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10 examples of exterior claddings for your home

Last modified: 2022-07-29 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Are you shopping for a new property or thinking about changing the facade of your current home? What exterior siding would offer you the aesthetic you’re looking for? Here’s an overview to help inspire you, with some of the best options on the market.

10 examples of exterior cladding materials for your home

1- White brick for an elegant design

white brick house

Source: Pinterest (

A white brick house never ceases to draw people in, potentially because of its elegance or for the magnificent contrast that’s created with dark wood finishes. Paired with a black roof, the white shade is all the more interesting. It just goes to show that some classics are really timeless!

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2- A black house, why not?

maison noire_Pinterest


While white is still a popular choice, black is an option that isn’t considered as often. Yet, a judicious mix of materials allows for a look as sophisticated as it is bold, as evidenced by the wood and stone in the previous image.

3- A house made of natural stone and wood

Natural stone house

Source: Pinterest (Cabin Life)

Again, here we find a successful mix of materials, but this time it’s between wood and natural stone. The result certainly shows an appreciation for a rustic style, while embodying both warmth and approachability. The focus here is on a natural-coloured wood, which makes it possible to highlight the different shades of the stone finish of the fireplace.

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4- Black sheet metal as an exterior coating

Black metal on house

Source: decor hint (Pinterest)

Sheet metal is a material that is appreciated for its durability as much as for the beauty of its finish. Although it’s often used as a roof covering, sheet metal can also be an option for an exterior facade cover. We see here how this material highlights any home, adapting to modern homes just as much as to rustic abodes.

5- Red brick in various shades

Traditionnal brick home

Source: Pinterest (

It’s not a new revelation that red brick is an exterior cladding choice, a timeless beauty we appreciate. Selecting brick in various shades is an attractive alternative to traditional red brick and is ideal for contemporary homes, especially those with black moulding or exterior woodwork.

6- Corrugated iron and vinyl for a distinguished design

tôle ondulée et vinyle_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (Bridger Steel)

Corrugated iron provides a particularly interesting effect here, which contrasts with the smoother one of the vinyl covering above. Aside from the mix of materials, here we also notice the union of two classic shades harmonizing together wonderfully. The whole thing creates a soft look, while still being aesthetically interesting.

7- Cut black stone for a refined design

Stone cladding

Source: Pinterest (

Cut natural stone with a black wood coating is a duo that is perfectly suited to a fresh, modern home design! Far from the rustic look of round natural stones that we often saw on buildings erected in the 80s, these offer a more contemporary design and remind us of how beautiful and versatile this material can be, don’t you agree?

8- A magnificent exterior cladding in blue wood

Blue house

Source: Pinterest (

Although we really appreciate sober colours for the exterior siding, one thing we notice here is that opting for a daring material is often an interesting choice! This superb house with blue wood cladding proves it very well. You might think that choosing the same shade for mouldings would make it look too uniform, but the whole thing is absolutely lovely.

9- White, more white!

White house

Source: Pinterest (

Once again, white is in the spotlight. It’s seen here on the brick, as well as on the wood that adorns the upper part of the house. The predominant white greatly benefits from the contrast provided by the black woodwork and brings an undeniably bold touch to this impressive residence!

10- Blue wood shingles for a charming design

Blue wood shingles

Source : Pinterest (

What about these beautiful wood shingles? We should start by emphasizing the extent to which they give this house undeniable charm. This is greatly accentuated by the white siding that surrounds the windows. The look is both simple and distinguished, but never ceases to seduce!

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