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The installation of a central air conditioning system at home : price and benefits

The installation of a central air conditioning system at home : price and benefits

Interior renovationsThe installation of a central air conditioning system at home : price and benefits

It can be difficult to choose the right air conditioning system. During summer, high humidity and sweltering temperatures can affect your well-being.

To make the interior of your home more comfortable, your air conditioning system will allow you to reduce both temperature and humidity levels.

Before moving forward with the purchase of an air conditioning system, you need to do a good analysis of your needs and determine the space that is available for its installation. After taking that step, it would be easier for you to know what type of air conditioning system is best suited to your needs.

The benefits of a central air conditioning system

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First of all, it’s worth knowing that in addition to working with your heating or air ventilation system, a central air conditioning system will distribute fresh air in your home in a more uniformly way than a wall-mounted system. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote to know the price you can expect to pay for your specific case.

Also, one of the main benefits of your air conditioning is the fact that it's eco-friendly. However, make sure to know the surface area that needs to be covered to select an air conditioning system that is strong enough to be used for the entire house.

You can also ask a certified refrigeration specialist to perform preventive maintenance of your central air conditioning system once a year.

This special care will allow you to keep your air conditioning system longer, while also making it more efficient.

The average cost of a central air conditioning system

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This being said, it’s possible to present the average cost for air conditioning systems. For a split air conditioner unit, we’re talking about prices starting at $3,000. For a central system, prices start at $4800.

For more information on this matter, check out these articles :

Factors that affect energy use costs

The cost of using an air conditioning system can vary depending on many factors. Below, you will find a few things to consider when assessing the cost of your air conditioning system:

  • the location of your home ;

  • changes in weather conditions from a year to another ;

  • the air conditioning performance index (EER or SEER) ;

  • the size of your system in comparison to the cooling capacity of your home ;

  • the setting of your thermostat ;

  • the number of people in your home ;

  • the habits of people with windows, curtains or stores (percentage of time it’s opened or closed), with the use of appliances, stove and lighting ;

  • the cost of electricity in your area.

Central air conditioning, wall mounted air conditioning unit and heat pump: what are the differences?

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Although they share certain similarities, air conditioning systems and heat pumps don’t work the same way.

An air conditioning system will extract heat in your home to reject it outside. This heat will be captured by a refrigerant that will pass through the inner coil and then, be re-administered outside your home by the outside coil.

Regarding the wall mounted air conditioning system, it’s often the most popular installation in homes where it’s impossible to install a central air conditioning system. It sits on an indoor unit, which is located on the top of a wall and on a compressor installed outside of your home.

A heat pump, unlike other air conditioning systems, will also have a heating mode. When the latter is in heating mode, the cycle reverses. The heat is then extracted from the air outside of your home, to finally return inside.

Currently, newer heat pump models can extract heat from outside up to -12 degrees Celsius.

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Last modified 2024-04-25

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