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The Different Types of Light Fixtures

Last modified: 2022-12-16 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

The lighting within a home is one of the most important and noteworthy features, as it determines how a space is divided, highlighted and conquered. There are plenty of options on the market for providing the right light for a space, from moveable lamps to bulbs fully embedded into the walls of the home. Options are endlessly creative to suit the need of all homes.

However, certain fixtures are better suited for specific things, as they are associated with definite types of lightning. Homeowners might have to do a little bit of homework to be sure of their lighting choice’s skills, weaknesses and versatility. We’ve got the general breakdown on the style of fixtures on the market, so read on for all the lighting details, and your home will be well lit in no time.

Here are the different types of light fixtures to illuminate your house

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lights_

source: Pixabay, Pexels

The purpose of ambient lighting is not to create harsh contrast in a room, but instead to create a soft glow that coats the surfaces of a room. In some cases, natural light within a room can be considered ambient light. So, with that in mind, we can think about the soft gleam that ambient light attempts to mimic. It is often referred to as mood lighting for its ability to create a sense of atmosphere and relaxing vibe. 

However, ambient lighting is not made for working closely on projects or highlighting spaces and should be as flat and faint as possible. This type of lighting is said to draw stress away from the body while capturing the soft curves of your home surfaces. Within the realm of ambient lighting, there are several types of light fixtures that work to create this faux-natural light, and these are listed as follows:

Track Lighting

Track lighting is usually mounted, hung or suspended along the ceiling in a long track formation, containing several adjustable heads for bulbs. This style fixture works in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. If your ceiling is low, be aware that track lighting can sometimes be too harsh for the room, and the track lighting you choose should work with the flow of the space, softening the surfaces of the room rather than highlighting them. Track lighting is sometimes used as task lighting but is often reserved for the natural look.

Chandeliers or Pendant Lighting

This style fixture works best with tall ceilings, adding cascading ambient light that is directed downwards into a space. These classic pieces can work in any room of the home and are used to enhance more decorative spaces as well as adding an element of sophisticated style. Like track lighting, pendant light fixtures can also provide task lighting but are usually reserved for setting the mood of a room rather than highlighting a specific surface.

Wall Sconces

This style fixture is quite versatile and can work in almost any room of the home. However, homeowners should avoid overcrowding their wall sconces, as this can create harsh lighting rather than ambient. This type of light works great in hallways as well as outdoors on patios and porches. Make sure that if you are choosing to use wall sconces, that they have been well incorporated into the décor of your home. 

Task Lighting


source: Logo

Task lighting is self-explanatory and is a smaller and concentrated style of light that is placed in areas of the home for tasking or working. In some instances, this type of fixture is referred to as office lighting. Task lighting offers spaces a precise light in which activities such as reading, writing, cooking and finishing detailed projects can be done.

However, task lighting should be used as a contrasting light, as it may create too much glare if the entire room is lit with bright lights. Task lighting is in place to stimulate your brain, allowing for those around this style lighting to be focused and alert, which is why many offices employ this form of lighting. Within the realm of task lighting, there are several types of light fixtures that work to create a precisely focused light, and these are listed as follows:


Desk, floor and table lamps are a flexible type of task lighting. Lamps come in assorted styles and can be used in almost any room in the home, in varying heights on various surfaces. Not only are lamps versatile, but most of them are portable. Lamps make excellent task lighting, as they direct light downwards towards that all-important ask you are completing. Swing lamps allow light to be directed anywhere, so if you’re using task lighting in a space where you’ll be moving around, this is an excellent option.

Under cabinet and vanity lighting

Under cabinet lighting is one of the most common styles of task lighting, projecting a concentrated or narrow band of light in a single direction. These fixtures work great below kitchen cabinets or in the garage, where tasks often involve paying close attention to details. Vanity lighting works best in the bathroom or bedroom, specifically around mirrors for extra facial highlighting. 

Accent Lighting


source: Flickr, jovialone

Accent lighting is the most concentrated style of lighting, as its intention is to draw the eye to a focal point as well as illuminating pieces that you want on display. Further, this style of lighting keeps dark areas of the room dark, so if you’re looking to hide an unsightly corner, accent lighting may be for you.

Accent lighting is used for wall washing, highlighting artwork or bookcases as well as pieces of antique or niche furniture. This style of lighting can completely transform a room and is sometimes even employed outdoors to highlight a part of the façade or yard. Within the realm of accent lighting, there are several types of light fixtures that work to illuminate certain areas while hiding others and these are listed as follows:

Wall Lights 

Wall lights are a perfect form of accent lighting, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can accent the space of any home. Wall lights are generally wall mounted and used to showcase artwork on display or the architecture of your home.

Recessed Lighting

Wall washing is common by way of recessed light and is a trick in which homeowners wash an entire wall with light. Recessed lighting can also work for accenting, placed at the top of a wall to illuminate exposed brick or another intricate wall detailing. This type of fixture finds it’s opening usually flush with the ceiling, so bear this in mind when considering this style of light for your home. Its design allows it to keep light contained, helping to frame and concentrate the light downwards. 

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