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10 Examples of Uniquely Designed White Kitchens


9 min read

10 Examples of Uniquely Designed White Kitchens

Kitchen10 Examples of Uniquely Designed White Kitchens

Have white kitchens gone out of style? While it is true that the trend has been somewhat overrated and overused in recent years, it would be an exaggeration to go so far as to say that they’re completely outdated.

Keep in mind that you can always work around the "white kitchen" theme to create a personalized space that is timeless, luminous, vast and even filled with touches of colour according to individual taste and needs. White is often used as the starting point of any art canvas, and this approach genuinely makes a white kitchen versatile!

Thinking of designing a white kitchen and looking for some ideas to create the layout and decor of your dreams? Read on!

10 Examples of Versatile White Kitchens

1) A modern and minimalist white kitchen

Source: Canva 

Kicking off our list with an uber-minimalist kitchen. Albeit this style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it still perfectly embodies the essence of a white kitchen. White is the main focus, coating almost every single surface, from the walls to the cabinets, with the countertops in between, creating a colour unit that signifies purity and luminosity. However, the wooden floor is a striking feature that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. This flooring choice instills a certain warmth in the room, breaking up the monotony created by the white while creating an inviting atmosphere, thereby abstaining from a sterile-like setting that often comes hand-in-hand with an all-white setting. Overall, this minimalist kitchen perfectly blends simplicity and warmth, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2) An exquisite white kitchen with a modern flair

Source: Canva 

As we prefaced at the beginning of the article, the “white kitchen” category includes diverse and unique white designs and layouts. To paint a better picture, compare this kitchen to the one above it. They’re two worlds apart!

Yes, it’s two white kitchens, but this one is a far call from minimalism! This kitchen’s décor is much more intricately detailed, with elegant metal cabinet pulls, a white brick backsplash for a modern twist, and decorative items that are farmhouse-esque.

3) Adding bright shades to a blue and white kitchen

Source: Canva

Sometimes, you just need to disrupt the flow and push your creative boundaries when it comes to interior design. Who said a white kitchen should limit itself to a neutral, light colour palette? Be bold, and dare experiment with different bright shades to add a whole new dimension to this focal area in your home.

In this one, the white kitchen is metamorphosized into a vibrant, expressively artistic canvas. The hexagon, blue and white tiled backsplash is a bold detail featured in this décor. The specific shade of blue used is bright and striking and adds a certain dynamic and personality to this stunning kitchen. It beautifully offsets the white setting, vividly highlighting the beauty of the two colours.

The golden cabinet pulls add an elegant and luxurious touch to the setting as a whole. Their glossy finish subtly recalls the blue tiles, underlining the cohesion between the different elements in the kitchen. The golden details also add a certain sophistication to the space while maintaining a balance between the bold colours and the predominant whiteness of it all.

4) A white kitchen with a variety of patterns and textures

Source: Canva 

This kitchen’s pattern, colour, and texture pairing was so skillfully done. You can spot some super trendy elements, like the white tiled backsplash, dark pulls, and white countertop, but the outcome is so elegant that it turns it into a timeless kitchen.

So, there’s nothing to fear in designing a kitchen that’s too closely anchored to current trends. This room can be perfectly adapted to suit the personal preferences of many and won’t need to be redesigned any time soon because you grew tired of it!

5) A white kitchen with golden accents

Source: Canva 

This kitchen embodies simplicity and luminosity. As a focal point, the white range hood harmoniously blends into the décor, merging with the elegance of the white walls. It adds a touch of modernity while still fulfilling its purpose of preventing any cooking smells and steam from lingering. 

As for the white countertop island, it becomes the kitchen’s focal point. Its immaculate surface invites culinary creativity while doubling as a minimalist and elegant dining area, where white is king. These features turn the kitchen into a space that breathes clarity and order, perfect for those looking for a clean and functional setting while maintaining its aesthetically refined look.

6) A white kitchen with a huge island

Source: Canva 

In many kitchens, the room is designed around the island, which then becomes the focal point. Albeit this hasn’t always been the case, the kitchen island can assume greater significance when said area is designed as an open floor plan. 

With an additional and convenient countertop that can double as a dining space, the island is considered an asset instead of a cumbersome factor. Featured is a stunning example of a huge white island dominating the room without burdening it. This is mainly attributed to the colour and texture choices, creating an incredibly satisfying result, aesthetically speaking.

7) A white, grey, and wood-accented kitchen

Source: Canva 

This white, grey, and wood-accented kitchen brings to life a design that subtly pairs three key elements to create a genuinely captivating setting. As the main colour, white brings a certain bright intensity to the room, making it appear more open and clean. The hints of grey throughout blend in perfectly, adding a sophisticated aspect while creating a visual balance. 

However, the use of wood is what adds a cozy twist to this kitchen. Natural wood, in all its forms, whether it’s for the cabinetry, countertops, or flooring, adds an organic texture that beautifully offsets the white and sober aspect of the grey. It adds an authentic and genuine touch to the room as a whole, thereby creating a space that evokes the warmth of the home while retaining that contemporary refined look. 

Overall, this kitchen expertly blends light, elegance, and warmth into a space where functionality and aesthetics are one. It embodies a modern yet timeless aesthetic that will please the masses while designing an inviting, visually appealing kitchen.

8) A white kitchen with a marble island and brick wall

Source: Canva 

While grouped under the “white kitchen” banner, this kitchen stands out due to its warmth and one-of-a-kind factor, steering clear of any cold or dull vibes. This aesthetic very much relies on the white kitchen cabinets, yet the pink and grey shades warm it up, making it inviting as a whole. The white surfaces, such as the featured marble, brighten up the space while adding a refined hint and a sprinkle of elegance. Furthermore, the contrast created between the black elements, like the exposed brickwork, adds a touch of depth and visual interest to the décor. 

As for the wood, it adds an organic texture and a hint of warmth that brilliantly offsets the white and grey elements. It adds subtle patterns and colour gradients that visually enhance the space. Lastly, the unique light fixtures that closely resemble antiques definitely add a unique feature and character to the room. These one-of-a-kind elements are part of the overall warmth and quirkiness of this white, grey and wood-accented kitchen, giving off a vibe in which every detail is to create an unforgettable visual experience.

9) A kitchen with an exposed wood beam: white and brown

Source: Canva 

Over the last few years, exposed wood beams have truly taken over interior decorating. While you may think experts in the field would’ve run out of unique ways to blend them into a décor, this one is proof that you can still revamp a space with a bold design using this decorative feature. In this spacious, contemporary kitchen, the wooden beam is a striking detail that works beautifully within the space. Instead of evenly lining a few beams on the ceiling, a different approach was used: a single exposed beam extending horizontally. This creates an unexpected yet welcomed visual feature.

The contrast between the wood beam and the kitchen’s white surfaces is both striking and harmonious. The beam adds a certain warmth to this otherwise sterile space. Furthermore, it can be used to hang house plants that will add a breath of fresh air to this living space, further uniting nature into this contemporary design.

This little design tip goes a long way to show just how a unique touch can transform a traditional decorative feature into a genuine focal point in the kitchen. Lastly, the kitchen is fitted with modern appliances that perfectly melt into the overall aesthetic. In a nutshell, with its bold, dark-coloured exposed wood beam, this contemporary kitchen highlights one’s creative mind that definitely belongs when decorating, even within already established trends.

10) A white kitchen with a farmhouse sink

Source: Canva 

Let’s wrap this up with a classic, timeless, and versatile example. This kitchen, fitted with white cabinets and a white island, embodies simplicity and versatility. However, these aren’t the only features that render this kitchen design envious. It’s with the decorative items, that have a somewhat subtle colour palette, that the homeowners have added a personal touch to this otherwise white canvas. These little details, whether it’s throw pillows, kitchenware, or the chosen artwork, all contribute to adding a one-of-a-kind twist to the overall white aesthetic. 

What makes this kitchen all the more appealing is its bright and open-concept setting. The white cabinets reflect the light, creating a welcoming and inviting space. Since the kitchen is so open—a key component of its design—it allows for a flow between the rooms, enticing the desired “social” aspect.

White kitchen cabinets will forever be a timeless choice that suits many styles, and this kitchen is living-proof. It’s the perfect example that simplicity can be a showstopper with the help of a few decorative items and details. White cabinets and the need to create an elegant and timeless space are two elements that will continue to appeal to DIY designers for years to come. 

Are you throwing yourself into a kitchen renovation? Check out this helpful article: Your Go-To Kitchen Renovation Checklist.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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