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White kitchens with diverse style: 10 examples

Last modified: 2022-06-15 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Are white kitchens out of style? While it is true that the trend has been somewhat overrated and overused in recent years, it would be an exaggeration to go so far as to say that they’re completely outdated.

We must not forget that it’s possible to develop around the theme of the white kitchen to create a personalized space that is timeless, luminous, vast and even filled with touches of colour, according to the tastes and needs of each person. White is often used as a basic canvas in art, and this approach allows the white kitchen to be especially versatile!

Thinking of building a white kitchen and looking for some ideas to create the layout and decor of your dreams? Read on!

10 white kitchen layouts to suit all tastes

1- A minimalist white kitchen

Cuisine blanche minimaliste_minimalist white kitchen

Photo: Agnès- Esprit laita

We start our list with an ultra-minimalist kitchen. While this clean style won't appeal to everyone, it’s the quintessential example of a white kitchen. Almost everything in the room is white, from the walls to the cabinets and the counters. The wood floor adds a soft and warm touch to the room, making it more welcoming and less sanitary-feeling.

2- A white kitchen in an updated classic style

Cuisine blanche classique_classic white kitchen

photo: Farmhouse fanatics

As suggested in our introduction, the "white kitchen" category incorporates a wide variety of styles and shades of white as well as various layouts. To illustrate this point, you simply have to compare this kitchen with the previous one, which obviously displays two very different approaches. 

Yes, these are two white kitchens, but this one is not minimalist in the slightest! The decor of this kitchen is more ornate, with sleek metal handles, a white brick backsplash that adds a modern touch, and country-style decorative accessories.

3- A white kitchen with some splashes of colour

Cuisine blanche avec dosseret bleu

photo: Fireclay tile

Who said a white kitchen can only be adorned with pale colours? Don’t hesitate to choose more vibrant hues, as is seen here with the backsplash of blue hexagonal tiles, the gold handles and the carpet which is mostly red.

4- A white kitchen with a variety of patterns and textures

Cuisine blanche avec dosseret tuiles_white kitchen with tile backsplash

photo: Home Bunch

The arrangement of patterns, colours and textures in this kitchen is especially well done. We can see some very trendy elements, including the white tile backsplash, gold handles and white countertop, but the result is so elegant that the kitchen is truly timeless.

Thus, there’s no need to worry that this kitchen will be too entrenched in trends. Instead, this piece will adapt well to the tastes of many so that it won't need to be transformed quickly because you’re suddenly tired of it!

5- A white kitchen with golden accents

Cuisine blanche avec dosseret chevron

photo: Jane at Home

This white kitchen is similar to the one above, but we still wanted to include this one on our list. What caught our attention were the glass cabinets with their triangular pattern. This is a very interesting visual element, rarely used and which blends in wonderfully with the rest of the room.

There’s a little nod to these shapes that unfolds in the white tile backsplash. Also notice the wood floor, which is darker than in the previous examples. As you can see, sometimes a slight variation in the colours and materials is enough to make a huge difference!

6- A white kitchen with a huge island

Cuisine blanche avec gros ilot_white kitchen with island

photo: Lily Ann Cabinets

In many kitchens, the island is the central element around which the layout of the room is designed. This hasn't always been the case, but the island can play a particularly important role when it comes to an open-concept kitchen.

Offering a very practical additional place for prep as well as a dining area, the island is considered an asset and not a bulky item. Here is an especially beautiful example of a white island that is huge and that dominates the room, without completely taking over. This is due to the choice of colours and textures, making it possible to create a particularly satisfactory result from an aesthetic point of view.

7- A white kitchen with a black island

CUisine blanche avec ilot noir_white kitchen with a black island

photo: Melissa Grieve Interiors

Who said a white kitchen has to be all white? We’re actually seeing a growing trend towards colour combinations that replace this plain style, meaning that the cabinets and the island are the same shade. Here, the addition of a black island gives a sophisticated look to the space.

8- A white kitchen with a marble island and a brick wall

Cuisine blanche avec mur briques_white kitchen with brick wall

photo: Nina Williams

This kitchen falls under the category of white kitchens, but there’s nothing cold or mundane about it! First, we see that the choice of shades is focused on whites with a very warm touch of gray and pink. Also, the choice of materials such as brick, marble and wood adds interesting patterns and textures to the decor. Finally, we must mention the originality of the lights, which look like beautiful antiques.

9- A white kitchen with exposed wood beams

Cuisine blanche avec poutre expos/e_white kitchen with exposed beam

photo: Schoolhouse

Exposed wooden beams have dominated decor trends for years now and you may think there’s no original way to integrate them into your home. However, the example shown above illustrates that it’s still possible to be bold with this decorative element. Instead of placing the beams aligned with the ceiling, here, it’s a single beam that is exposed and it extends both vertically and horizontally. This creates a highly successful visual aspect!

10- A white kitchen with a farmhouse-style sink

Cuisine blanche classique_classic white kitchen

photo: Style me pretty

Let's finish with a more classic, timeless and versatile example. This kitchen is equipped with white cabinets, a white island and a white backsplash. It’s with the decorative accessories, which also adopt a fairly discrete palette, that the owners have added their personal touch to this white canvas. This kitchen is bright and open, two characteristics that aren’t quite ready to go out of fashion!

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