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What to know about post-renovation cleaning

Last modified: 2019-08-07 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Well, that’s it! Your renovation project is finally completed and you are satisfied with the end result of your anticipated work. Whether it’s building an addition on your home or installing a brand new kitchen, you know for a fact that this type of work will cause dirt and dust that will accumulate on surfaces including your walls, floors and furniture. 

Unfortunately, what needs to be done won't stop when your renovation is finished. Thus, it’s important to learn about the best tips for your home to keep things fresh, clean and shiny.

Cleaning your house after renovations

Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, tasks to perform

The kitchen is a space with many nooks and crannies, and so it’s important to be very thorough when cleaning this room. Cleaning high surfaces such as the tops of cabinets or fixtures should be completed before mopping, as there’s a potential for dirt and dust falling from these surfaces. Once the tops are done, you can then empty cabinet interiors, as these will definitely contain dirt and dust within them. 

Carefully clean the corners and surface area of your cabinets. Depending on what material they’re made of, the procedure will be different. Make sure to do your research regarding how to properly clean the material, this will prevent you from irreversibly damaging them. 

Following this, clean the windows, frames and window sills. Be sure to open up your windows to offer better air circulation. Next, clean your backsplash and baseboards. Finally, clean your appliances as well as your floor.

person cleaning toilet

Kitchen renovations are fairly popular, but next in line is the bathroom. Many homeowners choose to renovate an outdated bathroom. Following this renovation, the cleaning tasks that need to be performed are similar to those necessary in the kitchen. Do remember that cleaning a bathroom also involves disinfecting the bath, the walls in and around the shower as well as the toilet, using the appropriate products to do so

How to clean surfaces, walls and ceilings?

Clean table surface

While we’re listing areas that need to be cleaned following a renovation, we still need to know how to go about this cleaning project and what mistakes should be avoided. First, if there is a large amount of dust in the room, try placing an outside fan at the edge of an adjacent window. This will allow most of the dirt to escape the room. 

To clean various surfaces, it’s possible to use a cloth soaked in a bucket of water which has been mixed with glycerin. Carefully wring the cloth before each use, and wipe the surfaces down with a soft, dry cloth. 

As for the cleaning of ceilings and walls, it’s recommended that you use a wet mop that has been wrung out. Never make the mistake of using a mop that is dripping, as this will leave behind dirt and residue. When cleaning the walls, proceed strategically, which means working from top to bottom and beginning at the far left corner. Note that it is best to clean the walls before you clean the floors, given the likelihood of dust finding its way to the floor.

Clean trinkets and other misc items

What about your cherished trinkets and appliances that now covered in dust? To clean them properly, use a slightly damp cloth soaked in a mixture of water and detergent. 

Make sure that your laundry area, washer and dryer aren’t waterlogged. If you find this is the case, you will need to strategically move them to clean dirt from the area. When cleaning the laundry room, be thorough and certain to clean the tops of the machines, the shelving and so forth. 

Cleaning the floor following a renovation

Living room basement

If there’s one room that will deal with a lot of dust, it’s the ground. To prevent the dirt that’s settled here from finding its way to another room, make sure to use a vacuum in place of a broom, and opt for one with a high-efficiency filter. You’ll need to go over the surface more than once and do be sure to replace your filter after it’s been used a dozen times. 

What about paint stains? Although the site of paint stains can cause some frustration, it’s good to know that it is easy to eliminate them by using a soft cloth that has been soaked in nail polish remover. However, do be careful to inquire whether nail polish remover is safe for the surface you’re using it on. Also, note that it’s not recommended to breathe this product in, and so make sure the space is properly ventilated when completing this task. 

Notice spots on the floor? Try soaking a cloth with a bit of sparkling water and rub gently. Not only is this solution remarkably effective, but it also avoids the use of chemicals. 

Note that when cleaning the floor, you could use a mop or wet-style broom that’s able to pick up water. If you need to perform a thorough cleaning, rent a deep cleaning machine. Most of these units operate with a rotating brush and are, therefore, fast, efficient and effective. A floor scrubber is another useful option, especially if you’re trying to cover a large surface. These devices tend to have a major advantage, and that’s being able to dry the ground. Thus, it saves you a lot of time and energy. 

If you find glue or cement stains, it’s advisable to use a descaler, soak a cloth and rub it on the stain. Then, remove the glue or cement residues by way of a spatula of adequate width. 

Clean during your renovations

Keep in mind that it’s better to clean following construction each day, to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of dirt and dust that will accumulate day by day. If this is a huge project and you’re not spending time in your home, consider heading over to do some cleaning on the weekend. Do bear in mind that the more dust that accumulates, the harder it will be to clean. This is why it’s best to stay on top of everything. 

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