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Everything to know about renovating a dining room

Last modified: 2022-09-19 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

The dining room is an essential area of the home where friends and loved ones often gather around a large table to enjoy a meal, a drink or a conversation together. Many families spend an ample amount of time in the dining room, and thus you’ll want your space to be as tranquil and inviting as possible with a little bit of unique design in the mix.

Whether you’re looking for something elegant as a space to host dinner parties or something cosy and comfortable for family and friends to enjoy, there are plenty of things to know about moving forward with a dining room renovation.

Curious? Well, read on for all the necessary information regarding dining room renovations!

Things to consider before taking on this project


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The first consideration for a dining room renovation is how formal you’d like this space to be. In one instance, the dining room can be a separate area that can serve as an established space for finer dining experiences. In the opposite regard, the dining room can serve more informal purposes and be an open-concept space that seamlessly blends your kitchen and living room together.

The latter option would be recommended for a family home, whereas the former is for those who love to cook and host. Of course, if the size of your home allows you may have room for both options.

Once you’ve decided on the functionality of the space, then you can move on to more decorative choices. If there is a specific décor style already established in your home, then we’d suggest going with it. Also, if you’ve decided to work with an open design plan, then it’s important to think about ways that you can seamlessly blend your kitchen and living room.

It’s also a good idea to think about how the room could evolve. Although you may have young children now, chances are they’ll grow and you may not want to give the room a full-on makeover. For this reason, think about décor styles that date well. Browse the internet or open some design magazines and come up with a few concrete ideas before diving right in!

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Dining room flooring

One of the major considerations of your dining room is the flooring. Your dining room floors will need to be composed of a material that is easy to maintain and requires little upkeep while still maintaining the flow between rooms. This is especially true due to the transitional nature of the space. As is the case with kitchen flooring, you’ll need to be practical while considering the possibility of food or drinks spilling.

For this reason, consider materials that are resistant to staining including laminate, tiles, hardwood or other options like cork, linoleum and rubber. For all of the details on flooring that works best for a kitchen, check out our article on the subject. When it comes to most of these materials, there should be a colour or design that can match seamlessly with the rest of your décor. Especially if you’ve opted for an open floor plan, the material you choose can be used to distinguish the dining area rather than blending.


green walls dining

source: unsplash

When it comes to what you put on your walls, it’ll really come down to the décor in the rest of your home. Of course, it’s worth considering how the space will be used. Since the dining room is a transitional space that joins a few rooms together, the wall colours or patterns you choose should ease friends and family members in. If you’re used to softer palettes, then we would recommend working with a neutral wall colour scheme such as creams, whites, light greys or warm pastels.

Neutral walls can leave space for strong pieces of furniture or alternatively, allow surrounding rooms to shine. Working with neutral tones is also an excellent option if you find yourself to be the type to frequently change your mind. This will let you mix and match new styles of décor much more easily than if you choose to install a bold wallpaper or paint the walls in a dark colour.

In the opposite regard, bold wall colour choices are an option that works to define the dining room as a separate space. You could opt to use a bright colour as an accent wall or a patterned wallpaper to separate your dining room from the kitchen or living room, and this can be successful in homes where these rooms have a soft or neutral décor.

There are plenty of alternative options that could serve as a strong accent wall, such as wood panelling, stonework, or exposed brick if you should be so lucky. If you’re working with a small or confined space, using mirrors or other reflective surfaces is also an excellent option. As with any design or décor element, change is always a possibility so don’t overthink it and go with your gut!

Furniture, décor pieces and accessories

Again, the furniture you choose to don your dining room in will come down to your personal style choices, the functionality of the space as well as the amount of room you have. A table may be your first consideration and the central focus of the room, especially since this space’s primary purpose is dining. Choose a table that will suit your needs while also adding an element of visual appeal.

A farmhouse table is an excellent choice for those working with rustic décor, especially if you have a large family or group of friends and love to cook big brunches on weekends. If you’re working with more subtle styles or a smaller space, then consider a uniform or streamline table with an industrial edge.

If you’re working with something delicate and want to add some visual interest, consider mixing and matching chairs for an element of fun. Other décor elements should be chosen on the basis of how the room is being used. Since the dining table is the central focus, consider ways you can enhance the piece you end up choosing.

Dining room lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked element of home renovations. This is surprising because properly planned and chosen lighting can easily make or break a space. Lighting works to define the mood, so take time to plan out your lighting needs accordingly. It's recommended that you work with a combination of lighting fixtures for this space, as it’ll be easier to transform it from family gathering to cosy romantic dinner.

Recessed lighting which can be dimmed on command is an excellent option. If you’re interested in something a little more upscale, consider a beautiful chandelier or statement fixture for the room. Be creative, but make sure to think about the function of your dining room in relation to all the elements. 

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