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What Are The Pros of Geothermal Energy?

Last modified: 2020-02-28 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Amanda Harvey

The globe is becoming more environmentally conscious, taking responsibility for the wear and tear humans impose onto our planet. Thus, it should be no surprise that sustainable energy sources are being used by homeowners more widely, and one of the sources growing in popularity is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy varies from location to location, but follows the same principals in all spaces, working with the earth's temperatures to harvest a natural heat source.

This energy source can be found right in your backyard, and homeowners are beginning to recognize all the benefits that come along with adopting this natural resource. If you’re curious about using geothermal energy, but want more information about all the pros it entails, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out the pros, and cons, of a home that runs on geothermal energy!

Pros of Geothermal Energy


source: Flickr, Unite Eficiencia energetica

Geothermal energy works by taking advantage of the consistent temperatures just below the earth's surface; removing heat from your home during the summer and supplying heat during the winter. Since this energy source is natural, there are several pros that go along with adopting it into your home. As mentioned, this source of energy is natural and thus, is almost entirely emission-free.

Geothermal energy is exceptionally green and considered the greenest of all renewable energy sources. As a result, there are no products of combustion like in all other fossil fuel energy sources. Geothermal energy has the smallest land footprint of any major power source.

Further, as this energy source harnesses the heat from the core of the earth, there is a limitless supply for the foreseeable future. There is an enormous amount of energy deep within the earth, and this energy is replenished at a very high rate. This form of energy is not susceptible to a fluctuation in price, such as crude oil resulting in lower lifetime costs than other types of energy.

Another point to note is that your home's resale value might increase!

Not only is geothermal energy green and sustainable, it is also inherently simple and reliable to use in even the smallest of households. It is a source of energy that is available anywhere, and recent advances in technology have made more resources exploitable while significantly lowering installation and maintenance costs.  If you've been hoping for a green energy source in your backyard, make sure to consider both the pros and cons!

Cons of Geothermal Energy


source: Pixabay, WikiImages

Luckily, the cons of geothermal energy do not outweigh the pros. However, like most things, downfalls of this resource do exist. Firstly, as one would imagine, there is some difficulty accessing this energy source, as the earth's crust must be drilled for extreme distances. Thus, installing a geothermal heating system will consist of high construction costs, as drilling into heated rock proves difficult.

Some homeowners may not have the property or space which allows for this, and further, surrounding vegetation is generally destroyed or deeply damaged.

Although geothermal energy systems require little maintenance, if they are damaged in any way, it can be extremely hazardous for the homeowner. Therefore, a professional is required to perform any maintenance work. Furthermore, prime sites to access geothermal energy are location- specific. These sites are generally outside of urban environments, and major metropolitan areas are not good candidates for this type of system.

There are also some minor environmental issues that are associated with geothermal energy, and in extreme cases, large geothermal plants can even cause earthquakes. The system can cause forms of sulphur dioxides and silica emissions, which are not as harmful as other emissions but those which should still be kept at bay.

Also, special care must be taken to maintain this heat source, as it can easily be overused, and overuse could result in dangerous consequences for the surrounding environment.  However, a growing number of backyard geothermal systems is evidence of the potential of this renewable energy source!

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