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How to find a good house painter

How to find a good house painter

Exterior renovationsHow to find a good house painter

Each renovation project comes with a lot of concerns and questions. This is why when comes the time to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, finding a trustworthy house painter will be the key in order to keep your serenity. Finding a good contractor isn't always an easy job and requires a minimum amount of research in order to limit any inconveniences.

You can't improvise yourself as a painter in one day! Only a qualified and certified professional will be able to give you quality work. The more complex the work is, the trickier it will be to find a solid contractor. Prepping, painting and final touches, all these steps need to be executed at the hands of an expert to guarantee satisfaction.

Looking to hire a house painter but still don't know what to base yourself on? Here are 5 tips on how to choose the best house painter.

5 tips to select a good paint contractor

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1. A good house painter can present you a suitable price

For a good price/quality ratio, the amount the painter charges will be neither too high, nor too low. On average, professional painters will charge a base price between $200 and $350 by room (paint included). If the price is lower than this amount, don't waste your time and look somewhere else. It's possible that this person will offer a mediocre quality of work, or that they are work under the table.

Hiring an undeclared contractor is strongly discouraged as you won't be protected in case of an issue. Hidden fees, badly executed work or missed deadlines often turn into sources of conflict between clients and contractors. In this case, it is crucial that you sign a contract beforehand with a declared contractor to ensure security.

2. Each house painter requires a valid RBQ permit (for Quebec residents only)

Did you know that the majority of renovation contractors must hold an RBQ license in order to legally practice their work? In fact, painters aren't exempt from this rule. Whether self-employed or running a company, painting contractors must have a license delivered by the RBQ.

By hiring a contractor who has an RBQ licence, you may benefit from financial compensation in case of damages. Insurance, complaints and convictions are all things to check before signing a contract for your paint project.

3. Experience is key


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Before thinking of hiring your contractor, it's essential to determine with exactitude the rooms or the elements that you want to paint. Depending on their specialization, some painters will be more suitable than others. If your project has to do with the outside of your house, then you should choose a painter that has experience in that field.

Painting a patio, a staircase or a balcony requires certain knowledge about painting materials that will be exposed to bad weather conditions. In those cases, it is necessary to choose suitable paints that will be more resistant than interior paints. However, if you plan on installing wallpaper, varnishing your floors or painting your mouldings it would then be recommended to hire someone that specializes in interior painting.

4. A good house painter will have good references

There is nothing better for a potential customer than verifying the references of old clients to ensure the reliability of a contractor. If they are known for offering good quality work on past contracts, they won't have any problem with giving you past references so that you can verify their aptitudes.

Attention to detail, respecting deadlines, transparency and discretion are all elements you can verify with old clients. Also, be sure to ask them if they were satisfied with the final result of the project and if they would think of recontacting the same painter for future contracts.

5. They will offer you the best quote


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We always emphasize the importance of comparing quotes before choosing a contractor. This is also valid for any painting contractor because prices can always vary. In fact, some of them can charge you a fixed price, others can have an hourly rate or can establish a price per square foot. It will be up to you then to select a contractor depending on the quote they present.

Take time to study and compare all the quotes you get in order to determine the one that is most suitable for you. Also, don't hesitate to ask to meet the contractor in order to give you a better idea of their personality. After all, this is a person that will be working in your home for several days. A good house painter inspires trust, will have great presence and will make sure that your time together goes perfectly.

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Last modified 2024-02-26

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Table of contents

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