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Renovation tips

6 min read

How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

Renovation tips

6 min read

How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

Renovation tipsHow to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

Your kitchen experiences a significant amount of wear and tear, used daily for a variety of necessary but damaging activities: cooking, hosting, eating, cleaning.

It is a room that must work harder than the rest of your house to maintain its appearance, upkeep and longevity. Therefore, giving your kitchen an update every once in a while is necessary.

Like most home renovations, this can turn into an expensive project and, for your budget, a full-on fancy or family-friendly refurbish may be out of the question. But don't fret! We are here to help and have compiled some pro tips in order for you to renovate your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Don't be scared of that prospective home improvement, is offering you great resources for kitchen renovation options that won't break the bank!

5 ways that you can renovate your kitchen without going over budget

1. Have a plan to renovate your new kitchen

grey kitchen_How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune_RenoQuotes

Having a detailed, well-thought-out plan is important for any renovation project. It helps to set guidelines for both your budget as well as the steps you'll be undertaking to fulfill the process. It is often recommended that you consult a professional before taking on a potentially expensive job, as avoiding fatal errors could save a considerable amount of money.

If the job requires a few simple steps and is something that can be completed by yourself, just make sure to draft up a plan so you'll still be certain about what is required to obtain the kitchen of your dreams. 

Be sure that everything is decided before you grab that hammer and begin tearing your counter from its place. Choosing items during the renovation process could easily leave you spending well over budget without even realizing it.

Would you like to have an overview of the different steps of a kitchen renovation project? Check out our article Renovating a Kitchen: Things to take Into Consideration.

2. Kitchen Paint

painting a kitchen_How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune_RenoQuotes

A makeover does not necessarily have to consist of completely starting from scratch or replacing the fixtures and appliances you currently own, but instead, could mean updating them to contemporary tastes with a little bit of pigment and elbow grease. 

Painting your kitchen or parts of it may appear like a straightforward suggestion, but a little bit of paint goes a long way! Instead of buying new cabinets for your kitchen, why not remove, repaint, refinish and reinstall them? As long as the frames and cabinet doors are intact and functional, this option is viable.

With the work of some strong cleaner, sandpaper, a paintbrush and a few hours of your time, updating your kitchen cabinets to a new colour are straightforward! Bright white paint is a good choice for hiding a dated design.

The painting will be a fraction of the cost as compared to purchasing an entirely brand new set. Following the paint job with contemporary hardware will further breathe new life into your kitchen. Consider hiring a trusted professional in order to make sure the paint is applied evenly, and another update won't be necessary (for a little while at least.)

3. Update kitchen surfaces

countertop_How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune_RenoQuotes

Kitchen countertops and backsplashes work in tandem, so if you're thinking about replacing one or the other, it is recommended that you go forward with both, as ripping out the countertop may easily damage your backsplash and vice versa. If you're looking to pinch the pennies, consider going for a more lavish looking backsplash with a muted countertop. If chosen correctly, backsplashes can become the centrepiece of any kitchen.

Tiling is an extremely affordable option that is still very much in style. However, make sure to avoid matte-finish tiling, as they are very difficult to clean and do not respond well to grease.

Maybe your kitchen cabinets are too outdated to simply slap a coat of paint on them? If the frames are still intact, replace the cabinet doors with a modern design that coincides with the rest of the decor. Little touches go a long way in the realm of home renovation!

4. Renovate your kitchen: in with the new

kitchen countertop_How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune_RenoQuotes

Another update option without fully remodelling your entire kitchen is to keep retro or vintage details intact, preserving elements that are still in good shape while updating surfaces or appliances that have seen better days.

A renovation doesn't have to mean that all elements become redundant, rather, maintaining vintage charm alongside more modern elements can offer your kitchen a look and feel that is truly unique to your home.

Hang fashion-forward lighting in darker areas of the room to give older fixtures or appliances that extra pop. Also consider under-cabinet lighting that looks over your countertop, which will make a big impact without killing your budget.

Your dining room is in great need of a brand new style or design? Our article Interior Design: How to Design and Decorate a Dining Room will give you some tips to realize your project.

5. Rearrange your kitchen and add Impact Details

cuisine blanche et grise_Comment rénover une cuisine sans dépenser une fortune_Soumission Rénovation

If your current kitchen space just isn't cutting it for you, why not rearrange? This is an inexpensive method that will give you a quick update. Keep plumbing in place, as using existing piping and mimicking the utility layout will save money.

Maybe think about installing a floating island or other freestanding cabinetry into the middle of the kitchen, moving other furniture around to welcome it and adding more counter space into the mix. Creating a focal point is less expensive than an entire redo but can offer a refreshing take on a tired space.

Check Both Online and Your Local Thrift Store

homme qui calcule_Comment rénover votre cuisine sans dépenser une fortune_Soumission Rénovation

Shopping online can save big bucks on your home renovation projects. Make sure to check the shipping and receiving details carefully before purchasing, as alternate expenses could come into play without notice. Also worth considering is a trip to your local Habitat for Humanity or a nearby thrift store, where contractors and builders will sometimes donate or sell an overstocked product.

Although items and styles cannot be guaranteed this way, if you've got some time on your hands and are looking to save, this is a surefire way of maintaining a fairly low budget while still getting your hands on some newer material!

To see examples of kitchen renovation projects completed by contractors, check out 10 Examples of Kitchen Renovation Projects.

Let's recap

Have a solid plan before you start your kitchen renovation to minimize the loss of money associated with poor planning.

Renovating a kitchen can involve less radical steps than complete remodelling: a new paint or new surfaces may be enough to breathe new life into your kitchen!

Pair your favourite decor elements with new elements and different lighting to benefit the most beautiful spots in your kitchen. Reorganize your space with your plumbing in mind.

Shop online or at your local community store to save wisely in your kitchen renovation project!

We suggest that you check out our checklist for kitchen renovation projects, as this article contains a ton of information and also comes with a document you can use to organize your project. 

Looking for an idea of how much kitchen renovation projects can cost? You can try our cost calculator or check this video we prepared, which presents different prices associated with this type of transformation:

Pictures sources: Pixabay and Flickr

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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