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Renovating a Restaurant: Suggestions and Tips

Renovating a Restaurant: Suggestions and Tips

Exterior renovationsRenovating a Restaurant: Suggestions and Tips

Among the aspects that make guests enter and return to a restaurant, there is the way they are treated upon arrival, the quality and variety of the dishes offered, but also the comfort of the place. It's on this specific point that we will elaborate in this article. 

We are talking about the comfort of the customers and employees because an optimized space ensures a fluid and fast service for the delight of your customers.

Even if you are renovating your restaurant in order to modernize it, it is important to know how to “pace” the transformations. Indeed, you certainly have a loyal clientele who like your restaurant as it is. The objective will be to find the right balance so that the renovation work, once completed, is suitable for both long-standing and new customers.

Need to renovate your restaurant to increase its sales? Here are our ideas and tips for a tastefully renovated restaurant.

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The facade of the restaurant: renovation tips

Whether chic, casual, modern, discreet or extravagant, the facade of your restaurant must match the type of clientele you are targeting. A facade must be neat and reflect the image of your culinary establishment. As such, it's important to stay in the theme of the kitchen that you offer, both for the interior or exterior look of your restaurant. 

As you know, in a shopping street, bystanders looking for a restaurant will always go to the one where most people are, even if it means waiting longer before being served. It is then important to be able to easily evaluate from the outside that there are people inside your restaurant, without sacrificing the privacy of the guests who are inside the establishment.

If the facade of your restaurant enjoys a wide window, it's possible to glue stickers on the first half in order to preserve the intimacy of the guests seated while showing the silhouettes of the people inside.

Furthermore, the brightness in your restaurant is a critical point. Do your light fixtures provide sufficient and adequate lighting? As you want your guests to enjoy a night out as a couple or for a family to relax, focus on a warm and enchanting lighting. However, make sure it is bright enough to light the entire room, especially the traffic areas.

restaurant traffic areas_Restaurant renovation: tips and ideas_Reno Quotes

Optimize the circulation space of your restaurant

There is nothing worse than a restaurant where customers are forced to bump into one another to take their seats or leave their tables. This is especially difficult for waiters that have to go through several obstacles before being able to serve a customer. The optimization of the traffic areas is therefore a key point in the renovation of your restaurant.

To gain maximum space, some owners hire an architect or interior designer to optimize the space of their establishment. A commercial renovation specialist will be able to plan a smart layout of your restaurant so that every corner is used.

Renovating a restaurant: tips for choosing a flooring

Between aesthetics, safety and ease of maintenance, the criteria for the choice of the floor for your restaurant are quite numerous. As part of the renovation of your restaurant, it's important for it to be based on the style you want to give your establishment. Once this choice is made, you can focus on the remaining aspects.

A natural stone would be the best choice for your restaurant floor. Easily washable, it will be very resistant to stains resulting from food preparation. Choosing a stone that is unnatural will require you to apply a sealant at least every three years.

Is your space limited? Choosing large tiles will benefit the perception of space and reduce the visual constraint imposed by a smaller area.

furniture restaurant renovation_Restaurant renovation: tips and ideas_Reno Quotes

The furniture of your restaurant

Like any moment of relaxation is accompanied by comfort, rely on furniture that is both stable and comfortable. In addition, your guests will need a minimal space on their table to put their dishes as well as all the sides that accompany them. What are the ideal dimensions of a restaurant table? For a table of 2 people, the table should be at least 600 x 600 cm. For a table of 4 to 6 people, the table should be at least 800 x 1400 cm.

Of course, the aesthetic is of great importance to allow the chosen furniture to integrate harmoniously into your brand new restaurant. However, the maintenance constraints of the chosen model should not be overlooked.

Besides, it's important to think about the movement of your furniture. If you want to preserve a layout for a long period of time, heavy chairs and tables won’t be a problem. In the event of frequent rearrangements, light and easily stackable models are recommended.

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The safety of restaurant guests: an obligation of the owner

If your space is brand new, you must take into consideration the legal obligations you have regarding the safety of your customers and those associated with any type of commercial renovation. You must provide easily identifiable and accessible emergency exits in the building. Lighted signs must be installed above the doors. In the event of a power outage, emergency lighting must take over so that no one is left in the dark.

It's important to install a specific method of opening emergency exits that will prevent the intrusion of unwanted people inside the building while ensuring that customers in the restaurant are able to exit quickly if necessary if a fire occurs.

Moreover, it's necessary to check daily that this space is clear and free of any clutter to avoid interfering with individuals having to leave the building at full speed. In addition, the exterior must also be free of ice or snow during the cold season.

When it comes to the fire detection and alarm system, the obligations are variable and depend on many factors such as the area, the number of floors and the maximum number of individuals that may be in the establishment. As an owner, you must take care to equip your building with an alarm system and make regular checks to be sure of its proper functioning.

restaurant renovation_Restaurant renovation: tips and ideas_Reno Quotes

Who can renovate a restaurant?

Contractors and their employees must have the right cards and in many cases, restaurant owners cannot complete the renovations on their own or ask their loved ones for help. Every case being different, it is the owner's duty to find the right information that applies to his or her case. You must be careful to follow the regulations because inspectors are very present and do not hesitate to issue fines.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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