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10 examples of different types of front doors

10 examples of different types of front doors

Exterior renovations10 examples of different types of front doors

Is it about time to upgrade from that shabby-looking front door? If you are looking to get a glimpse of some of the more beautiful options out there, check out the front doors down below!

10 Front Door Styles for Your Home

1) Large black door with square window panels

porte d'entrée de maison_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This black entry door is rather classic in style, and the side panels significantly enhance the amount of natural light being let in. Whether you have a contemporary or modern home, its appeal will surely win you over! Besides, the choice of a black door is quite sensible, considering its balance with a wide variety of exterior siding colours.

2) Beautiful blue and gold look 

porte bleue_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

As featured, the striking blue door fits in beautifully with country home architecture. The deep blue of this door is a stunning contrast with the white woodwork. Also, a notable feature is the transom window built into the massive wood frame, furthermore complimenting its overall regal esthetic.

3) Black door with transom and lateral window panels

porte noire_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This model is relatively similar to the one first shown. However, it has much narrower panels, which are full-length instead of divided into square glass panels. This model is definitely suitable for modern and more contemporary homes, as the overall look is both simple and classic. Once again, black is a perfect match for a brick exterior.

4) Unique and modern front door

porte rose_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This door is framed by mouldings with differing widths from top to bottom, making it rather unconventional. It certainly does have a surprising touch giving off a unique and interesting visual effect. Furthermore, the presence of vertical slats in the centre of the door conveys a country style, which is enhanced by the light pink adding a touch of romance.

5) Country-style front door

porte turquoise_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Light green, like most pastel colours, embodies the country, farmhouse vibe. This door is absolutely charming and its side window panels add a touch of elegance and finesse. Note that the white, green, and grey (of the exterior siding) complement one another so well!

6) Simple design, stunning colour!

porte jaune_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This two-panel door looks rather basic when you focus on its standard design, however, it goes without saying, the colour is quite audacious! This bright orange alone adds a pop to the facade and helps make it an eye-catching factor!

7) Why not a purple door!

porte d'entrée mauve_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

There are many reasons why this door is so unique, but right off the bat, its beautiful purple shade is noted. This colour is rarely chosen for a front entry door.

While the numbering on the door may be a bit puzzling being located directly below the mail slot, it allows both elements to create the focal point of the door. Ultimately, the detailed borders around the panels are quite lovely and play an important part in the overall making of an elegant door. 

8) Tudor-style door

porte d'entrée en bois_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This massive wood door is absolutely beautiful! The rounded shape at the top gives it an unmistakable feel, as does the dark stain of the wood. Although this model will not allow for a lot of natural light to seep in, it will definitely appeal to those who want a unique style to impress the masses!

9) Rustic, classic door

porte d'entrée en bois_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Now, this is a style that is as traditional as it is charming! The dark-coloured wood accentuates the exterior of the house while adding a lot of character to the facade. The glass panels are equally interesting and recall a certain timeless simplicity of the house.

10) A dose of bright yellow for radiance

porte jaune classique_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

There's nothing like an electric yellow door to make the facade of a house pop! This one-of-a-kind, vibrant colour makes this door the centre of attention, all the more so because the exterior siding is such a dark blue. Another thing that makes this door stand out is the cool glass panels at the top of the door. This is the perfect example of how to combine beauty, simplicity and originality!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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