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Reno inspiration: 10 types of windows for all rooms

Last modified: 2021-09-28 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Karine Dutemple

Need to change your old windows? There's no shortage of options on the market! To give you an overview of the possibilities available to you, here are some of the most beautiful models to give you some inspiration.

10 examples of beautiful window models

1) A rounded window for the bedroom

big window_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This window is very interesting because of the diversity of shapes and sizes involved in its design. In fact, it is divided into three distinct parts, including a center with a rounded tip that creates pretty diamonds. The two rectangular windows on either side of the main window provide a large opening, which is embellished by the presence of refined and detailed mouldings.

2) Long windows for maximum brightness

long windows_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

These long windows have a sleek design that can fit perfectly into a minimalist decor. The lack of details, far from creating a look devoid of interest, is rather an appreciable aesthetic choice and reminds us that simplicity is often a winning option! Moreover, choosing to create a visual break at the top of the three windows adds an interesting touch of originality.

3) A multitude of small windows for an impressive design

very big windows_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Just like the example presented before, what we've got here are windows that extend over the entire height of the wall. In addition to climbing very high, the windows also have the advantage of covering two walls.

This maximizes the amount of light that comes inside. The subdivision of the windows into small sections contributes to their beauty and reminds us how this classic style is still relevant.

4) A rounded window for a grand view

rounded window_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

This rounded window offers a completely unobstructed view of the exterior, which is clearly its best quality. Its rounded shape is also a visually interesting choice, which contrasts greatly with the traditional squares or rectangles. Who wouldn't love watching pretty snowflakes fall outside while comfortably seated in front of this window?

5) A bay window paired with the workspace

bay window_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

While working in a space without natural light can be depressing, it won't be a problem in this case! The layout of the room is as ingenious as it is practical, as it allows the office surface to enjoy all the brightness that this beautiful bay window brings in.

The classic style of the window tiles works with that of the design of the workspace, creating a decor where the various elements fit very well together.

Want to know how to install a bay window? Read our article How yo Install a Bay Window.

6) A stunning view of the outside

very big window_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Although we already have presented different types of large windows, here is a particularly impressive one! It is of unparalleled magnitude and highlights the height of the ceilings and the considerable size of the room. The design is simple, but the size of the window itself is enough to make it unique and splendid!

7) A relaxing spot for a well-deserved break

window with reading corner

Source: Pinterest ( - Monique Aaldjik)

In the same vein as the other bay window we presented above, the space underneath this window works well in the room's design. In this case, the added space is used to create a very pleasant relaxation area.

The absence of divisions on the window allows the outdoor view to be unobstructed. It is interesting to note the practicality of the layout which includes a ledge under the window where you can install a few flower pots and maybe even have a cup of coffee!

8) Folding windows

folding window_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Although folding windows opening towards the outside are not necessarily suitable for our cold climate, it is still possible to install them inside to create a division between rooms, all while avoiding the opaque effect of full walls. This is a type of window often used to delineate the dining room and kitchen space.

9) A window as a wall!

window wall_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Using a complete wall for a window is definitely the best way to open up the space and create a unique bridge between the interior and exterior space. Apart from the incredible view that you will enjoy while eating a good meal, this type of window also brings in a ton of natural light. What an ingenious way to enjoy sunny days both indoors and outdoors!

10) A narrow window for small spaces

fenêtre très mince_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (Austin TX Sassy Chic)

Obviously, not all rooms can incorporate large windows into their layout. If small windows are common, we rarely see such narrow ones! This unusual aesthetic choice is clearly perfect for tiny rooms and is quite eye-catching with its unique long design.

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