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8 Different Faucet Models for Kitchen Sinks

Last modified: 2020-11-27 | Approximate reading time 6 mins

The kitchen faucet serves its purpose by dispensing hot and cold water for washing your dinner dishes, cleaning food off plates and keeping hands tidy. Just because this hardware is functional, that doesn’t mean it shouldn't look good as well! There are plenty of styles of kitchen faucets on the market, so if you’re looking for a new model, it would be worth consulting the rest of this article to see the different types available.

Classic and contemporary designs, finishes and mounting styles are abundant, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing a new kitchen faucet. Luckily, we’ve got some basic information on hand, and have compiled a list of 8 different faucet options to make picking one a little bit simpler.

Here are 8 different faucet models to consider donning above a kitchen sink!

1) Single Handle Faucets

Single handle 01

source: Flickr, kalleshm

This type of kitchen faucet is the basic model of kitchen faucet, making it one of the most popular models sold on the market. Water temperature and flow are controlled by a single-lever, and the setup generally consists of a single hole in the countertop. This type of faucet comes in a variety of styles, though most are designed with a low spout, except for goosenecked and longnecked types.

It is installed by making a single hole in the countertop or sink, therefore in some markets, this style is referred to as a “single hole” faucet. Don’t get confused between the single handle and single hole, as these two models are the same thing!

2) Dual Handle Faucets

RObinet double_double faucet

This style of faucet requires at least three holes for installation. There are a wide variety of handle options available, making this design more customizable than some of the others listed. These faucets are favourable for those looking to have a precise adjustment to water temperature, as they have dedicated hot and cold water handles. The style of faucet is connected by the centerset, and requires three or more holes in the sink in order to install it.

A definite advantage of this faucet style is that if one of the handles leaks, you can simply turn off the water valve to the leaking handle. This is because most two-handle faucets allow you to change the handles and faucet independently from the plumbing. Unfortunately, there may be a limit of styles available on the market, as these are considered a more traditional faucet design and lack modern appeal.

3) Deck Mounted Faucets

Robinet à pont_ deck mounted faucet

Source: Kallista

The deck mounted faucet has a seamless look that is well suited for contemporary kitchens. This style of faucet mounts directly onto the countertop, underneath the sink. When installing a deck-mounted faucet, make sure that there is more than a finger’s width behind the hardware for cleaning, as water, dirt and grime often collect behind our sink. 

Also worth noting that as a result of its build, this style of faucet occupies counter space. Further, the collection of dirt, grime and water that may build up behind the faucet could lead to the potential deterioration of your countertop, backsplash or wall. So, if you happen to fall in love with this style, make sure to clean the sink and surrounding area regularly!

4) Wall Mounted Faucet

Wall mounted 02

source: Flickr, faucetsuperdeal

The wall mounted faucet is self-explanatory, as this model is mounted to the wall above and behind your kitchen sink. One advantage to this style is that it does not take up any counter space and therefore makes your countertop easier to clean. 

However, this style of faucet will require some extra renovation measures, as plumbing work and drywalling may be necessary for the water supply to extend above the sink into the wall. Also, when choosing a sink to incorporate with this style,  farmhouse or under-mount sinks with no faucet holes are recommended!

5) Hands-Free Faucets

Évier mains libres_touchless faucet
Photo: House Beautiful

The hands-free faucet functions are fairly straightforward, as they are activated by a sensor. However, most include an adjacent handle to adjust the water temperature and flow rate. A major selling point of this model is stated in the title, no hands are involved when turning the faucet off and on. This is useful in busy households, or in those with children as well as persons with lacking mobility. This style of faucet saves time and energy, as they shut off automatically to conserve water.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about your sink overflowing if someone forgets to turn off the tap. This style comes with a few cons, including the fact that there is no way to adjust the temperature or water flow by way of touch. This must be done manually, and certain homeowners may find this frustrating. Also, these faucets run on batteries, and therefore, require a battery change every now and again!

6) Pull Out Faucets

Robinet à bec rétractable

Photo: Banggood

This style of faucet comes equipped with a spray wand that pulls out from the faucet itself. This sleek yet functionally designed style is great for filling large pots or water jugs as well as easily washing food or kitchen equipment.

Thus, this is an excellent option for large families or busy households.  This faucet style is ideal for kitchens that have a modern or contemporary look. However, when choosing this type of faucet, make sure to go for a high-quality model, as cheaper versions will easily bend and break after only a few uses!

7) Pull Down Faucet

Pull down faucet_robinet bec rétractable

Photo: Birch lane

Like the pull-out faucets, the pull-down model is very similar in design. However, rather than having the ability to move left and right, from the kitchen to the countertop, this style allows for one fluid movement downwards. Therefore, this type of faucet is best for large, deep sinks. If you’re a frequent buyer of fruits and veggies, this faucet style is great for all your washing needs!

8) Commercial Style Faucet

Robinet de style restaurant

Photo: IKEA

This style of faucet has traditionally been used in professional kitchens. However, homeowners are now adopting this style to add a certain sense of professionalism to the home kitchen.

This faucet style is decorative in nature, and somewhat of a showpiece if you’re looking for a model that’s unique. In general, this style has a high goosenecked spout as well as a long hose and often a multi-option spray head. The spray pattern can be controlled by a lever or toggle that will be directly attached to the spray head. If you’re looking to make a statement, this style of faucet is for you!

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