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Installing Laminate Kitchen Countertops


4 min read

Installing Laminate Kitchen Countertops

KitchenInstalling Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Looking to change your kitchen countertop? To achieve the desired result, thoroughly follow a series of well-defined steps. Without further ado, here's how to install your kitchen countertop just like a professional.

Steps to Installing a Laminate Kitchen Countertop

installing laminate kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

Assemble the countertop pieces and fasten the bolts

The first step consists of assembling the various parts of the countertop with silicone. After applying the silicone, you'll need to gently push the sections together to ensure proper adhesion. Then, insert the fastening bolts where the sections meet and tighten them with an appropriate-size wrench. You may want to have a partner to help you lift the different sections of the countertop so that you can work with ease.

Level your new kitchen countertop

Levelling a laminate kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

Now, lay your countertop on your base cabinets. Then, push it back directly against the wall. Level the countertop with shims to ensure a stable surface. Next, make sure that the cabinet doors under the counter, as well as the drawers, open smoothly. If this isn't the case, slightly reposition the countertop and reset the shims accordingly.

Stabilize & secure laminate countertop

Now's the time to secure the countertop to your base cabinets with brackets. Once you've done this, you can affix the countertop with screws that are sufficiently long for this purpose, but that won't go through the top of the counter. Needless to say, these will be screwed in via the inside of the cabinets, underneath the countertop, so as not to leave any visible marks.

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Create the sink cutout

trimming a laminate kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

Most often, you'll have a sink template included with the purchase of a new countertop. If so, use it! To keep it stable, tape it to the desired location. If for some reason you don't have a template, outline the shape of the sink on the countertop by positioning the sink upside down on the counter’s surface. Keep your line of cut 5/8 of an inch inside your sink outline.

Using a jigsaw, cut out the sink cavity. As you work, remove the sawdust so that you can clearly see the cut line.

As a word of advice, note that a saw blade with a lot more teeth is bound to create a well-defined and flawless shape. Lastly, you can fit your sink into the available cavity. Once it's in place, use a large-bit drill to cut the holes in which the faucets will be inserted.

Your kitchen countertop finish

Last but not least, fill in the gap between the wall and the backsplash with silicone caulking to seal the new countertop in place.

Important Laminate Countertop Standards to Consider During Installation

measuring a laminate kitchen countertop

Source: Canva

Your kitchen countertop installation must meet certain standards. To achieve these standards, you may have to make certain changes to your kitchen's current layout. For example, your countertops should be mounted between 81 cm to 91.5 cm (32 to 36 inches) above the floor.

Furthermore, electrical outlets along the countertop should be 90 cm (35.5 inches) apart. Also concerning electrical outlets, these should be positioned at least 1 metre (42 inches) off the floor to comply with the National Building Code of Canada.

Cost of Installing a Laminate Countertop

If you're not too keen on renovations or DIY projects, consider hiring a professional. It'll cost you about $30 per square foot to purchase and install a new laminate countertop.

Overview of Laminate Countertop Installation

laminate kitchen countertop on white cabinets

Source: Canva

1- Assemble the various parts of your countertop with silicone and screw in the bolts in the right spots;

2- Level your countertop with shims;

3- Affix the countertop to the base cabinets with supporting brackets and screws made to that effect. Work from inside the base cabinets.

4- Create a sink cutout with the help of a template by tracing the sink’s outline on the countertop. Remember to keep the cut line 5/8 of an inch inward and use a jigsaw to cut the hole;

5- Finish the installation by applying silicone caulking.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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