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Eco-friendly and Green Renovation Guide

Eco-friendly and Green Renovation Guide

Green renovationEco-friendly and Green Renovation Guide

Ecology is a growing concern in the field of construction and renovation. After decades of using materials and techniques that used up a lot of energy and were made with harmful elements, more people are now aiming to find alternatives. This means that new materials and techniques that are more respectful are being developed.  

On our renovation blog, we've published several articles that talk about ecological renovations and these articles are presented in the following guide: 

Matériau de construction en bamboo

Eco-friendly building materials

Building materials are often manufactured or treated with products that are very harmful to the environment. These products were designed in times when the environment was not much of a concern. Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives, namely for roof renovations but also for lighting, insulation and doors and windows.

Nature and landscaping

Surprisingly, landscaping has long been highly polluting due to the use of chemicals and unsustainable practices. Things tend to change and regulations are more and more severe in order to reduce the effects of these contaminants. Here are some articles on this subject:

Forêt et arbres

Tools and energy systems 

Heating, air conditioning and electricity are among the most energy-consuming elements of a home. Knowing this, companies are striving to design more efficient, more economical and less polluting devices.

Eco-friendly building techniques

For a long time, construction techniques were developed with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These concerns are now complemented by the idea of building in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. The same goes for deconstruction, which can produce a lot of waste.

Décoration scandinave

Decorating with the environment in mind

The interior decoration of a house must also be thought-out by prioritizing ecological choices. Scandinavians are particularly known for their style of decor that is inspired by nature, is immersed in minimalism and mainly focuses on renewable materials:

Energy efficiency

Green renovations are often done with the idea of improving the home's energy efficiency. Here are some articles that share tips on this topic and discuss the Canadian government's efforts in this area:

Champ d'éoliennes sous les nuages

Tax credits, subsidies and initiatives for environmentally-friendly renovations

Are eco-friendly renovations and construction projects too expensive? To help, the various levels of government offer grants, financing and tax credit programs. In the long run, buildings that consume less energy and are built with renewable materials will cause fewer expenses for homeowners and even for local governments. It is therefore in the interest of all to aim for a strong increase of ecological constructions.

General tips for green renovations

Finally, here are some useful tips to know when undertaking a renovation project with respect for the environment.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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