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Home Renovation Subsidy Program in Quebec: Rénoclimat

Home Renovation Subsidy Program in Quebec: Rénoclimat

Exterior renovationsHome Renovation Subsidy Program in Quebec: Rénoclimat

The Quebec government recently announced changes to the Rénoclimat grant program. This program, which targets energy-efficient renovations, has been modified to expand the range of work that it covers. In this article, we will present the types of projects that will benefit from this grant, the conditions to be eligible and the steps to follow to obtain the amounts in question.

It should be noted that some temporary measures have been added to the program to stimulate the construction sector during this period of crisis that we are experiencing. These measures will be specified in a section of the article.

Rénovation intérieure écologique_eco-friendly interior renovation

What is the Rénoclimat program?

The Rénoclimat home renovation program was introduced several years ago. It has been transformed over time to meet evolving needs. The work covered by this subsidy must be aimed at improving the energy performance of the building in question. This is why the program involves insulation, waterproofing, doors and windows and mechanical system replacements.

Here's a look at the amount of financial assistance you could get through the Rénoclimat program:
Several elements will be factored into the calculations, including the energy improvements that will be made.

Type of work

Financial assistance

Factors taken into account in the calculation/conditions

Attic, cathedral ceiling, flat roof


$35 to $975
  • Percentage of the insulated area
  • Insulating value before work
  • Insulating value obtained after work
Exterior wall insulation
$295 to $2,440
  • Percentage of insulated area
  • Scale of increase in insulating value

Basement foundation wall insulation


$165 to $1,625
  • Percentage of insulated area
  • Scale of increase in insulating value

Insulation and sealing of the basement header joist

  • Scale of increase in insulating value
Insulation of the exterior walls and header joists of the crawl space
$130 and 1,300$
  • Scale of increase in insulating value
  • Percentage of insulated area
100% floor insulation over crawl space
  • Scale of increase in insulating value
Insulation of an exposed floor
  • 100% of the area must be insulated
  • A minimum of 14 sq. meters must be insulated
  • Scale of increase in insulating value





per opening in the wall or roof

  • Must be ENERGY STARMD approved
  • Must be installed in an existing opening
Heat recovery fan (VRC) or energy-recovery fan (VRE)
  • Valid for installation or replacement.
  • The device must be of the heat-recovery type and must be included in section 3 of the Home Ventilating Institute Certified Products Directory.
Drainage Water Heat Recovery Device
$80 to $165
  • Valid for a new installation only.
  • Amount calculated based on the efficiency of the new system.

Installing a geothermal system

  • Installing a complete geothermal system.
  • The system must be certified by the Canadian Geothermal Energy Coalition (CSEC).

Replacing a geothermal system

  • Replacement of the heat pump on an existing geothermal system.
  • The existing system must be certified by the Canadian Geothermal Energy Coalition (CSEC).
Air heat pump
  • Installing or replacing an air heat pump for heating and air conditioning.
  • The system must be ENERGY STARTMD approved
  • The system can be a central bi-bloc air heat pump, one-piece or mini-bloc without a duct.
  • Please note, other device power and installation configuration requirements apply.

Factors taken into account in the calculations

Financial assistance

Achieving the rate of air change per hour, as recommended in the evaluation report.

Over 10% of the rate of change of air per hour, as recommended in the evaluation report.
Over 20% of the rate of change of air per hour, as recommended in the evaluation report.

Source: Transition énergétique

It should be noted that if the building contains several units, the financial assistance will be higher than for single-family homes.

What renovation projects are covered by the Rénoclimat program?

The previous tables will have provided you with a nice overview of the work that may benefit from this subsidy, but we will still look in more detail at the different categories of work that are part of this program.

Here are the four main classifications of energy efficiency improvement projects:

  • Improving insulation

  • Improving waterproofing

  • Replace doors and windows

  • Installing mechanical systems


Many homes are poorly insulated, resulting in energy losses that harm the environment and hurt the wallet. Efforts to improve the insulation of a building are therefore covered by this subsidy. An expert can help you determine which insulation work will be most relevant to your home. This generally refers to roof insulation, exterior wall insulation, foundation wall insulation and floor sublayer insulation. 


Openings between doors and windows are other places where energy loss can be significant. Therefore, we must make sure that the building's waterproofing is optimized. This can be done through caulking work, such as around doors, windows and any other area where cold and warm air can escape.

Doors and windows

Regarding doors and windows, the goal of the program is to encourage people to replace their old models with models that are ENERGY STAR-approved.

Mechanical systems

In this case, the aim is to make the replacement of certain systems more accessible:

  • The ventilation system;

  • Heating the house;

  • Heating the water.

It should be noted that if you plan to install a heat pump for your heating system, it might be more worthwhile for you to apply to the Chauffez vert program. Click here to learn more about this program.

Here are the projects that are not eligible for the Rénoclimat program:

  • Installing electronic thermostats;

  • Installing a central electronic thermostat;

  • Replacing an air conditioner;

  • Repairing a heat pump;

  • Water conservation measures

  • Expansion work;

  • Any other measure that does not improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Temporary measures added to the Rénoclimat program

Between 11 May and 31 December 2020, some temporary measures were added to the program:

  • Energy assessment visits will be free (normally a certain amount must be paid for these assessments)

  • Under certain conditions, financial assistance will be increased by $1,000 for participants who have received or requested their post-work evaluation (before December 31, 2020)

  • The installation of a low-temperature heat pump, geothermal system or geothermal heat pump could benefit from increased financial assistance totalling $1,000.

Installation d'une nouvelle fenêtre_installing a new window

What is the procedure to benefit from the Rénoclimat program?

To obtain the subsidy, it is important to follow the steps carefully, as the payment of financial assistance will not take place until after the work has been completed. An evaluator will be required to visit the site to inspect the results and determine whether the changes are in fact within the program's criteria.

Here are the steps you can take to get the Rénoclimat grant:

  1. Before the work begins, you must register for the program by completing an appointment request.

  2. An evaluator will then visit the site to assess your residence. This assessment, which will last approximately 2 to 3 hours, will be used to verify the condition of the building, to identify infiltration and air leakage and to determine the EnerGuide rating. Normally, there is a fee for this assessment. However, during the period from May 11 to December 31, 2020, these fees have been withdrawn. For normal fee amounts, please see this guide (in french only).

  3. Next, you will receive the evaluation report where you will find the recommendations for work to be done to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

  4. The next step will be to start the work while ensuring that the results meet the subsidy criteria. You should talk to your contractor to ensure that they take these factors into account when choosing materials and building techniques.

  5. Once the work has been completed, you will need to get another assessment by an expert. This visit is shorter than the first meeting and is offered free of charge at all times. Once again, you will be able to request an appointment online. The evaluator will then come to make sure that the work meets the program's criteria. You will also need to provide some evidence, including documents and invoices. The evaluator may also perform some tests.

  6. Once your assessment has been validated, that's when you will be able to receive financial assistance. Please be aware that the cheque will be mailed 10 to 12 weeks after the last evaluation of the work. Therefore, it is important to take this time into account when assessing the feasibility of the project according to your financial situation.

Here is the place to make an appointment for the initial evaluation: Request for an appointment for Rénoclimat (in french only).

Rénovation grenier_attic renovation

Other important information to know about this program

First, to be eligible for the program, you must be the legal owner of the property (a proxy may also be accepted).

Here are the types of homes that are eligible:

  1. House (single-family, semi-detached, townhouse, mobile home, 4-season cottage)

  2. Multi-unit house (duplex, triplex, multigenerational)

  3. Multi-unit residential building

To find out which types of housing are not accessible, check out the Rénoclimat Participant's Guide (in french only).

Would you like to take part in the RénoClimat program for a second or third time? This is entirely possible! You will need to do an assessment before the work, but it will be shorter than the initial visit and the evaluation rates will be reduced.

What other eco-friendly renovation funding programs are available in Quebec?

Chauffez vert- this program has also been improved recently. Its main objective is to help people replace their old heating systems with energy-efficient systems. 

Novoclimat - this program is designed for the construction of new homes with high energy performance.

Don't forget to check out our blog where you'll find a multitude of articles on renovations, including in the category of eco-friendly projects.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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