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Countertop Renovation Guide

Last modified: 2022-12-05 | Approximate reading time 2 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

In the kitchen and in the bathroom, countertops are surfaces that play a much more important role than can be imagined. Valiantly welcoming our daily actions, they are both practical and aesthetical, often being a focal point of the room's decor. Countertops are offered in a wide array of colours and materials. Prices vary widely, providing options that fit all tastes and budgets.

Over time, we have written numerous articles about countertops and their different materials. In order to make things easier for you, we have gathered all of these articles in one place, so that you can access them easily without having to search for hours. The following article mostly refers to kitchen countertop renovations but the content also applies to bathroom countertops or other places where this element can be installed. 

Stone countertops

Stone is often one of the first materials that comes to mind when thinking of changing a countertop. It exists in several forms, which means that prices vary and styles are adapted to all tastes. Here are a few articles about the different types of stone countertops: 

Comptoir de cuisine

Photo: Flickr-Peter Alfred Hess

The other countertop materials

You will notice this when visiting hardware and home renovation stores: countertops are built out of a broad range of materials. The following articles cover some of these materials: 

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General articles about kitchen countertop renovation and installation

Are you having a hard time choosing which material works best for you and looking to compare prices? The following articles will help you to find this information: 

Comptoir de cuisine en bois

Photo: Unsplash

Other articles that can be useful when renovating a kitchen countertop

Lastly, here are a few general articles on renovations and, more precisely, kitchen renovations, which can be useful:

Cover photo: Flickr-  Marina Hadjisolomos

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