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How to organize a small space: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom


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How to organize a small space: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

KitchenHow to organize a small space: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

Walking into a cramped bathroom or a tiny kitchen is a familiar feeling for anyone who’s rented an apartment or shared a space with multiple roommates. As we grow older, we hope that our home will be a spacious, big and beautiful place.

But of course, having a large home isn’t a reality for everyone and that’s OK! There is plenty of beauty in small spaces, and it’s all about knowing how to work with what you have and coming up with some small space solutions.

The wonderful thing about working within a small space is that they’re often a catalyst for change, forcing you to remove clutter or unnecessary items that aren’t being used. Furthermore, smaller spaces are more intimate and teach you how to come up with clever functions and design.

Small space solutions for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms

Space solutions for a small kitchen


Small kitchens can be frustrating, as cooking in a cramped environment is no one’s idea of a good time. Therefore, working in a small kitchen means that you need to come up with some excellent layout solutions as well as innovative storage. Remember, having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you must sacrifice design elements, it’s just necessary to be smart about it!

As we mentioned, an organized and well-thought-out storage space is key to making a tiny kitchen function well. To keep a cramped room from feeling smaller than it needs to, consider an open shelving unit.

When kept neat and tidy, open shelving offers a fun and striking solution to traditional cabinets or closed cupboards, which can come across as looming and boring. Open shelving is an excellent way to separate the kitchen from the dining area, without sacrificing space or light. Try floor-to-ceiling open shelving and display all your favourite pieces, and in turn, even the tiniest kitchen can be turned into two separate rooms.

The creation of multipurpose spaces is another way to make a small home or space more functional. Consider turning the kitchen, living and dining room into one. Get creative with an accent wall to differentiate each room or use a curtain divider that hangs from the ceiling and can be pushed aside when hosting.

To avoid rooms looking smaller than they already are, make sure to paint walls in light colours and avoid darker hues. You can always use a pop of colour or darker accents, but to open up a space and keep it light and crisp, use mostly light colours throughout the rooms of your home, starting with the kitchen.

Space solutions for a small bedroom


Having a small bedroom often means sacrificing space and things in place of practicality. This can teach you how to live a more minimal life or may force you to get creative. You may want to keep your king-size bed, but where is everything else going to live? There are some hacks that can help you live luxuriously without compromising on design or creature comforts, like that huge bed of yours!

By now, you’ve likely heard about the infamous cloffice, or closet-office combo. If you’re living in a particularly small home, the cloffice is a cute solution that can be tucked away when it’s not in use. Turning your closet into a semi-permanent or temporary office is simple: either add a large shelf or desk directly inside your closet or in the small, often overlooked, nook between two closets.

This is an excellent way to use bedroom space if it’s already limited but you still need a place to get work done on weekends. If your bedroom closet is reserved for clothes alone, you can try creating a cloffice in another part of your home. Add shelving above the desk to provide some extra space for books or clothes, depending on your needs. Make sure to keep the cloffice tidy! You don’t want to get overwhelmed mixing up books and clothing before work on a Monday morning.

If you’re working in an especially small space, and often have a guest or two visiting over the summer or winter holidays, then you should consider installing a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is a bed that tucks away into a wall or closet and can be pulled out when needed.

If you’ve got a tiny office off the side of your bedroom, consider using this as a guest room/office, employing a murphy bed in the same way. Large windows are another terrific way to open a space, allowing excess light to spill indoors while keeping the room bright and fresh. If possible, experiment with floor-to-ceiling windows despite your small room layout.

Tall windows will draw eyes up, giving off an illusion that the room is bigger than it is. Mirrors work in the same way as windows do, and would be a cheaper option with a similar illusion. Add a full-body mirror to visually expand a space. The mirror can be hidden behind a curtain if you should so desire to keep it concealed and out of the way. 

Space solutions for a small bathroom


Let’s be honest, most bathrooms are small. Of course, some are smaller than others. If you are having trouble closing the door while brushing your teeth, or have to raise your knees while sitting on the porcelain throne, then you're dealing with an arguably small bathroom. However, there are a few simple solutions that can help open things up. 

Many homeowners come up with clever bathroom storage solutions to combat the problems that come with a tiny bathroom. Consider narrow shelving that can be tucked away against a wall, instead of using another clunky piece of furniture that takes up an unnecessary amount of space. Narrow, open shelving can be organized by way of wicker baskets and interesting jars. Keep things you don’t want visible in a well-organized basket, while canisters and jars can hold items like cotton swabs, hairbrushes and accessories or other items that aren’t too unsightly.

Experiment with interesting wall art, floor tiles or large mirrors which will take away from the cramped space of a small bathroom. Mirrors, as mentioned, will open up a space, whereas artwork or interesting tiles can distract from an otherwise cramped bathroom. However, don’t overdo it. If you’re using a striking colour or statement art pieces, keep the rest of the bathroom light and neutral. The same goes for tiles.

Hanging things is another excellent solution for a tiny bathroom. Consider creating some hanging clips to keep children's toys or other bath accessories visible and out from below the sink. Hang hooks behind the door for towels, robes or anything that can’t find a place on your shelves. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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