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8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

Interior renovations8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

A home’s entryway rarely is made a priority when it comes to home remodelling and renovations. Usually, when it comes to organizing this space, it is most likely centred around functionality, embellished with a few decorative elements to make the space more inviting as a whole.

However, the entryway is a home’s first impression. In every sense, it foreshadows the vibe of the rest of the house. At the end of the day, if the area is pleasant, going home and having the ability to first enter a space that is inviting, organized, and knowing you can just literally take a load off, is the best feeling. 

This space also represents a challenge when it comes to insulation, because it is an area that has a door opening to the exterior, one that is opened and closed multiple times a day, therefore creating a significant draft. If this area is not properly insulated, it can create a domino effect throughout the rest of the house. 

Is your entryway not meeting your needs? We have put together a list of renovations to consider should you want to better adapt this space. 

How to Remodel Your Entryway

entryway_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

Would you rather get tips on how to redo your driveway? You are in luck! We have a couple of articles pertaining to that subject. Check out the following:

1) Revamp or Replace Your Door

Portes d'entrée

As we have already mentioned in the article, the front entry door is the most important element in the space. When it comes to choosing a front entry door, selecting a model that does not provide good insulating qualities or robusticity should not even be short-listed. Your front door should be safe and sturdy. Whether you are thinking of revamping or replacing your door, those essential elements must be considered. To find out more, check out these articles: 

2) Install or Alter Your Windows

window_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

Having windows in the entryway can be a contributing factor to the space’s overall natural lighting and vibe. Not unlike the front door, windows must be sturdy and well sealed. Are your windows in need of an upgrade? Or is your entryway devoid of windows, but there is a sufficient margin to have one installed? To learn more, check out these articles:

3) Air Seal the Room

Should changing your windows or door not be high on your list of priorities, take a moment to consider if the appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that they are properly sealed by capping the caulking and installing weatherstrips.

To learn more, check out this article:

4) Put In Adapted Flooring

ceramic floor_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

In a home, the entryway is the area that is the most vulnerable to elements—like water and dirt from the exterior—therefore the flooring must be adapted to all situations accordingly. Knowing ahead of time the consequences of Quebec’s weather, your floors must be resilient to gravel, snow-covered boots, dust, and the list goes on. 

As a result, some flooring materials should be avoided, as others respond quite well to all criteria. When it comes to materials that should be prioritized, just to mention a few, there are ceramic, stone, certain types of hardwood, concrete, and vinyl. 

Our blog features numerous articles regarding flooring. Here are a few that could be of interest should you be considering new flooring for your entryway:

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5) Improve Interior and Exterior Lighting

lightening_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

Time spent in the entryway is overall few and far between. It is a transitional space generally used to get ready when leaving the home or when returning to remove said layers. That said, lighting is still an important factor in designing the room as a whole, especially the light fixture on the outside of the front door. Truly, a well-lit front door is much safer and will simplify many things for the home’s occupants. 

Check out our tips on lighting:

6) Revamp Walls

entry/laundry room_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

An easy way to revamp and make a room’s design more appealing is to change the wall coverings. When it comes to wall coverings and the various types of materials, you will be spoilt for choice: paint, wallpaper, decorative panelling, real or faux brick, and ceramic. There really is something for everyone! You can also play with the colours and textures in order to create a space centred around your style. 

Here are several articles on the subject matter:

7) Add More Storage

shelves_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

Entryways are oftentimes cramped spaces that require efficient storage. For that purpose, occupants need to be able to have access to their belongings in a haste. This applies to the winter season mostly, when one wears a coat, hat, scarf, boots, and everything else!

Therefore, in order for the previously mentioned to be easily accessed, there must be sufficient, organized storage space that is simultaneously easily accessible. Is your current storage situation subpar? At times, minor changes can make all the difference, like adding storage bins, drawer dividers, or shelves. It ultimately depends on the layout and the available space. If you want to take it one step further, you can also add custom-made furniture that is perfectly fitted for the space. 

8) Jazz Up the Decor

art_8 Ways to Design and Remodel Your Entryway

As previously mentioned, the entryway is a space that is generally limited in space and one that is only occupied for short periods of time. However, that does not mean the decor should be neglected! At times, just adding a few decorative elements here and there can make a real difference, and other times, a complete makeover is the only solution. Check out our decoration guides for more ideas: 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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