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10 examples of ceramic backsplashes

Last modified: 2022-06-22 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Karine Dutemple

Thinking about adding a backsplash into your kitchen to give a boost to an outdated design? Here are some ideas to inspire you for your next kitchen renovation project!

10 examples of ceramic backsplashes for your kitchen

1) A beautiful glossy pale blue backsplash

backsplash bleu pâle

Source: Pinterest (

This pale blue ceramic backsplash is far from boring! Not only is its colour beautiful, but it also has two completely different patterns.

The juxtaposition of the circles on the one in the background is visually very interesting and frankly original. Also, the glossy finish of the tiles adds to the charm of the backsplash by allowing it to reflect light.

Similar model


Dosseret céramique bleu

2) A dark green backsplash for a successful contrast

backsplash vert

Source: Pinterest (

This dark green ceramic backsplash has several aesthetic advantages. At first glance, it contrasts nicely with the white furniture underneath, as well as with the very pale hue of the shelves on the wall.

Also, its square-shaped pattern is sure to catch the eye! All this gives an elegant result, which greatly benefits from the presence of the gold-coloured fixtures and handles.

You can look at Heath Ceramics to find a model that looks more like the shape presented above. However, it may be more difficult to have it delivered in Canada.

3) Several pretty shades of pale green for a classic look

backsplash vert pâle

Source: Pinterest (

Offering a more classic look, this type of backsplash displays several shades of green. This unusual aesthetic choice makes a change of solid colours. As for the tiles, it's nice to see something that differs from the traditional squares or rectangles!

Similar model

Tile Expert

Fish scale tile white

4) A pretty dark blue backsplash

backsplash bleu foncé_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Once again, a dark backsplash colour is used to create a contrast with the white kitchen furniture. As the previous image demonstrates, this a safe gamble. Choosing such a dark blue backsplash certainly gives a lot of depth to the decor and proves to be an option that is able to please everyone!

Exact model (other colours available on the website)

Ann Sacks

Glass backsplash tiles

5) A sober design for a refined look

céramique blanche_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Who says white can be boring? This certainly proves otherwise! Not only does this white backsplash highlight the black kitchen furniture, but the finesse of its design is just as noteworthy. The result is remarkably elegant, in addition to being perfectly integrated within this sober decor.

Similar model


Tile black and white hexagon

6) A reinvented floral look!

dosseret avec fleurs_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

If you usually choose circles, squares or rectangles when designing a kitchen backsplash, know that you could also opt for a floral pattern. The decision to opt for a glossy finish on this backsplash certainly adds a lot of aesthetic interest.

Similar model

Home Depot

Tuiles grises métro

7) A metal backsplash for a stunning design

dosseret métallique_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This design will clearly leave no one feeling indifferent! The metal backsplash is a perfect choice to reflect the natural light entering the kitchen. Of course, this is a bold design! Nevertheless, it dresses the room and needs only a few other elements to give life to a magnificent decor!

Similar model

Home Depot

Dosseret métallique brillant

8) Metallic still in the spotlight!

backsplash doré_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Following the metal backsplash shown previously, here is another variant in the same category. This one has a golden hue in certain areas which declines towards a bronze shade in others.

This backsplash is probably the most remarkable of all, but will surely fit better into a classic decor than in modern settings. For a successful look, there is no need to overload the kitchen with decorative elements, as this backsplash definitely has everything it takes to impress friends and family!

Similar model

New Ravenna

Backsplash gold pink white

9) A bold design

backsplash vert pâle et foncé_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Although squares are not in themselves an original choice, that of a 3D effect certainly is. What's more, the design has a variation of colours, which helps to give the impression that the cubes are literally coming out of the wall. Finally, the uneven rise of the backsplash on the wall is just as bold!

10) The classics are back!

backsplash bleu et foncé_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This pattern is very easily reminiscent of ones found in old kitchens. In this rustic style kitchen, the choice for this tile was not made randomly! This updated classic is making a big comeback and is sure to seduce the nostalgic crowd. 

Similar model

Home Depot

Vintage blue and white tile

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