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How to Use RenoQuotes to Find Employees

How to Use RenoQuotes to Find Employees

Advice for contractorHow to Use RenoQuotes to Find Employees

Are you having a hard time finding qualified workers to fill vacant positions within your company? Since we can assume that your schedule is booked solid with the upcoming warmer seasons, we’ve decided to speed up the process and help you find new employees!

Finding Employees Through RenoQuotes

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For whatever reason, it can be difficult to find the right amount of employees needed to overcome labour shortages. Albeit many websites are dedicated to job listings for professionals working in the construction industry, it is, nonetheless, a process that’s quite time-consuming. Since it's a rare commodity for construction contractors, benefiting from a bit of help when it comes to finding new employees can be a real gem. 

How can I receive applications?

If you wish to receive job applications, simply head to our website, log on to your contractor profile, and tick the box that says “I want to receive potential employee applications.” Subsequently, we’ll start sending you potential candidate profiles via email, just as we’ve been doing with projects. To access future employee résumés, you’ll need to pay $5. 

"Will my inbox be flooded with candidate applications?" you might ask. No, don’t worry! From your Dashboard, you’ll be able to see a list of all candidate applications, services, and territories. However, you’ll only receive via email the candidate applications that match territories and services offered that are of interest to you and for which you are seeking labourers. From there, you’ll be able to sift through the candidate applications that are of interest and get more information. 

Selecting employees: A matter of youth first?

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When you finally settle down and decide to review the relevant applications, you’ll see a lot of profiles. The one factor that will most likely jump out at you is the candidate’s years of experience. So, how should you go about it? Should you hire a fresh-out-of-school individual or a skilled candidate with years of experience under their belt?

First off, bear in mind that either option has its merits and faults, which is to say that it would be ill-advised to opt for one or the other categorically. Older workers tend to have years of experience that come in handy when working on large-scale or complex projects. 

On the other hand, younger employees tend to have more energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, since they’ve just entered the job market, they’ll be more open to change and will adapt more easily. 

Since younger employees are just as important to the proper workings of your team as more experienced labourers, the best thing to do would is to fill the void by creating a balance between the two categories. That way, you can benefit from the strengths of both and tackle with newfound enthusiasm the projects that are likely already on your schedule!

Checking references and knowledge

Naturally, you shouldn’t skip over the usual background checks before confirming a new hire. And, while you’re at it, contact the potential candidate’s listed references featured in their résumés and test the knowledge of those you call in for an interview. Asking a few pointed questions will allow you to gauge their abilities and know-how and reassure you as to whether you’re making the right decision!

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Last modified 2024-02-12

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