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Sheet Metal Roofing Maintenance Tips

Last modified: 2022-12-16 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Sheet metal roofing is extremely tough, standing up to a variety of weather conditions. But no matter how tough a material, sheet metal roofing requires maintenance just like anything else.  Whether moulded into shingles that mimic wood or in a more traditional form, regular inspections of your sheet metal roof are the key to its longevity. Taking care of metal correctly will ensure a longer life and keep it leak-free!

But where does one even start with metal roofing maintenance? Regular checks of certain areas, as well as tending to them is required including making sure sealants are in good working order, gaskets fasteners and surface coatings are in good condition. Read on to find all the other ways that you should look after your sheet metal roofing.

How to maintain your sheet metal roof

Getting started

Before going head first into your roof maintenance project, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, when inspecting the roof, it is important to avoid standing on it, as a sheet metal roof can be very thin and thus, could easily become damaged or dented. If you have no other method to inspect your roof, and must walk on the surface, only place weight directly over joists and purlins, which are the supporting structures. These beams will be able to hold the weight of a human, whereas the roof itself cannot.

Before proceeding with any serious maintenance, you’ll want to make sure your roof is clean of dirt and debris that has gathered over time. Pay special attention to drains and gutters, where sticks, leaves and branches are likely to collect. Also, bear in mind that the accumulation of dirt will be more pronounced on a flat roof than a roof with a slant. 

If you notice any sap buildup, use a stiff brush to get rid of this as soon as possible. You should give the surface of your sheet metal roof a light clean with a hose and household cleaner at least once a year in order to keep it looking it’s best. 

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Inspecting your sheet metal roof

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Next, inspect the surfaces of your roof to make sure that everything is in decent working order. One thing to bear in mind when working with sheet metal roofing is that two different metals should never touch one another, as this can lead to corrosion in either or both materials.

Even if the roof was crafted so that different metals do not touch, weather conditions can easily dislodge or loosen pieces. Take extra care to inspect all surfaces and ensure that this won’t be a problem!

Once this has been determined, tighten any loose screws or replace those that have become dislodged or lost. Make sure that replacement screws are in the same material as the roof, as well as installed in raised areas only, as installing them in lower areas can cause water to puddle, producing rust and compromising the surface of your sheet metal roofing. 

Next, inspect the surface sealants at the edges and seams of the roof. Some sealants will last the entire lifespan of the roof, while others will damage and thus, need to be replaced. If you notice missing sealant, replace as needed to prevent future forms of rust. This type of inspection is generally required after severe storms.

Further, if you see signs of rust, it likely signifies that your anti-corrosion coating has worn down or off. If the signs of rust are quite serious, it might be better to get in touch with a contractor to be certain that the problem hasn't spread into something that is untreatable. 

Repairing your sheet metal roof

Now, if you find any holes or separated seams on the surface of your sheet metal roof, it is time to repair them. Loose seams can be resealed by tightening screws that you find loose.

However, holes or serious forms of damage to the surface will require help from a professional. If there are holes in the sheet metal, water can easily find its way to the underlying roof structure and thus, cause damage or even produce leaks. If you want your sheet metal roof to be in good working order, it is recommended that you contact a professional. 

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