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Best Landscaping Tips & Tricks

Best Landscaping Tips & Tricks

Exterior renovationsBest Landscaping Tips & Tricks

Your lawn and garden say a lot about you! Aside from leaving the first impression on visitors and those passing by, your landscaping enhances your home’s appearance and makes you proud of the place you call your own. With the right planning, careful maintenance and upkeep, you can have a near-perfect lawn. 

Now, not everyone will know where to start with a landscaping project, but if you follow these tips you’re sure to be successful.

Here are 5 tips for picture-perfect landscaping

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Honesty is the best policy

If you were walking by your home, would you stop and take a second look? Be honest, as this is a great starting point to begin planning out a landscaping project. Try to see your front lawn or garden from the perspective of a first-time visitor. Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • What impression do you want your home to make? 

  • Do you want your home to stand out or fit in?

  • Is there something missing: trees, flowers, shrubs, a rock garden and so forth?

Starting from an honest place and determining what matters most to you and any other residents in your dwelling is key to making sure this project proceeds without a hitch.

Create landscape focal points

When it comes to thinking about the design itself, let’s begin by considering ways to create focal points. One or several focal points in your landscaping will help to draw in the eye while making an impression. Here are some ways to attract attention:

  • A tall tree or a few trees at various points across the lawn

  • A rock garden with a beautiful fountain

  • Colourful and carefully arranged flowerbeds  

  • Statue-like hedges with an intricate or structured design

  • Decorative pieces or pillars lining the driveway

  • A bright front door

Of course, many of these options can be combined to create a few focal points that catch the eye. Just remember to avoid going overboard and instead, work towards a streamlined and well put together landscape. Also, it’s always an option to consult with a professional landscaper or horticulturist and get their opinion on the best choices for your yard.

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Choose a design you can maintain

Even if you’ve seen the perfect design at a local park or out front of a museum, it’s important to remember that this may not work for your home. In public spaces, the landscape is generally maintained by a landscaper and this comes with a hefty price tag. Since you’ll be the only one maintaining those ornate hedges or that busy garden, it’s best to go for a design you’re able to care for all on your own. If you don’t have a huge budget or the time to invest in a formal design, opt for something pretty and simple.

Pick the proper plants and spots for their survival

As we’ve mentioned in a few of our landscaping articles, choosing plants that are native to and have the potential to thrive in your region is one of the keys to maintaining a successful landscape. Do plenty of research to determine which plants are able to grow in your area’s conditions. We should further suggest that it’s important to know the difference between annual and perennial before you begin planting. 

Not only should you consider which plants are native to you, but it’s also crucial to consider where each individual plant should live. Putting certain plants in the wrong spot can cause your landscape to look unkempt. Think about things like sun and shade exposure, as well as the slope of your land and how water travels. Then, choose flowers, greenery, and hedges that work with your specifications.

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Incorporate features like hardscaping and natural movement

Aside from the flowers and trees you choose to incorporate, it’s further important to think about additional features to define the land, such as hardscaping. Hardscaping can enhance the softer side of your landscape design. Here are some options to consider:

  • Paths and walkways: If you’re invested in a lush lawn, a path or walkway will help you to avoid people traipsing all over it. Adding a path or walkway can help define the shape of your landscape while keeping your lawn out of harm's way.

  • Lighting: When it comes to safety and setting ambiance, lighting is crucial. Lighting features are added to illuminate walkways and paths, but can also be used to draw attention to focal points such as trees, statues, water features and so forth.

  • Rock garden: Incorporating a rock garden is a gorgeous way to break up your lawn and further define softer areas. Also, this is a beautiful way to show off your creativity.

  • Front and back porch: A porch on either the front or back lawn (or both) will help to narrow down where you can place certain things while offering a spot for you to enjoy your landscaping. Potted plants, chairs, swings or even a BBQ; the landscape is your oyster!

Bear in mind that natural movement is part of working with plants. Don’t be too rigid when planning your landscape and allow for a little bit of movement. Tall grasses will get caught by the wind and invite soothing energy into the space. Certain flowers will help to attract bugs and butterflies or consider setting up a windchime or mini windmill to catch the breeze flowing by. In the end, get creative.

Landscaping is a vital element and an excellent investment, a delightful way to add extra appeal to an already beautiful home.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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