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Chromalox: Top-Notch Heating Systems

Chromalox: Top-Notch Heating Systems

Interior renovationsChromalox: Top-Notch Heating Systems

Are you looking for an electric heating system, but aren't sure which brand to turn to? Well, look no further, Chromalox is the answer! With over 100 years of expertise, Chromalox is a full-service technology-based company that provides a complete line of electric heaters to customers worldwide. Read on to find out everything there's to know about its various heating systems, their prices, and features. 

About Chromalox 

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Chromalox is a technology-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of heating and electric monitoring systems. This internationally recognized company designs innovative thermal technologies for industrial heating, thus providing superior results to the great satisfaction of its many clients. Chromalox offers a wide range of heat-producing products. The company strives to find solutions tailored to all problems, even the most complex and challenging. Whether it's maintaining operational temperature, heating long pipes, heating foundations, melting snow/ice, or protecting pipes, valves and equipment from freezing, these units are designed to ensure precise temperature control. It offers quality and durable products. 

Chromalox Heating Systems 

Over the years, a range of Chromalox heating systems have been designed, all of which are equally effective: 

  • Thermal fluid and air heating systems, and a whole line of electric boilers; there are various products. The most common Chromalox units are oil and gas heating systems, petrochemical processes and industrial gas (oxygen and chlorine), but there are more. 

  • Pipe heaters: Chomalox has a wide range of cables, systems, and other products to monitor and gauge heating designed for industrial and commercial use. Here, products aren’t chosen at random: they depend on the desired use. Is it for a building? A concrete foundation? Snow or ice? Or to protect plumbing pipes?

  • Heating equipment: Units can reach temperatures of up to 1095°C. The Inconel 600 plate works efficiently at very high temperatures. Chromalox has high-quality heating elements that can be adapted according to needs.

Few Examples of Chromalox Heating Systems

type of heating system offered by Chromalox

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  • Chromalox hot water electric boilers and premounted steam boilers are excellent sources of heat. They produce high-pressure steam or hot water, ​​both for space heating units and for industrial and commercial processes. These boilers are used wherever steam is needed and electricity is available. There's no issue here of burning fuel, as is customary. The output is produced by heat transfer at constant pressure. Heating system boilers are easy to install because they’re pre-engineered units operating at normal voltages. 

  • 2500 W Eclipse Chromalox convector: This electric baseboard heater is capable of heating up to 40% faster than a conventional baseboard heater. It's designed to increase comfort by allowing air to flow as quickly and as far as possible into the room. It has built-in overheat protection and is made of 20 gauge steel before being coated with scratch-resistant polyester epoxy. It runs about $104.99. Usually, you’ll need 10 watts per square foot when using electric heat, but this rule can vary depending on many factors, such as the number of windows and their sizes, the quality of the insulation, etc.

  • Industrial heat trace cables or “thermwire”: These cables are designed to help prevent significant damage to gutters, cables, roofs, and downspouts, as well as HVAC compressors. HVAC pipes or compressors may be exposed to very low (near freezing) temperatures or melting snow, which can seep under the roof and freeze again, thus causing gutters and downspouts to lift, shift, or break. "Thermwire" trace cables prevent this inconvenience from happening. 

  • Electric radiant heater: Used for many purposes (paper and cardboard, textiles and fabrics, or non-woven metals). Operates at higher temperatures than metal plate units to help increase the processing speed of certain systems. Processed radiant heaters are ideal for situations requiring immediate operating temperature and/or reduced heat during non-working hours. The electric radiant heater has a minimum output of 350W and a maximum output of 36,000W.

  • Industrial convectors: These are versatile electric heating systems that use natural convection forces for heat transfer. Industrial convectors don't require a fan or motor and are almost noiseless while in operation. Furthermore, they don't need much maintenance. This type of heating system is generally used in small spaces but can also heat larger spaces if combined with other heating systems. 

  • Industrial trace connection kits: These consist of all the necessary components to connect to supply T-splices or strand splices, to seal the ends and ensure water resistance. These kits protect pipes and tanks from freezing, support roof and gutter de-icing, protect fire sprinkler pipes from freezing, accelerate the melting of buried snow, prevent frost heave, and maintain the temperature of hot water and floor heating systems. The connection kits and accesses are suitable for both ordinary and hazardous areas. Also, they're straightforward and easy to install, and they operate reliably and safely. 

  • Heat trace controls: These are used in both regular and hazardous areas. Chromalox control and distribution systems provide temperature control, monitoring, and energy management. The powerful IntelliTRACE and weatherTRACE control software can be easily installed on a desktop computer and address your every heat tracing need.

  • Hot oil and process liquid vaporizers: These are built to transfer thermal energy at fast speeds. They're used in all industries that require high operating temperatures and low operating pressures as part of the manufacturing process. The system units vary from 15 kW to 300 kW and can be ASME (American) or PED (Europe) pressure certified.

  • Tube bundle and instrument enclosures: These are typically used to protect viscous materials from freezing, and to avoid gas condensation. They maintain temperatures and protect instrument samplings as well as impulse lines. These tube bundles provide safe and reliable heat trace systems to ensure the absence of ice buildup in the drain lines. They're manufactured with quality, durable materials that meet industry standards; stainless steel, copper, high alloy steel, and fluoropolymer tubing are available.

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Advantages of Chromalox Heating Units 

Chromalox heaters are the result of years of innovation and development. Electric heaters are an ideal solution to control overheating, as their power is immediately available and can be thoroughly controlled to meet real-time needs. The use of such heating units emits nothing environmentally toxic. And, as a bonus, Chromalox heating systems feature a variety of undeniable assets: 

  • In-house manufacturing of parts ensures a more efficient and much less cumbersome design. 

  • Welding, pressure testing, and certification are performed according to ASME standards.

  • Chromalox power supply control can be fitted to the control skids together with the heater. This results in a complete set.

  • Engineering tools include AutoCad 3D, SOLIDWORKS, and PV Elite.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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