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Waxed Concrete Flooring and Surface Coating


5 min read

Waxed Concrete Flooring and Surface Coating

FlooringWaxed Concrete Flooring and Surface Coating

Whether you’re looking to create a modern or industrial look, the versatility of waxed concrete will surprise you every time. It's the number-one option whenever you want to add a distinctive touch to your new décor. However, before using this coating as part of your revamped space, learn more about it.

Pros and Cons of Waxed Concrete

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Waxed concrete has several impressive benefits to its name.

First and foremost, you'll eliminate the need for grouting, a joint in which dirt builds up if regular maintenance is overlooked. Its smooth surface is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to create a modern and beautiful-looking room. Note that several different finishes (matte, coloured, smooth, textured, glossy) can be adapted to the look of your new floor coating based on your décor. 

Its versatility means it can be used on a wide range of surfaces. It can be installed on walls, floors, sinks, showers, doors, or countertops. There's no limit to the options available for this unique-looking coating. It's particularly durable and highly resilient when it comes to scratches and blows.

Furthermore, note that waxed concrete floors have an uncanny capacity to preserve heat reflected off their surface, which makes them comfortable to tread on. In fact, adding waxed concrete to any room will boost the temperature by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius.

As such, this coating is perfectly suited for high-foot traffic areas. Lastly, let it be said that waxed concrete is waterproof, thus making it perfect for moisture-prone areas, like a bathroom or kitchen.


Among the drawbacks linked to waxed concrete, let’s start that mentioning that this type of coating doesn’t take well to temperature variations. In fact, the latter risks cracking the floor. Maintaining a constant and stable temperature is best to limit such an issue. 

Secondly, note that laying waxed concrete isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain skill set to be able to carry out quality work that won’t crack down the line. 

How to Install Waxed Concrete

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When installing waxed concrete, you have to meticulously follow the manufacturer’s instructions. On that matter, accounting for the surface-to-coat is particularly important, since spreading a too-thin coat can compromise the floor’s look and durability over time. Also, the installation has to be carried out in one fell swoop: carefully plan the ideal time to carry out the task. One very important thing to keep in mind is that it takes two people to lay a waxed concrete floor, as this coating dries very quickly.

The surface on which the concrete will be spread must be devoid of any irregularities, otherwise, cracks could appear on the floor’s surface after it has cured. Under no circumstances should you try to lay waxed concrete atop an unstable surface.

Along the same lines, it’s advised against laying waxed concrete on a tiled floor without first filling in the grout joints. Doing so will cause the floors to have an uneven surface. Also, note that the installation process will directly depend on the surface onto which it’s applied.

How to Maintain Waxed Concrete Floors

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When it comes to floor and wall upkeep, cleaning is as straightforward as it gets: sweep and mop. We recommend using a non-corrosive, soft soap to clean the surface coating. When maintaining waxed concrete surfaces in a kitchen, be sure to clean the countertop with a soft soap whenever it’s exposed to greasy or oily foods. Also, once a month, coat the kitchen countertop with a thin layer of beeswax.

There’s one important consideration when installing waxed concrete in a shower. Given that this part of the bathroom is prone to limescale build-up, it's imperative that you pay extra attention to surface care and maintenance.

Though you can usually fix any limescale-related issues on most surfaces with specially-made products, you can’t use anti-scaling products on waxed concrete surfaces. The latter will permanently damage the surface, and render it leaky and stain-prone. 

To prevent damage to the coating, regularly clean the surface. And, to keep it looking good throughout the years, apply a coat of protective resin every two years. If you'd like the surface to be glossier, you can opt for more frequent maintenance treatments.

Waxed Concrete Floor Protective Sealers

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Despite popular belief, waxed concrete is wax-free (aside from interior concrete wall coverings). As a result, it calls for surface filler and a coat of protective resin or varnish to render it stain-resistant.

While waxed concrete suits a wide range of surfaces, as above-mentioned, note that it’s the sealer that ensures the waterproof aspect of concrete surfaces, yet it isn’t one product fits all. As such, it’s super important to educate yourself on the matter so you know which sealers are best suited for the waxed concrete surface in question. Depending on the intended use of the waxed concrete surface, likewise will its thickness.  

There are three types of sealers, namely:

  • Acrylic sealer: 6-month to 3-year service life, however, it can’t really withstand oils and scratches.

  • Liquid densifier: Has an unlimited service life and the highest level of resilience. Its only disadvantage is that it renders the concrete’s grain more visible, which could be problematic for those looking to have a super smooth surface. 

  • Epoxy sealer: 5- to 10-year service life, but is especially vulnerable to scratches, and the sun risks turning the surface yellow over time. 

Salvage Outdated Furniture with Waxed Concrete

Fun fact, did you know that you can use waxed concrete to revamp your old furniture, whether these pieces are wood, laminate, or melamine? Well, you can! It’s super easy to do so. Once done, your revamped furniture will easily blend with your new décor while limiting your spending.



  • Devoid of grout joints
  • Smooth and aesthetic surface
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Adapts to numerous surfaces
  • Resilient to impacts and scratches
  • Can store heat
  • Practical in high-foot traffic areas

  • Susceptible to temperature variations 
  • Hard to install

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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