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Léa Plourde-Archer

Doors and windows are often regrouped in the same category as they both represent creating openings towards the outside. They are a part of the décor but are also essential elements in terms of the home's water and airtightness, as well as the amount of natural light that enters. We have gathered here all of our articles about doors and windows, as well as several elements associated with them: 

Portes d'entrée jaunes et vertes

Photo: Unsplash

Interior and front doors

What's more precious than being able to enjoy our privacy at all times when spending time at home? Interior doors and those that open towards outside are important elements, as much in relation to the room divisions as to the water tightness of the home. The following article addresses the subject of front doors: 

Other types of doors

Garage doors and cupboard doors are to be not left behind:

Fenêtre avec rideau blanc

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The role of windows is to let natural light indoors and to help with the aeration of the home. When comes the time to renovate windows, it is important to choose models that are known for their water and airtightness, as well as their ease of maintenance. Here are several articles about the different types of windows, the materials for frames and the installation process:

Bureaux avec fenêtres en angle

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Skylights are back in style! Indeed, these "unconventional" windows, which are also referred to as "roof windows" are very popular in contemporary homes. One flaw: they tend to get dirty quickly. Here are three articles about skylights: 


Windows have evolved significantly since they were incorporated as architectural elements of buildings. In the beginning, the hole was open, with no protection. It was only starting from the fifteenth century that the practice of installing glass inside windows became more common. It is not far-fetched to state that glazing has strongly modified the role and the appearance of windows. The more technologies evolve, the more glass used for windows offers interesting possibilities. The following articles explore this question: 

Natural light

Exposure to natural light can have a significant impact on our health and mood, hence the importance of installing windows in strategic locations or in areas lacking light, including the basement: 

Soundproofing and air/watertightness for doors and windows

If windows and doors are not waterproof, this can lead to several problems regarding the home's indoor temperature, the condition of the building materials and the comfort of the building's occupants. In the event of a problem or deficiency at this level, it is important to act quickly. Here are some tips on this: 


Photo: Unsplash

Solariums and sunrooms

Sunrooms and solariums are very pleasant areas sheltered from bad weather but benefiting from direct access to natural light. These structures often require a bit of specific maintenance and can be equipped to be used all year long or only in the summer. Here are a few articles that will help guide you in your research on this topic: 

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