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High-Quality Contemporary Kitchen Design


10 min read

High-Quality Contemporary Kitchen Design

KitchenHigh-Quality Contemporary Kitchen Design

With its trendy materials, refined look, multi-functionality, and welcoming vibe, the contemporary kitchen has everything to please, even when it comes to the pickiest of them all. Are you considering embracing a contemporary look in your new kitchen? Here are a few pointers that’ll allow you to create a kitchen with sleek, modern lines for unique and high-quality style. 

What’s a contemporary kitchen?

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

A contemporary kitchen is a kitchen design that’s very sought-after and especially favoured at the moment. It happens to be a very progressive style since what was trendy in kitchens 10 years ago, won’t necessarily be today, and more so, in a few years, whatever is trending right now won’t be so much then.

The contemporary kitchen will typically take inspiration from various different styles. Most often, it’s the result of a fusion of modern, industrial, and traditional styles, to then create a custom look that meets all needs and wants. 

A simple and clean design

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

The contemporary kitchen is defined by its very clean and straight lines. The area must be as open-concept as possible for one to easily move about the space. As such, walls or partitions are to be avoided. The kitchen must still mesh with the rest of the house. Simplicity is key. The décor must be light and minimalist. Therefore, no frills, please. 

A functional space

In a contemporary kitchen, optimizing the space available is a must. Every nook and cranny should be used so that stuff doesn’t just pile onto the counter space and other surfaces. 

The contemporary look can suit your kitchen no matter its shape and dimensions. If your kitchen is on the narrower side, a lot of storage will free up space and allow you to move around with ease. On the other hand, if your kitchen is rather spacious, the space will have to be cleverly designed to create a room that’s both welcoming and comfortable. 

Likewise, to showcase its simple and clean look, the contemporary kitchen puts a lot of emphasis on storage. Nothing is done randomly; all superfluous elements are taken out of the décor, and everything has a purpose and a place. To achieve a uniform décor and enjoy a more spacious kitchen, some appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster, can be built into the cabinets.

Key Items in a Contemporary-Looking Kitchen

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

The contemporary kitchen differs from that of other types of kitchens on account of the elements that make it whole. Let’s take a look at a few indispensable elements that will give any kitchen a modern feel:

A wide range of materials

The contemporary kitchen can be characterized by combining diversified materials. Put together, they give off a warm, cozy look. 

The most commonly used materials are laminate and melamine. Priced affordably, these materials are available in numerous colours and finishes. 

Wood, glass, and stainless steel are, too, very common in contemporary-looking kitchens. Aside from the above-mentioned, there’s also quartz, ceramic, Corian, and Dekton. 

FENIX surfaces are also used because of their great resistance against heat, scratches, cleaning products, and abrasions. Its matte surface with a velvety finish gives the room a unique look. As a matter of fact, it’s especially soft to the touch and easy to maintain. 

Marble can also fit in a trendy kitchen, especially when it comes to a credenza and countertop. It’s a super stylish material that’s especially valued for its elegance and noble-like aspect. However, note that marble is very fragile, as such, it’s not very resistant to impacts. It’s also pretty vulnerable in terms of acids and stains. Using marble requires constant cleaning and maintenance. 

As for flooring, tiles are the way to go. This option adds a certain aesthetic to the area while also giving way to the idea of adding a personal touch to the decoration. Numerous flooring options are available, like porcelain stoneware tiles, which give off a natural stone look, or even faux cement tiles. Over the last few years, we’ve been seeing a lot of parquet flooring, as well as vinyl, PVC, and laminate floors. Using faux wood or any other imitation of noble materials can also work when designing a contemporary kitchen. 

During our interview with FIDM’s Chris Dyke, we learned that generally speaking, “materials used in a contemporary kitchen are most often highly resistant”.

Bright and Bold Colours

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

In terms of colours, white is the colour of choice for modern kitchens since it gives the latter a luminous look while giving the impression that the space is more open.

Bright colours like grey, prune, red, or blue even can be used for a bolder look. These shades will bring life to the room. For example, mixing red and grey will give your kitchen a unique look. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a bright, lively colour, go for a matte finish to make the room more modern. 

Softer colours are also very stylish. Powder pink and light blue are very often used in contemporary-looking kitchens. 

We can’t omit the mention of darker shades that are also especially trendy nowadays: dark blue, maroon, charcoal grey, or black. These will give quite a bit of character to any kitchen. However, it’s best to combine darker colours with lighter and brighter colours to have a decent, balanced outcome.

Kitchen Island: The Key Piece

In a modern kitchen, the island not only opens up the space, but it allows for a cozy spot to gather around with friends and share quality time with family. 

More so, it’s practical, aesthetic, and user-friendly. On account of its strategic layout, one can prepare delicious dishes while still interacting with guests in the other room. On top of doubling as additional storage space, it can also have a sink or be used as a dining table or a homework station for the kids. 

High-Quality Countertops

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

Countertops in such kitchens are typically made with robust and resistant materials. 

Ultra-compact surfaces are definitely preferred. Although expensive, they have a lot of advantages. Crafted using a variety of natural stones, such countertops offer superb resistance to scratches and heat. They're thin, anti-bacterial, and stain-resistant.

Corian countertops are less pricey but they’re just as efficient as the ultra-compact models. Its downside lies in the fact that it’s a material that’s vulnerable to scratches and stains. However, note that it can be sanded down, which makes repairing its surface in case of scratches easier. 

Another ideal countertop in a contemporary kitchen is the resin counter. This type of material will resist heat perfectly, but it’s still likely to scratch easily. However, this downside can be quickly offset by ironing out the affected areas. Note that resin countertops are available in just a few colours: black, white, and grey. 

Minimalist Cabinet Designs

Even when it comes to kitchen cabinets, a minimalist style prevails in the contemporary kitchen. There’s no need for mouldings or too complex finishes. 

Wood, especially oak, is a very sought-after material for furniture. MDF is well-suited for cabinet doors. Dark shades like grey, blue, and black are the preferred colours when repainting. 

As for door knobs and handles, we’re relying on simple, less ornamented models. Golden-coloured hardware is trending right now. 

Light Fixtures 

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

Contemporary kitchen lighting should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Lighting should be used in all areas to maintain the cozy and homey feel of the room.

Consider recessed lighting on the ceiling and under the shelving. You can even have some installed under the upper cabinets or under storage niches. 

Pendant lighting is also really interesting. Position these right above the kitchen island, thus giving a chic and modern look to the kitchen. 

Appliances and Other Modern Gadgets

In order to maintain a current and trendy look, go for appliances that are sophisticated with cutting-edge technology. Induction cooktops, smart ovens, wall-mounted range wood, etc. There’s a plethora of options on the market. 

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

contemporary kitchenSource: Canva

There are various possibilities available when it comes to conceptualizing a contemporary kitchen. It’s super important that the outcome be both aesthetic and practical. The decoration itself has to be in line with the rest of the house, in terms of colour and style. Check out some contemporary kitchen ideas below to inspire your dream kitchen project.

The white kitchen 

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

Dreaming of a bright, sleek, and simple kitchen? Well then, the all-white look is perfect for you! All the more if the space is on the smaller side. White gives off the illusion that the space is bigger than it is while also emphasizing the contemporary look of the kitchen.

For a more striking visual effect, you might prefer to use white lacquer wood furniture. These pieces reflect the sunlight very well.

The all-black kitchen

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

Black is a timeless colour that’ll make any room look chic and elegant. It suits almost all types of materials and helps showcase items and colours. Blending black with metallic items, like faucets or appliances, results in an authentic décor. 

The automated kitchen

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

Automated items blend perfectly in a contemporary kitchen to facilitate daily tasks and enhance your well-being. 

A lot of appliances feature an optional remote connection and control via smartphone or tablet. For instance, this is true of the smart oven, which allows you to remotely set a temperature according to the type of food being cooked.

There’s also the smart fridge which, depending on the ingredients already stocked, creates a shopping list by itself. This appliance can, as a matter of fact, flag foods that are nearing their expiration date!

The partitioned kitchen 

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

The kitchen partition is a great alternative to a full wall. Besides dividing the space, it also limits the noise coming out of the kitchen and prevents cooking smells from spilling into the rest of the house. It's perfect if you want an open-concept kitchen but with some degree of privacy. Partitions are available in various models to fit different room configurations and preferences.

The contemporary yet vintage kitchen 

contemporary kitchen

Source: Canva

Contemporary designs don’t exclude vintage looks. It’s quite the opposite actually; the two mesh really well. A hint of vintage will give your contemporary kitchen a lot of character, right off the bat. You can add to your décor items such as a china cabinet, antique furniture, second-hand pieces, etc. Nevertheless, ensure you don't overdo it to preserve the clean lines of the contemporary style. 

The subtle and minimalist kitchen décor

contemporary kitchen

Source: Unsplash

Less is more! We can’t say it enough: the contemporary look doesn't need a lot of embellishments. 

As Chris Dyke confirmed, “the [two main, Ed.] advantages of a contemporary kitchen is style and simplicity”. Focus on simple, clean lines. Maximize storage space for items and utensils. If you're looking to create a cleaner look in your kitchen, opt for handleless furniture/cabinet panels and try to keep the walls bear.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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