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15 Signs Your Home Needs to be Renovated

Last modified: 2022-08-09 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

When we purchase our first home, everything seems perfect. Of course, over time you live there, grow your family and build a cocoon to call your own. Over the years, your home evolves with you, and while it may be subtle, it can age quickly. 

Even though some signs are harder to discern than others, when you take the time to think about them, you may realize that it will take time and energy to offer love and attention back in the home. Here are some definite signs that you need to refocus your priorities.

15 signs that your house needs to be renovated

old home with siding and roof shingles

1- Your roof seems fragile

Following a few storms or winters, you may notice that your roof seems to be weakening, including shingle loss, water infiltration, and sagging. This is a serious sign that some renovations may need to take place. 

To learn more about this topic and what could happen to your roof if you ignore these pressing signs, read our article that details what happens if you wait too long to renovate your roof.

When roof renovations are a necessity

2- Your floors are in bad shape

Whether it’s a family home or whether you live alone, your floors are not immune to the wear and tear of time. Natural materials such as wood can be damaged over the years. This can happen as a result of moving furniture, the claws and paws of animals and so on. 

Considering a floor renovation project? Check out our floor renovation guide, where you’ll find links to relevant articles. 

3- You realize you’re lacking space

Especially the case for growing families, you may reach a point in your household where you simply lack space. Revisit the layout and consider the ways in which you aren’t exploring your home’s full potential. 

Here are some articles about expanding your home:

4- Old plumbing

This is a well-known problem in older homes: the pipes age and deteriorate with each passing season. Even more crucial when buying a century-old home, you will inevitably need to check on the status of the plumbing.

The 10 most common plumbing issues

5- Your exterior cladding is damaged

Your home’s exterior is consistently exposed to bad weather and poor conditions. Whether your exterior is brick, vinyl, wood or otherwise, your cladding is not immune and will eventually deteriorate. 

Here are some useful articles about exterior cladding:

exterior staircase

6- Mould

If your insulation seems to be weak or at the end of its life, moisture may have seeped its way into your walls, resulting in a build-up of mould in the affected areas. This is an indicator that needs to be taken seriously and should be dealt with as it is a huge risk to the health of you and loved ones. 

Moisture and organic materials: a breeding ground for mould

7- Cracks growing on the walls

Old homes move with time, and that’s why some cracks will begin to appear on the walls. However, if you notice cracks growing over time, this could be a good reason to investigate further. If the cracks are superficial, you can opt for aesthetic renovations. If they are structural, you will need to undertake more serious work. 

8- Cracks in the foundation

As with indoor cracks, external cracks could be a good reason to finally renovate your home. If you’ve noticed signs of damage on the walls of your foundation but aren’t sure how serious they are, take a look at our article: 

10 signs you have a problem with your foundation

9- Your paint is flaking or yellowing

Over the years of living in a home, signs of wear and tear may appear on the walls and the paint may deteriorate, peel, fade or change colour as a result. Several factors will lead to long term wear of paint. Of course, this phenomenon is particularly common in bathrooms, due to humidity, as well as on patios, due to the obvious exposure to the elements. 

deck with chipped paint

10- Your doors are hard to open

As a result of humidity, your door frames can begin to buckle, and this can require you to slam them closed. Additionally, over time your handles may loosen and cause other problems. 

Thinking about replacing the doors and their frame? Take a peek at our guide about renovating doors and windows. 

Some moral considerations:

11- Your house looks old-fashioned

Many dwellings are like time capsules. Although for many this aspect is seen as an advantage, others dream of a more modern home. To learn more about the process of hiring an interior designer and the reasons why you may choose to remodel your home, read this article.

Old fashioned kitchen decor

12- You’re in a comfortable financial situation

If after plenty of thought and planning, you finally arrive at a point where your finances could allow you to take on a larger renovation project. It would be good to invest and offer your home some much-needed love.

13- Emotional attachment

If your home holds sentimental value, it’s normal to want to restore it so that it’s able to able to hold sentimental value for generations to come. This is especially true in regards to heritage houses, as the process offers a way to honour the history of the house. 

14- You can interrupt your routine

Large renovations are synonymous with disrupting daily routines. If your project affects the entire home, you may need to relocate your family for a few weeks, or even a few months. 

15- Thinking of selling your house

If, on the contrary, you have no particular attachment to your home, you may be considering selling. Our article on improvement tips for selling your home could help you. 

To learn more about the stages of a renovation project, from start to finish, read our article on the subject!

old home for sale

Still have some time? Why not take our personality quiz on renovating old houses! Find out which style of renovations would suit you best.

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