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10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Exterior renovations10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Do you appreciate old houses and their unique charm? If you're about to buy one or renovate the one you're currently living in, here are some ideas to inspire you!

10 beautiful old houses that have been renovated

1) The rustic charm of yesteryear

Old home renovated_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

This house with undeniable rustic charm reminds us of the omnipresence of wood in old homes, including materials with a raw finish, as seen here on one of the walls.

The mix of neutral colours is calming and reflects the sobriety that prevailed in many ancestral homes. The modest presence of the furniture is also a reminder of the more utilitarian nature of home decor back then.

2) A majestic staircase

Majestic staircase_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

This is a great way to renovate an old staircase! While preserving the original design of the floor, each step has been customized to draw the eye from the bottom of the stairs to the upper landing.

Halfway between originality and sobriety, this aesthetic choice is as surprising as it is delightful! The multitude of frames on the wall contributes to a stunning visual effect, while avoiding the presence of an overly neutral layout.

3) A larger-than-life Victorian kitchen

Old victorian kitchen_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

This Victorian-inspired kitchen is sure to amaze! First, its windows offer impressive brightness in addition to being divided into two distinct tiers, which is unusual.

Secondly, the large clock on the hood is a clear evocation of the Victorian style of the room and certainly creates a grandiose effect in the decor. Finally, the choice of gold-coloured decorative elements and metal tiles on the ceiling add a touch of glamour that hardly goes unnoticed!

4) Pastel colours for a country look

Renovated rustic kitchen_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

The charm of this kitchen is reflected through the choice of pastel colors, which give an impression of softness and great luminosity. In this regard, the white tiles of the backsplash as well as the pale beige hue of the ceiling create a lot of clarity, in addition to creating a serene feeling in the room. The simplicity of the design of the cabinets is also very interesting and complements the whole decor.

5) The reflection of time

Old kitchen_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

This dining room is a reproduction of decors of the past. Once again, wood occupies a prominent place in this traditional setting. Apart from this material, we also notice the worn-out aspect of this large brick wall that contributes to the vintage look of the decor, as well as the massive cabinet that is nearby. This dining room is proof that it is possible to renovate without having to refurbish everything!

6) An eclectic and vintage design

Eclectic kitchen_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

The mix of styles in this 20th-century kitchen creates an impressive result. The countryside look of the sink and faucet combined with the black and white floor tiles shows that the owners are interested in different eras of decor.

While the whole thing might look like organized chaos, the colours and patterns fit surprisingly well together. Moreover, there is a certain cheerfulness and a feeling of warmth.

7) A kitchen worthy of the prettiest of cottages

Cottage kitchen_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

This little cottage kitchen is rather lovely, with its wooden counter and green cabinets. The typical country decor is charming and makes us want to cook some delicious homemade meal! 

The renovation of the room was also done with full respect for the original design, thus proven by the elements chosen to furnish the room as well as the colours, the style of the cabinets and the finesse of the woodwork.

8) Georgian architecture in the spotlight

Source: Pinterest (

Although this type of decor is not suitable for everyone, the fact remains that this one is of unparalleled refinement. It's impossible not to notice the beautiful wallpaper on the wall, as well as the pattern of the carpet on the stairs.

The woodwork is also impressively beautiful and has a detailed yet elegant design. The choice of pastel colours, especially pale green, illuminates the entire room. We also appreciate the contrast between pale colours and dark wood, which creates a nice balance.

9) Pale pink for a retro decor

Retro kitchen_10 old houses that have been renovated and enhanced

Source: Pinterest (

When we think of the houses with decors from the past, we too often forget the homes of the 50s. What we've got here is a very nice example of a kitchen of that era, where the integration of pale colours like pink was not a problem.

It can be said that the result is quite impressive, especially since it does not seem to involve expensive materials or objects as evidenced by the melamine counter. The cabinet doors themselves are beautiful, although a simple brushstroke and changing handles were probably the only work done to revamp them.

10) Colour me green with envy!

Source: Pinterest (

This cuisine is amazing in many ways! At first glance, the yellow and green flooring adds a touch of light and sparkle to the entire room, its detailed pattern immediately attracting attention.

The presence of several types of green gives life to a decor full of nuances from which emanates a soothing charm. The detail adorning the cabinet doors is as ravishing as it is sober and is a great point of interest in this cleverly restored kitchen.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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