add originality to your decor.

Mid-century furniture has made a strong comeback in the past years and materials like walnut or teak are high in demand, but can often be pricey when second-hand. Lucky for us, several modern retailers like Article, West Elm or Wayfair have caught on to the trend and are producing quality pieces that are inspired by this specific era, which is what retro is originally all about! This makes it easier for anyone wanting a fast and easy way to add some retro elements at home.

meubles retro mid-century_Comment réaliser un décor rétro

Source: Architectural Digest,Archizine & @70shousemanchester

Don't be afraid to accessorize

Just like with furniture, vintage and retro accessories are found here and there on the web and in-shop. Names like Murano, Marcel Breuer or Eames have been trending online in the past years for their accent designs like chairs and home lighting.  

Lighting is one of the key elements in a home and lucky for you, designers of the past have left us with amazing accessories from pendant lights to sconces, to tables or floor lamps. The same thing goes for accent chairs or dining chairs since these items will be seen (and used) by all your guests. 

Adding unique pieces like tubular chairs, mushroom glass lamps, squiggly mirrors or space-age style pendant lights will distinguish you from a flat, empty decor. Most of these accents stem from the era of Memphis design, which you can read about in our article about Squiggles and blobs: the new design trend for 2021.

accents rétro_Comment réaliser un décor rétro

Source: ArchitecturalDigest, The Spruce, SFgirlbybay & Bustle

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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